By Jeff Thomas

The misguided gang of Trumpers who stormed the halls of American government proved to be a bunch of miscreants and thugs.  They personify Trump’s childish impulses of selfishness and short sightedness. They were more interested in causing a scene than creating any meaningful change.  And their failure to accomplish anything significant is reminiscent of their glorified leader’s track record.

But you have to just wonder if this is a moment, like Black Lives Matter, that will simmer and spark a national movement.  The shadowy threats of the white supremacist’s desires lurk just under the Trump blanket.  Will we see protests across America or was this just a flash in the pan? 

Roundly criticized by most US Senators and Representatives and the national media, these protesters were shamed on the international stage.  Yet, the lack of arrests and grants of white privilege may embolden others.  Trump refuses to concede and continues to stoke the fire.  And the ingredients for continued rage persist.


  • White median income in America has fallen during the pandemic
  • Demographic shifts project a Minority majority over the next decade
  • Trump’s identity politics have normalized racism
  • A notion that America will no longer be a “white Christian country”
  • The us vs them politics create competition for perceived limited resources
  • Police will not arrest, tear gas, shoot, or beat white protesters on American streets
  • Trump will continue to spew a false narrative about election fraud
  • People are willing to believe what they want despite evidence to the contrary


Oddly, as quickly as the mob formed and stormed Congress, did they leave without any clashes with the police.  Contrastingly, Black Lives Matters protesters were blocked from the halls of government.  Their protests are relegated to the streets.  Police do not see themselves or their relatives in the BLM protesters and use tear gas, rubber bullets and even lethal force to quell these usually unarmed protesters.  Yet armed, violent and destructive mobs of white men are able to force their way into Congress and threaten sitting members of our government. 

Standing guard are police officers. If those officers are not actually related to the protesters, they empathize and even sympathize with the men who yell. Officers are in now way shape or form threatened. So they can calmly escort the the protesters out. Afterward, all involved leave feeling satisfied with their political statements.  So, these white male dominated protests are generally peaceful – except when the protesters themselves become violent.


Expressing anger makes you feel great! Anger can induce a discharge of dopamine epinephrine and norepinephrine — also referred to as adrenaline and noradrenaline. The adrenalin rush contributes to a sense of strength and invulnerability.  Like a cocaine high, anger is euphoric. So, from the display we saw in DC, white men get a great sense of strength and fulfillment.  Their sense of victory and invincibility creates exuberance.  And they can go peacefully back to their hotels, campers, trailers and mobile homes feeling like they just made a difference.  By golly, they are taking their country back.


The late great Paul Beaulieu always said that.  So, we shouldn’t be shocked when we see armed protesters storming the halls of government and police officers taking selfies with them.  White privilege is a sacred American birthright for white men.  White men have the ability to walk up to the treason ball and kick it.  Then privilege rolls it back and even suggests a stronger kick next time. 

So even if we see more protests across the country, white men will not destroy their homeland. But they might just toss the furniture around for kicks and giggles.

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