7 thoughts on “TOONTOPIA”
  1. Thoughts on Fake Negroes. 2019 Negro Coons and Criminals? No Offence Meant?

    1. How does a Criminal Mind satisfy needs in a Consumerism Society requiring “Real” Education plus Skills?

    a. Free!

    b. Their next best ‘thang (He/She)- Stealing! This to ‘Dem is akin to “Free”! Those who “have” might as well be Walmart! 
    btw- When you believe what ‘Massa told you about how you look? 1st The Complexion of The Most High goes from “Burnt Bronze” to Caucasian, your ambition is now  “Fake your look”, whereas “Faking it until you make it will never happen”!

    2. How many times have you heard it said- “Well…, All of them are not like ‘Dat”! Reply? Hey Imhotep plus LBRC says- “It’s not ‘Dat all of them are not ‘Dat way, it’s just ‘Dat the rest of them are complicit”! Duh?…
    Peace Out…

  2. NOLA Insanity aka WTF aka “Whose The Fool”?

    LBRC- After “Your” National Search in light of all The S&WB’s “Structurally” imposed years of “Political Appointments” by Politicos like “You” and “Old Heads”, this so- called new “Highly Qualified” person, outside of City Resources tells NOLA- 

    1. “You Need New a New System” aka You Should Raise Taxes and/or Fees even higher, due to “Negligence and Malfeasance” by others (Isn’t it nice, when your mechanic tells you- “I can fix your car, you don’t need a new one” aka New Note plus Taxes and Associated Fees! Duh? Now say Cuba! Any Questions?”)? ***Never mind You Failed to Properly Supervise S&WB for years for “Salaries” you raised for yourself equal to 10X what the “Majority- Minority population earn cleaning room, toilets and Buck Dancing for Chump Change! 

    2. Adding insult to injury, NOLA doesn’t need another “Katrina”! if it’s not a Moron shooting into a crowd of innocent civilians including kids, it’s a Neo Mother’s Day Flooding destroying lives and property in 2019, 14 Years after the one associated with a Weather Event which produced enough PTS in already wayward kids to cause “Honest” Citizens to weather what appears inbred Stupidity and out and out “Incompetence” of Ambitious, Ego Driven, Self- Serving, ‘Stuntun Politicos adept at duping ‘Simps! 

    3. WTF (What The Folly)! Heard a Council Person say- “I work hard for your money”! To which we say- “Lots work hard at doing nothing. The last ‘thang NOLA needs a a vigorous hard working “Alleged” Public Servant who appears on Ground Hog Day! Didn’t call no names yet, why you so upset? 

    4. Thought Experiment- There are 100 citizens in a community. Out of the 100, 1 is a thief. How many out of the 100 should lock their doors? NOLA “Insanity” is paying Politicos, Taxes and Fees more and more and expecting competence aka a different result!

    5. Hey Mr. “Out of Town” so- called Administrative and Technical “Expert at S&WB, Tell us something we didn’t know before “They” hired you! How come as soon as you arrived, cost have increased in sync with flooding plus neither has abated!!!

    6. Honestly, we ain’t mad at ‘yah! Until our “Competent Kids” matriculate up, innocent dupes will suffer in perpetuity, as they already have!

    7. Answer to an important question- “When is enough enough”? Ans. When all you “Old Heads” to include but not limited Apostates, Filthy Guardians and Deceiving Politicos are Retired, Voted out, removed or otherwise proper action “Or”- We get an indulgence and/or early intervention from The Most High! No wonder Christ cried out- “How Long Shall I Suffer Fools”?/Paraphrased. 

    Peace Out…

  3. ‘Betcha #45 is an Old Head who worships make- up, mail order brides and what pays for all!
    LBRC- Lots of “Old Head” Racist, Negro Coons, Commercial Apostates, Diverse Group of Deceivers plus Slothful and yada…, are beginning to die off! “Oh what a relief it is”? Sorry? Somebody asked, what makes a life worth lived in the eyes of the Most High? Won’t pretend to speak for The Most High, but here’s our Skinny-

    1. What Negro hasn’t worked a job, whereby Racism wasn’t an issue?

    a. Who stood up and respectfully protested, while cowardly co- workers watched? Some expressed in private how right you were, but never stood for “What they knew was a right cause”? “Doing The Right Thing”? Well guess what? At any station of the “Cross”, who followed Christ to His doom, because He was The Savior? They followed “their” king! If Christ returned now? Imagine explanations from those “who were there?- “I didn’t know who you were”! (Those who prosecute or attempt too in 2019, don know who “you are” or who your Father is!). 

    b. Another Excuse? “I was afraid my boss or others would retaliate”! (The Most High said “Fear Only Him”! You fear men/women!).

