A Prelude to A Glorious Revolution.


A Prelude to A Glorious Revolution by Greer E. Mendy will be presented May 18th, 2019 at Dillard University, Cook Center Theatre.  A Prelude to A Glorious Revolution is an artistic statement of history, spiritual and political consciousness and societal liberation of the Black female body through dance.

Who – Greer Goff Mendy in A Prelude to A Glorious Revolution

What – A Prelude to A Glorious Revolution is a one-woman performance chronicling the evolution, growth, struggles, and triumphs of elder womanhood.

When – Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 7:00 PM

Where – Dillard University, Cook Center Theatre, 2601 Gentilly Blvd., NOLA

A Prelude to A Glorious Revolution was inspired by the Black Arts Movement. The performance art piece is centered on dance, as a commentary on the Black Power Movement and the recognition of what always existed in the artistic psyche of Black people in the Americas, an African consciousness and spirituality.  Written and choreographed by Greer E. Mendy, A Prelude to A Glorious Revolution is an elder Black woman’s artist statement. The work addresses history, consciousness and liberation of the Black female body. It is a recognition, acceptance and proclamation of self as an elder, ordinary dancer, maintaining a Black political, social and artistic thought and presence. In the end Prelude to A Glorious Revolution preaches the goodness of humanity.

All proceeds from the performance benefit Tekrema Center’s youth programming. Tekrema offers year-round programming for youth in dance and other art activities. All children are given open and equal access to Tekrema’s programs.

General Admission – $25

Performance – 7:00 PM Door Open – 6:30 PM

For Ticket Information Contact greergloriousrevolution@gmail.com 

One thought on “A Prelude to A Glorious Revolution”
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