If you are a Republican you might not be a racist, but if you’re a racist you definitely vote Republican.

By Jeff Thomas

To think such a monumental failure as the mayor of New Orleans is potentially responsible for making America greater is as shocking as seeing that terrorist at a rally for racism speed away backwards after ramming and killing with his car.  Make no mistake, Mitch Landrieu’s bold and courageous decision to remove the confederate statues that littered New Orleans’ public airspace has inspired other American cities to remove their legacies to slavery and racism.  The resulting protests against doing this expose an American truth.

Though a major contributing factor to Landrieu’s decision to remove the monuments to slavery may have been having limited access to a national platform, his leadership and resolve cannot be questioned.  And, political motivation aside, when faced with the same drivel and deceptive “Southern Heritage” argument, Landrieu delivered one of the best civil rights speeches of this century.  (Click Here to See It). America will not achieve its greatness if the status quo is embraced or a retreat to some fairy-tale past is sought.  More importantly, Saturday’s display in Charlottesville, VA. has clearly defined this notion of “Southern Heritage” as nothing more than base racism hoping to preserve white supremacy and an economic monopoly that locks out African Americans.

In full regalia, KKK, NAZI, skinheads and every lesser known hate group (the driver of the car was associated with American Vanguard) turned out to protest the displacement of a Robert E. Lee statue (it is only being moved from the public sphere to a private space).  The descendants of America’s traitors who were willing to wage war against the ideals of America to preserve slavery and the economic advantages derived therein, are present and more out in the open than ever before.  President Donald Trump not only created an environment for the rise of hate groups, but continues to embolden, encourage and reassure their acceptable presence in the public sphere. The man who can focus with laser precision on even a perceived opponent clearly chose to give cover the white nationalists and wannabes terrorists by condemning “bigotry and violence going on many sides for a long time in this country.”

When the slave owner Thomas Jefferson wrote that “all men are created equal”, Sally Hemings knew America still had work to do.  And the expansion of this idea is a core tenant of not only the Black Lives Matter movement, but every conscious and morally centered American.  Clearly Trump is still more Jeffersonian than say Barack Obama but the brave men and women who protested the hostile band of ignorance and hate mongers are a reason for pride and hope in America today. Sadly, the peaceful protesters of racism and bigotry were met with violence.

This accomplish nothing, blowhard President seems more likely to create an international crisis with North Korea as his rhetoric raises the bar beyond diplomatic solutions than to move American society closer to an “every man is created equal” and have equal access to capital and resources reality, but the distance that the Republican Party seeks offers some solace.  While it might be impossible to legislate a love for all people, policies that create harsher penalties for racist violence like that of the driver of the car in Virginia might prevent future.

Landrieu and Trump are remarkably similar personalities.  Prone to hyperbole and seeking self-aggrandizement, neither has been successful in their current roles.  Neither delivered on their most basic campaign promises.  Nearing the end of his term, Landrieu has driven New Orleans farther into the ditch. The Landrieu legacy is crime and floods.  At the beginning of his term, Trump has only created chaos.  No healthcare improvements, no tax plan, international scandal and a pissing match with the North Koreans.

In New Orleans, please swim to the polls and vote!!

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