    c. The Most High told us we had power! Cheap Coons, Politicos and Apostates give the “People’s Power” to moneyed Corporations aka 32 Piecies! Lobbyist, those they perceive as “Elite” citizens endowed with Filty Lucre (Made possible by “The Filthy,  Brutal” enslaved Negro labor trade! Underaged Grandmothers/Grandfathers were raped!  Get this- Sick Negroes in 2019 are bleaching their skin, wearing gray, blue contacts yada.., using Cancenogenic “Plastic Softeners”/Ptyhthalates to straighten their hair,  flaughting chemically poisonous nails, then brag about how “close” their complexion is to the men/women who raped their ancestors. How sick is ‘Dat Negro? Explain yourself in The Pressence of The Most High? Expect the chance! 

    d. Grandma told us, there are some issues you just do not bring to the king, Why? Off with their heads! Any questions? btw- It was one of Skakespear’s plays, maybe Henry VIII, whereby-

    Henry had just returned from battle. He was looking for his homosexual son. When he found him, he was with his lover. Henry asked, “Where were you”? Henry’s son ignored then argued with his father. Henry insisted on his son demonstrating manhood! At this point, his son’s lover voiced his backing of the son!

    Henry VIII casually walked over to his son’s lover, tossed him out of a window, high in The Castle, and continued his sentences unbroken while never breaking his stride! Guess what? Which Knight Commander came up to The King’s Residence to inquire about what just happened? 7 Words- It is good to be the king! Moral of this story?

    When you’re judged by “The Most High” (You liar, thief, Political Sell- out of the poor and “Least of Thee”, Apostate Commercial Net ‘Jetter Commercial and Marketing Scam Artist, Rapist, Whore/Hoe, Community Thief/Destroyer, Sluggard (Especially one who eats the bread of another man’s hiusehold), afraid, coward, Sociopath and yada…), how will your puny intelligence and pitiful slick deceit talk over The Head of The Most High and deceive Him? 

    2. Back to “Old Heads and Deceivers”- A neighbor who coveted everything it seems, just passed. He always asked why we don’t just enjoy life “Straight Up”, and forget about the throngs of people who are ‘Ignant and refuse to help self? Ans. There are lots of young people trapped in utterly wicked families! Yet there are “some” who hold unexpected special gifts, “Contenance” and genius, absent where they come from! An Old Adage says- “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”! In the course of our travels, we’ve met kids from utterly wicked households spared by The Most High! He gave them gifts and us resources! Gifts for all, us too!

     Another neighbor spoke to my covetous neighbos just before he passed. The covetous neighbor was afraid about what lay ahead! Now he feared the “Unknown”! Always tried to declare to him, what he never came to “know”! He left not knowing! ‘Betcha he “Knows” now!

    Peace Out…

  4. From The Hood to Duck Egg?

    LBRC- Donald “Bone Spurs” Trump has the “Unmitigated” gull to insult others? 

    We learned early in ‘Hood? If you like to pitch, ‘betta be able to catch (Balls, Hands or Insults)! 

    Let’s keep this real, “Straight- up”! -Compare and Contrast-

    1. Males in The so- called “Royal Family” do “Mandatory” military duty. Even in Camelot, Richard was a battle tested real warrior. Like what Charles, William and Harry did! Absolutely no “Cowards”!

    -How long would Donald survive with an Orange Complexion, Strange Hair Transplants on an “Elementary” Ghetto Block, even in front a Candy Shop? Examine all the so- called tough Generals, Admirals et al, “Auditioning, Kissing His Glute on TV” and before Congress, even in Contempt in an attempt to impress his “Bone Spurs” for promotion, potential contracts and jobs, present and post career! And yes, we did military, earned “Real Medals” leading “Boots” on the ground, while Generals cranked out orders in “Starched” uniforms and “Aid to Camp” Flunkies did their bidding! We respect “General Honoree”, a real Hero!

    2. Doesn’t Cream rise to the top? What is it when you arrive on top and criticize those below because you “Started” a step away from the finish line? Then what happened? He  declared “Bankrupcy” at least 6 times aka you lost ground given to you at birth! But here’s the kicker- if your Duck Dynasty crowd hadn’t voted for the 1st time, The SDNY and Mueller would already have you in a Matching Orange Jump Suit to your complexion! 

    – Imagine Donald broke and raised in average Surburbia. Here’s a surprise! Yes, he would have had dates. Why? Ans. Grandma told us, there’s a lid for every pot, even if you “Mail Order Bride” one! Even Crazy gets a hook up and monthly check these days,  we’re told. The kicker? Dollars to Donuts Donald would be on the dole for a “Crazy or Missogny Pusher Man” Check. This is how you file “Ghetto Bankruptcy”? Donald filed Bankruptcy at least 6 times? Genius? Yeah right! ‘Birtha Man, The Circus Barker, Now Military Hawker with Bone Spurs is a Talker, never a Walker (Bone Spurs?), just Barker! Feed ‘Dat to your ‘Simps Duck! Why didn’t you just claim “Duck Feet” to avoid Military Service? 

    3. President Obama’s School Records and Official School Rankings are all over the Internet! Thanks to Donald, so is Obama’s Birth Certificate. Obama is The Real Deal! 

