By Cammie Maturin

The old adage, ”  Old Habits Die Hard”, proves to be an enduring reality for every aspect of the governing body of Louisiana. Rather it concerns Corrections , Education, Healthcare, or the out of control budgetary issues, Louisiana leaders remain out of step with developing and or implementing data driven, cost effective, best practices that are proven methods which could halt the downward spiraling of our most valuable resources and institutions.

The most important part of the Preamble is, We the people! However, in order for us to form more perfect unions; we, the people, must take a proactive stand against any governing body, elected or appointed, who refuses to serve “The People ” and our liberty interests!

The passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 in 2009, which granted state sovereignty to the state of Louisiana, was thought to enhance this more “Perfect Union”. However, in truth it provided more power to our officials and eliminated a great deal of outside interference that’s not in tune with the very unique way Louisiana does everything!

True reform in Louisiana can’t begin at ground level in any respect! If we, the most impacted citizens of Louisiana, are to experience real reform, we must direct our focus and energy towards the removal of any individual or entity that doesn’t afford us the right to, or hinders us as a state from forming more perfect unions! The lifeblood and legacy of the status quo rests, rules, and abides here in Louisiana because; we, the people, permit it, or in some cases, are complicit in its historical tenure!  Politics should never impede progress, or subvert the will of the people! There are no such political parties who’s bottom line matter more than that of the people! Here in Louisiana we seem to have gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable about being the worse in several very important categories. It isn’t a matter of competition between Louisiana and other neighboring states. It’s a matter of common decency, respect, integrity, trust, and a fundamental right for every citizen of Louisiana to push for changes that makes the quality of life better for everyone!

The reforms needed and being pushed in this Legislative session should receive bipartisan support from our legislators! We, the people, truly can’t afford to keep the status quo alive any longer! Now is the time to push back against District Attorneys like Pete Adams, who use political ties, victims, misleading statistics, and mass media airing of violent crimes to fight tooth and nail to maintain Mandatory Life Sentences! The perception of being smart on crime while protecting and maintaining the status quo isn’t what; we, the people, are interested in! If you expect more and want more from our legislators with respects to criminal justice reform, and solving our budget crisis, join the H.O.P.E. Foundation for a day at the Capitol on April 20th 2017. For more information on registration, transportation, and the agenda for the day, log onto hopefoundationlouisiana.Org. The time to get involved is NOW!!!!!

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