Pulling Down Statues is Just Step One

By Jeff Thomas

Living now sure feels like history in the making.  COVID, video recordings of police violence, and people protesting in the streets across the world.  But while these changes feel monumental, they are really just the easy part of what needs to happen if real change is gonna come. Is real change even possible?

For example, NFL and NBA owner, Gayle Benson, is changing the name of her beer company. Across the country, statues that celebrated racists and their divisive ideology are being toppled either by government action or modern-day nooses.  Names are being removed from college campuses.  And companies are issuing ambitious statements about unity and support.  These are all necessary but only symbolic changes. These achievements could signal a radical transformation in race relations in America. But if a second more complicated and challenging shift is not immediately next, then historians could look back and see something else.

Will the protests in the streets bring about the elimination of systemic oppression of African Americans or instead be just a case study in how pandemics spread? Many African Americans largely see this as an opportunity for reckoning – a true chance at systemic change and boosting the quality of life for blacks in America.  


Let’s break it down.  This is a really a two-step process. Step one is what we are witnessing. Changing the deep-rooted false beliefs of the American narrative of white superiority. You scoff and say, “this is the easy part?”  But removing symbols as an attempt to beat back the notion of white supremacy and black subservience forces everybody to think about the proper place for those monuments.

These statues were intentional and constant public reminders of a complete disrespect of African Americans then and now.  Statues and names matter. Really this is an essential educational thinking shift.  Take ‘em down baby!

And if we do not complete step one, then step two cannot happen now. Consider that the symbols are more about how we view African Americans. The narrative is more about black subservience. Removing these symbols elevates the public respect given to African Americans.


Step two is more complicated.  Create strong African American families. For centuries, business discrimination, government actions and old school nooses have been the norm.  A short list of long chronicled disparities includes income, health, housing, police interactions, etc etc.   These can never be fully addressed if we still adhere to the notion of black subservience.  Removing statues and criminalizing bad police are simple steps we must now take to ready us for step two.

Many have quantified the cost of slavery, Jim Crow, and modern discrimination. 

In step two, what must happen is that current black families must be made whole.  Elimination of symbols does nothing to help America grow and evolve.  Taking down statues does not stop police violence upon black men across the country.  Removing the names of devout racists from college campuses does nothing to help African Americans earn degrees from those institutions.  Renaming hospital wings does not mean doctors will stop seeing African Americans as highly pain tolerant.

Instead, institutions, businesses, government, and people must be redesigned to uplift the African American community.

Using the Gayle Benson example, step one – rename the beer. Step two – hire and empower an African American VP whose sole job is to make sure 35% of all beer business is done with African American businesses in New Orleans.  

Told you step two is more complicated.  But it can not happen without step one.  America is growing before our eyes.  Only we can shape, guide and manage that growth.

6 thoughts on “We Need More Than Symbolic Change”
  1. How about some History? So many “Opportunity Youth” in NOLA, THOUSANDS!!! We make this “Education” easy with lots of comments accompanying “Documented” Evidence!!!
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    Peace Out…

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    Peace Out…

  3. Put down “All” Deception!
    Color (Wave Lenghts) does matter, so says Physics!!! Duh…???

    Asked Grandma- “What could be worst than being stuck in 6 ft. of Quicksand”? Grandma replied- “6 ft. and 1 in.”! 

    LBRC- “Black Lives Matter”- A Social movement only??? Misinformed? Some just don’t seem to get it!

    1. What impacts the Economic, Social condition of families and Society as a whole, more than does “Loss of Income”, in addition to “Provider” Status loss, aka male/Female contributions to family, especially the Black Male in a 2020 nuclear unit?

    2. Unexpected “Medical” Expenses and loss of the physical ability to produce income, loss of limbs, is your quintessential family “Emergency” lending to Bankruptcy. Notwithstanding the “Psychological” impacts fostered by the “Instability” of it all!

    3. To say, “BLM” is only a Social movement, is too casual and intellectually narrow!  

    Here is an example which demonstrates, we think, why these types of careless  assumptions (To “Assume”? Uh oh!!!) are considered so dangerous to serious Scientist. 

    Take Mercury/Hg Poising-

    a. The EPA says, fish below a specific ppm/Parts Per Million of Hg/Mercury, are safe to eat. “Individual” fish in and of themselves may not be toxic! However, once human consumption exceeds a specific amount of Hg from numerous fish, “Accumulated” levels matter and become “Toxic”! btw- We forced the EPA to at least limit fish consumption per week aka “River Keepers” at Leanweb.org 

    b. At the same time with respect to toxic fish and Hg, Mercury accumulates over time in Human Tissue. “Lots” of studies confirm this aka long term consumption by humans! It all started with the consumption of “1” fish! Only a chemical analysis and diagnosis can evaluate levels lending to a “Proper Diagnosis” and Prevention”! The point of all? “Simplistic Observations”, especially anecdotal, are not “Meta- Cognitive” aka not worthy of any consideration as any professing Scholarship! Don’t get it twisted- This is why real Scientist welcome “Peer Review” before common Air Waves are able to capture common Folly!!! Exactly why representations and misrepresentations about who you are, nearly always precede you!!! Our children and others are listening and they deserve “Honest Directions”! Don’t you believe ‘Dat? 

    Peace Out…


    *Scripture says, “Description of Son of Man”- Feet Like “Burnt Brass” and Hair “White” Like Wool! 

    a. Why are we given a “Physical” Description of The Son of Man? Ans. To avoid being “Deceived”, period end of sentence!!! 

    b. If one does descend and claims to be The Son of Man and his “Feet” are “White” like Snow, and his Hair “Black” like “Horse Maine”? Would you accept the latter as The Son of Man (Honestly, the ignorant will!)? If you’re “Studied”, you certainly wouldn’t!!! Why??? Because “Black Hair Matters” when you desire to avoid “Deception” in “Relevations” and know “The True Identity” of The Son of Man! 

    c. “All Designations of separation are not bad”- “Scripture” tells us- “Sacred things are separated out and set apart”!!! This is the Job of “Real Levites” and Priest especially!!! 

    ***For Lagniappe- The Lost Book of Enoch gives us a “Description” of “The Seed” of The Fallen Angels! It has to do with their “Complexions”! Methuselah and his family were  taught this!!! Go to The Book of Enoch and The Story of The “Birth of Noah” and what  Methuselah did, if you’re “Intellectually Curious” enough!!! 

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