As A Trump Supporter I want to respond. But first some basic ground rules Self-imposed Basic Ground Rules: I will not use unnecessary triggers words or terms, in any conjugation or derivative, including: ACB, AOC, Covid, Cry Babies, Ethnic Slurs, Extremist, Fake News, Far-anything, Gods/Guns/Bible, Hunter, Liberal, Racist (except to deplore it), Socialist, Virtue Signaling…basically any trope of any kind to secure my opinion.

Jordan Rock,

I have taken an opportunity to explain to the @think504 opinion readers my take on this article (analysis) of Trump Supporters. And with a second chance to ponder how to express it, I realized my emotional reaction (posted on the website) was heavier than my thoughtful self. Having said that…my thoughts are…that this last ditch and desperate effort to stylize Trump supporters is scruple less. You’ve managed to put Trump supporters into very distinct but limiting silos.

The entire piece implies that Trump supporters are either uneducated whites whose jobs are being replaced by others, or racist old guard who are holding on and are fearful of change. A head start was never a handout. And opportunity is not a given. Paying it forward responsibly with conservative-leaning libertarian or populist ideas are what a Trump presidency is attempting to achieve. I won’t defend his inflammatory rhetoric, or his adversaries’ weak efforts to shade his accomplishments.

Trump Supporters

I am white and educated

But I will tell you and any readers that i am a white, educated, mid-aged male with a healthy, upward-moving career. And I am a Trump supporter. We are everywhere, and we are solid Americans. And as a successful Project Manager with a dynamic company, our culture embraces diversity challenges.

I do not, however, aspire to progressive policies or ideas. I also do not care for our recent leaders shopping our jobs out, whilst hopping around the world apologizing for our American values. Meanwhile, they declare the US is a racist country and are trying to reset our perception around the globe. America is the Red Cross of the world, so you will never catch me apologizing. We strive to be better, and that’s the Great Experiment. I don’t want to be another EU (European Union). We are a Republic of states.

Trump supporter responds

Not only do I disagree with your analysis, but I feel that you are intolerant. Intolerant to differing political, social, or cultural value of others. You engulf my kind into these arbitrary social casts. But any sound-thinking person, not interested in being part of a ‘group’, should be able to read straight through your one-sided view of Trump supporters.


6 thoughts on “Trump Supporter Responds”
  1. You work for a company that “embraces diversity challenges” but you personally don’t “aspire to progressive policies or ideas” You are a racist!!! And a typical Trump supporter. We already know there are plenty of you people out there. We will see on election day how racist America is!
    And “John” if that is your real name, I ain’t afraid to put my whole name. But is also typical of you Trumpers, Hiding on the internet

  2. Brian Jones, you aren’t afraid to show YOUR racism with a blatant generalism. Sadly, as with most racist, yours is also based on quick judgment based on color with the additional unwillingness to educate yourself. Stop sitting smuggly in your racist corner adding more vitriol to the pile and do your homework! Being too lazy is not an acceptable excuse for racism especially when Google is a click away. Learn exactly what “progressive policies” means, (which has nothing to do with embracing racism) then contemplate how fast you jumped to conclusion based on ignorance. You are part of the problem.

  3. I would say as a conservative Sir you have it wrong. While I don’t agree about many things with Jeff here we do. The Majority of the Trump base is uneducated. This lack of knowledge draws them to kill and act violently. If you think the tax truck is a long term solution think again. This is like a sugar rush gone quickly and a slump by year six. There is a saying “ The Ugly American “ look this up. If the current projections are correct America first is making us last. We need not apologize but show our values through our conduct. You clearly embrace Trumps values and his actions which you run away from. Look at the list of stew ups! Would you have allowed Obama to do these things NO!
    Take it all or none!!!

  4. The name of the piece was intended to be called

    “Basic Ground Rules”

    Not sure but It didn’t make the page. But every other named article appears throughout. But that’s okay, this gives me a chance to correct. Thanks for your replies and happy voting!

  5. There just wasn’t enough of the Trump types of racists in America. Close, but this ain’t horseshoes baby… Dancing all over this ignorance offered by “John” and his 70 million friends

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