By Cecilia Amador

  • If you’ve been dragged into this year’s Secret Santa gift exchange and you’re struggling to know what to buy, check out these 15 gift ideas.
  • They’re all office-friendly, affordable, and fun – and useful for people who work in an office or coworking environment.
  • From gourmet tea to novelty cable organizers and cool socks, you can’t go wrong with this list of Secret Santa gift ideas.

Holiday season is officially upon us. This means that your office or coworking space Secret Santa gift exchange is just around the corner. 

We get it, you’re not necessarily thrilled about the activity. Figuring out what to gift your parents, siblings, and significant other is hard enough as it is… figuring out what to give someone you see everyday but might not know on a personal level can be downright impossible. 

But fear not. Think504 has teamed with AllWork Space. And Allwork.Space has rounded up 15 ideas to help you make the best of it by getting a thoughtful, funny, and (of course) affordable gift! 

After you’ve picked a name out of a hat (or an online Secret Santa program), take a couple of days to observe that person. You don’t necessarily have to talk to them, but it is encouraged to find out what they like and dislike so you have a much better idea of what to give them.

15 Affordable (and safe for work) Gift Ideas

1. Travel Passport Wallet

Perfect gift for the regular business traveler or someone who’s constantly going on and on about where they just went or where they’re headed to next. We’re loving this Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet that holds everything plus your passport! Oh, you can also get it in a wide array of colors and for just $14.99, it’s a deal!

2. Gourmet Tea Sample

There’s always a tea drinker in the office. You just need to figure out if your Secret Santa is a tea lover (it’s easy, just follow them into the kitchen and see if they go for the coffee or tea). There are plenty of options out there, but we suggest a sampler of at least 4 teas and strongly recommend you go for loose leaf tea options. Trust us, tea snobs tend to look down on tea bags. 
Here’s a great gift sampler set (for just $15) and if you feel like splurging or you want to get on someone’s good side, you can also throw in a cute or funny loose leaf tea infuser.

3. Wine wipes

Just as there are coffee and tea lovers in the workplace, there are wine lovers. They’re easy to spot, they’re the ones whose teeth might be slightly stained after a long lunch or just a couple of hours into the monthly happy hour. 

We’re kidding!

But, wine lovers do tend to struggle with wine stains on the lips and teeth. Which is why wine wipes are a great and useful gift idea. You can get a 12-pack for $8.48, so you  can complement the gift with a wine stopper or “if you can read this, bring me wine” socks.

4. Stainless Steel Straws Set

Perfect gift for environmentally conscious coworkers. Even though plastic straws are out, it doesn’t mean that people don’t miss using them; afterall, there’s nothing fun in drinking from a glass only to have all of the ice fall on your face. Plus, some even argue that drinking with straws prevents enamel deterioration, reduces tooth sensitivity, and can prevent cavities. 

An 8-pack of stainless steel straws is only $5.99, so you might want to throw in something extra. A bottled drink or soda, a reusable grocery shopping bag, or a matching reusable tumbler.

5. Calm Sleep Mist Pillow Spray

Perfect for the coworker who has trouble sleeping or feels stressed during the holidays. It’s also a great gift for the yogi or meditating coworker. These mists reportedly help create a relaxing environment for sleep, plus they smell great! This particular one is made with lavender, chamomile, frankincense, and clary sage essential oils, which can help reduce anxiety, stress, open breathing passages, and calm the mind.

6. Mini Cast Iron Skillet

This is an ideal gift for the cooking and baking lover. This mini skillet is perfect to make meals for 1 or 2 people, so it’s perfect for coworkers who live by themselves or who don’t have any kids yet. Who knows, maybe whoever receives this gift will be so thankful they bring something in for the whole office?

7. Cord Keeper

For the organization freak and the coworker who’s always on the go and then struggles to untangle cords from the rest of his or her briefcase. These leather cord keepers are pretty and functional and can also help coworkers keep their desks clean and organized (no cords overlapping one another).

8. Beard Oil and Balm

This is a great gift for the coworker who always participates in no-shave November or Decembeard! Especially during the winter months, a beard oil and balm can help keep a beard soft and shiny. They are beard-care essentials for anyone who has a beard (short or long). Getting both items will total around $24, so if you’re looking to spend less, you should only get the oil.

9. Cool or Cozy Socks

Socks are underrated as a gift. They’re great for everyone; everyone wears socks at least one day a week. Besides, they can be used as a fashion or personality statement. Nowadays, there are socks for everyone: the cat lover, beer lover, wine lover, meme lover, animal lover, music lovers, art lovers, pizza lovers, the list goes on and on. 

Just find out what things, foods, hobbies or animals your Secret Santa likes and you’re bound to give a gift that will be memorable and won’t break the bank. 

Sock ideas for men:
Sock ideas for women:

10. Stainless Steel Travel Mug

For the coworker who’s always drinking something on the go, hot coffee, cold coffee, infused water, smoothies, or iced drinks. It’s the perfect gift for people who have a long commute or who often have to meet clients out of the office.

11. Woofie Pet Selfie & Portrait Tool

For the pet lover who has even created an Instagram account of his or her pet. It’s fun, cheap, and will make showing off pets on social media a whole lot easier.

12. Scented Candle

Just a warning before you give a scented candle… make sure your Secret Santa doesn’t have fragrance sensitivity. Other than that, you can never go wrong with a nice-smelling candle. Just try to pick a scent that’s not too intense or invasive and try to pick something with a smell most people would find agreeable. 

Pro tip: pick a candle that comes in a nice glass or a stainless steel container.

13. Funny Pen Holder

For the coworker who’s always cracking jokes and has a great sense of humor. It’s a great gift for someone who has a private office or a dedicated desk in an open office environment. For less than $20 you can gift something that’s different and is bound to be a conversation starter.

14. Skin Care Masks

Ideal gift for the skincare obsessed. There are soothing masks, hydrating masks, exfoliating masks for the hands, feet, and face. This will be a great gift for the coworker who always has hand lotion handy and tends to apply chapstick at least once a day. 

You can buy individually wrapped masks or buy a glass container that’s destined to last at least a couple of months.

15. USB Powered Heated Gloves

Office temperature wars are real, and there is always that person who’s the first to say, “is it cold in here or is it me?” If your Secret Santa is that one person who always seems to feel cold, then this is the perfect gift for them, especially as the weather starts to get colder.

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