    Trump is ‘Stunt-un! Where are your Tax Returns, College Transcripts (Did you pay a surrogate to take your SAT/ACT, attend and actually do the work? Your vocabulary says? Honestly? 3rd Grade or there abouts!). Donald is totally representative of his Duck Dynasty crowd. They even bear his “Nick Name”, Duck! The Dynasty is representative of unadultered ignorance, missogny, narcicissim, racism and Bigots! The ‘Hood says you’re ‘Represent-en, Big Time! NOLA and Austin knows “Big Duck”! #45 ain’t even an (e)gg! 

    Peace out…

  5. GOD has sent JESUS for us to understand friendship and love!
    JESUS was “not a alien or ufo”!
    Jesus was “visible and real”, you could touch him, walk with him, & eat with him.
    Jesus was “executed”, for telling the truth, But because Jesus was Gods son and
    obeyed God, power was sent into Him from God and Jesus came back to Life.
    We, know this is true, because of evidence and over 500 witnesses that saw him
    and were with Jesus for many days before Jesus returned to home.
    JESUS, said, “if you love ME, then keep MY commandments or else you are a liar.
    Friendship, is the union of people who agree with what Jesus taught.
    Everything else is human opinions, built from “heathenism, paganism, & hedonism philosophy and formed into the conduct of many cultures.
    All of these are enmity to the authentic God Creator, and humans beguiled into lives of self worship idolatry.
    Too often many misquotes about Jesus are made, especially those about friendship and love practices, which after misquoted, is used to justify sins.

    Christian friends have a definition for love that “bridges and joins” them to properly follow what God and Jesus proclaimed, and to maintain purity to
    all the creeds and teaching expressed to all of us.

    The Inspired Message of Love for Authentic Christians to each other is:
    1 – Love is patient and kind;
    2 – Love is not jealous,
    3 – Love is not conceited or proud;
    4 – Love is not ill-mannered,
    5 – Love is not selfish,
    6 – Love is not irritable;
    7 – Love is does not keep a record of wrongs once repented,
    8 – Love is not happy with evil,
    9 – Love is happy with the whole truth.
    10 – Love never gives up on true christian friends,
    11 – Love expresses faith in Jesus,
    12 – Love offers Jesus as the only hope for humankind,
    13 – Love is patience with real Christian friends, and others,
    14 – Love never fails, with Christian friends, who follow Jesus commandments.
    15 – Love is eternal, and a commandment for Christians to apply to Christians who believe and follow His words.
    16 – By this evidence, “Love”, that I taught you, shall all people see and know that you are my true Disciple and follower.
    17 – When you were a child, your speech, conduct, feelings, and thinking were all those of a child; and expressed contrary behavior, But now, You are now and adult, and have no more excuses for sinful childish ways.
    18 – For the present moment, what we see now is like a dim image in a mirror; but, a time is coming where you and I shall see face-to-face.
    19 – Therefore what you know now is only partial; from my Teachings to those that repent and become my Disciples, But, soon, when I return, You then will be complete to much more knowledge and as complete as God’s knowledge is concerning all about me.
    20 – Meanwhile, as a authentic Christian, following My commandments, remember these three principles in your new mind: faith, hope, and love; and the greatest of these is love.
    UNAWARE to many people, is, Jesus never taught or organized any protest about the Roman government, or it’s invasion into Israel, or Roman taxes, or Roman abuses to the people, or Rome’s enslavement of people, or it’s confiscation of people’s assets and property. NONE!!!
    Jesus was not a protester of abuses to Himself, but, Yes, Jesus was a protester of how the Religious leaders had corrupted & perverted the “genuine words of God the Creator” & twisted the truth, into false teachings and ideas, misleading many.
    These false & beguiled teachings, exploited Gods people into false religious actions, & very religiously contrary to Gods commandments & doctrine.
    JESUS protested fake religions and fake Christians. not politicians.
    Jesus declared, “by this, shall all the world know you are my authentic disciples & believers, yes!, it is by the “the authentic love” you show to one another as I also have shown you, the true disciples, that follow me & obey my commandments.
    True authentic Christians “are not to embrace the worlds ways” or conduct’s
    or “cultural idols”, for true Christians, are to “come out of the worlds” cultures and practices, all that is not of God’s ways, for which God calls these, paganism,
    & heathenism, “human idolatry”.
    Since Adam and Eve, God has “herald” this to all those who claimed to believe in Him! Come Out of the Worlds Ways and Follow and obey Him.
    Instead, by deceptions & guile, multitudes on the earth have and follow after many ways and lifestyles that God warned to avoid.

    It is His way, only, humans who He created do not tell God what to do.
    2019 – 06 – 13
    ____ New Orleans____ Does it look like what God & Jesus taught?______
    Recommended reading, Matthew Mark Luke & John ! Makes 1 Wise!

  6. I love my bro. John Slade’s thoughtful & insightful cartoons! They are very informative because they cut thru the fog & exposes what’s happening behind the newspaper headlines & delves into the real issues impacting our communities in many negative ways! Bro.Keep those cartoons coming to enlightening our communities! Power!

  7. I hope people are enjoying my political cartoons published here on think504.com. It’s a lot of fun and I do so enjoy being on ridicule duty for the readers. Please continue to look for my cartoons and stay tooned.

    John Slade

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