Mobile COVID-19 Testing

8 am to 3 pm

Thursday May 7 – Saturday May 9th

Franklin Avenue Baptist Church

8181 Lake Forest Avenue.

Residents should enter on the Lake Forest side of the church

One thought on “Virus Testing in New Orleans East”
  1. Our kids have Genius! They’re tested beyond patience each day in Cuckoo Nest!!!
    A Positive Contribution to whom it is given…

    LBRC- It has been put into our Hearts to assist Parents at Home attempting to assist
    “Kid Geniuses” are trapped in Cuckoo Nest! Here’s help! What are they talking
    about aka DNA? DNA is sugar (The Good 1), phosphates, Amnio Acids (Chains of Polypeptides
    not difficult to comprehend once a Genius like you directed when you read) and yada…!
    Negro are the most poorly educated in Genetics!!! Here’s the Skinny”- THINK
    Factories, Highways, Supervisors, Power Plants and workers…-

    1. DNA is a product which defines who you are during production! Where is the
    “Factory” Located? Ans. in Cells, Nuclear Bodies, eggs, sperm! What do cells do
    and are capable of? Ans. Reproduction via “Cell Division” aka Mitosis and
    Meiosis, Sexual Cell Division!!! Question? Who are the Supervisors?

    2. RNA is a “High Ranking” CEO, CFA!!! What does RNA do, “The

    3. RNA receives what “Ribosomes” synthesis aka where DNA is produced and
    transmits it to the “Entire Community”, body! RNA gets its
    “Instructions” from DNA! RNA “copies” ‘Dat than transmits
    “Every” DNA instruction via transcription!!! RNA is like distributing copies
    from the copy machine to every worker and every city in the body- Cells, Organs, Systems
    “Progression”! If RNA is incompetent or fails to deliver true versions of DNA
    and what DNA told it to do, like incompetent Politicians do each day (They ignore what
    the people told them to do)? “Mutation” aka Morons, Imbeciles, Idiots!!!

    4. What is the role of a cell, generally speaking? Life- Reproduces, Responds to Stimuli,
    Grows! Where you “Live”!

    a. A Cell is a community made up of Highways, Power Plants, Supervisors, Checks and
    Balances- unlike those of the “Constitutionally Warped US”!!!

    b. The ER aka Endoplasmic Reticulum is a “Cell Highway” with “Honest”
    Traffic Police!

    c. The Cell Power Plant is called the “Mitochondria”! It has an enfolded
    membrane instead of straight, you enfold more into a thing than you can in a smaller
    space attempting to just lay it in! Like getting more in with an “s” then with
    an “I” in the same space! “The Most High is larger than just Genius!!!

    4. RNA is the CEO, yet there are slackers, the slothful and lazy and workers who get
    distracted like what The 1st Adam and Eve did, i.e., RNA was never instructed by Owner
    DNA to “Eat of a Forbidden Fruit”! Who told RNA to do ‘Dat? Ans. “A Great
    Imposter”!!! What happens when RNA decides to violate what DNA told it to do?

    a. “Anything goes”, not considered so- called “Normal”! Satan wants
    us to believe what “he” distorted is “Normal” or “A New
    Normal”! Before the “Fall”, there was “No” sickness, Deceit,
    Liars and yada…! In 2020, Satan makes his Liars aka especially Preacher Apostates and
    Politicians seem “Normal” aka up,is down and down is up! What do Sheep do? Ans.
    Follow!!! Deep 6 Study and/or Proof! Their proof is “You’re Stupid” enough to
    call The Most High a Liar and believe in what you have been deceived to be!

    b. We digress, back to “Strictly What is Common Science in 2020”!

    5. Question: What happens when you are full of “spirits” aka “Drunk”,
    according to Data and Historical accounts? Ans. You will Rape (Some like #45 says,
    “Just grab ‘Dem by the p^*#>”, his words, not ours!)! You’ll say things
    disrespectful and falsely accuse plus yada…, aka “You no longer represent a
    “Sanitized”, clean version of what should be! Ditto for what Satan and his
    “spirits” have manufactured in common Fools! They blaspheme, curse and are
    Filthy! These have gained in their view via deceit, lies and Filth! This is now the
    majority common “world” in 2020! You give respect and honor to Filthy Rappers,
    then say- “I don’t know Him”, some say they do but don’t! You worship no
    ‘Nuttun Athletes (Not all), Politicos and Filthy “Stars” like the ones expelled
    from Heaven and their Earthly seed!

    6. NewsFlash to Parents- While you are watching Filth, your child is learning it!

    You have nothing clean, academic or Spiritual to teach because your parents were the 101
    Version! The Most High said Parents should lay up for their children, not the children
    for the parents! Instead, you worship and lay up WIC, EBT Cards, Laziness and yada…,
    then wonder why and how Filthy Worship and “Slothfulness” is
    “Inherited” and eventually become part of your “Legacy of Poverty”,
    especially your soul Satan corrupted your DNA! “Anything goes with you now”!!!

    Abba Father Peace Out…

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