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  • May 5, 2019 at 11:58 am

    Thoughts on Fake Negroes. 2019 Negro Coons and Criminals? No Offence Meant?

    1. How does a Criminal Mind satisfy needs in a Consumerism Society requiring “Real” Education plus Skills?

    a. Free!

    b. Their next best ‘thang (He/She)- Stealing! This to ‘Dem is akin to “Free”! Those who “have” might as well be Walmart! 
    btw- When you believe what ‘Massa told you about how you look? 1st The Complexion of The Most High goes from “Burnt Bronze” to Caucasian, your ambition is now  “Fake your look”, whereas “Faking it until you make it will never happen”!

    2. How many times have you heard it said- “Well…, All of them are not like ‘Dat”! Reply? Hey Imhotep plus LBRC says- “It’s not ‘Dat all of them are not ‘Dat way, it’s just ‘Dat the rest of them are complicit”! Duh?…
    Peace Out…

  • May 14, 2019 at 12:16 pm

    NOLA Insanity aka WTF aka “Whose The Fool”?

    LBRC- After “Your” National Search in light of all The S&WB’s “Structurally” imposed years of “Political Appointments” by Politicos like “You” and “Old Heads”, this so- called new “Highly Qualified” person, outside of City Resources tells NOLA- 

    1. “You Need New a New System” aka You Should Raise Taxes and/or Fees even higher, due to “Negligence and Malfeasance” by others (Isn’t it nice, when your mechanic tells you- “I can fix your car, you don’t need a new one” aka New Note plus Taxes and Associated Fees! Duh? Now say Cuba! Any Questions?”)? ***Never mind You Failed to Properly Supervise S&WB for years for “Salaries” you raised for yourself equal to 10X what the “Majority- Minority population earn cleaning room, toilets and Buck Dancing for Chump Change! 

    2. Adding insult to injury, NOLA doesn’t need another “Katrina”! if it’s not a Moron shooting into a crowd of innocent civilians including kids, it’s a Neo Mother’s Day Flooding destroying lives and property in 2019, 14 Years after the one associated with a Weather Event which produced enough PTS in already wayward kids to cause “Honest” Citizens to weather what appears inbred Stupidity and out and out “Incompetence” of Ambitious, Ego Driven, Self- Serving, ‘Stuntun Politicos adept at duping ‘Simps! 

    3. WTF (What The Folly)! Heard a Council Person say- “I work hard for your money”! To which we say- “Lots work hard at doing nothing. The last ‘thang NOLA needs a a vigorous hard working “Alleged” Public Servant who appears on Ground Hog Day! Didn’t call no names yet, why you so upset? 

    4. Thought Experiment- There are 100 citizens in a community. Out of the 100, 1 is a thief. How many out of the 100 should lock their doors? NOLA “Insanity” is paying Politicos, Taxes and Fees more and more and expecting competence aka a different result!

    5. Hey Mr. “Out of Town” so- called Administrative and Technical “Expert at S&WB, Tell us something we didn’t know before “They” hired you! How come as soon as you arrived, cost have increased in sync with flooding plus neither has abated!!!

    6. Honestly, we ain’t mad at ‘yah! Until our “Competent Kids” matriculate up, innocent dupes will suffer in perpetuity, as they already have!

    7. Answer to an important question- “When is enough enough”? Ans. When all you “Old Heads” to include but not limited Apostates, Filthy Guardians and Deceiving Politicos are Retired, Voted out, removed or otherwise proper action “Or”- We get an indulgence and/or early intervention from The Most High! No wonder Christ cried out- “How Long Shall I Suffer Fools”?/Paraphrased. 

    Peace Out…

  • June 5, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    ‘Betcha #45 is an Old Head who worships make- up, mail order brides and what pays for all!
    LBRC- Lots of “Old Head” Racist, Negro Coons, Commercial Apostates, Diverse Group of Deceivers plus Slothful and yada…, are beginning to die off! “Oh what a relief it is”? Sorry? Somebody asked, what makes a life worth lived in the eyes of the Most High? Won’t pretend to speak for The Most High, but here’s our Skinny-

    1. What Negro hasn’t worked a job, whereby Racism wasn’t an issue?

    a. Who stood up and respectfully protested, while cowardly co- workers watched? Some expressed in private how right you were, but never stood for “What they knew was a right cause”? “Doing The Right Thing”? Well guess what? At any station of the “Cross”, who followed Christ to His doom, because He was The Savior? They followed “their” king! If Christ returned now? Imagine explanations from those “who were there?- “I didn’t know who you were”! (Those who prosecute or attempt too in 2019, don know who “you are” or who your Father is!). 

    b. Another Excuse? “I was afraid my boss or others would retaliate”! (The Most High said “Fear Only Him”! You fear men/women!).

    c. The Most High told us we had power! Cheap Coons, Politicos and Apostates give the “People’s Power” to moneyed Corporations aka 32 Piecies! Lobbyist, those they perceive as “Elite” citizens endowed with Filty Lucre (Made possible by “The Filthy,  Brutal” enslaved Negro labor trade! Underaged Grandmothers/Grandfathers were raped!  Get this- Sick Negroes in 2019 are bleaching their skin, wearing gray, blue contacts yada.., using Cancenogenic “Plastic Softeners”/Ptyhthalates to straighten their hair,  flaughting chemically poisonous nails, then brag about how “close” their complexion is to the men/women who raped their ancestors. How sick is ‘Dat Negro? Explain yourself in The Pressence of The Most High? Expect the chance! 

    d. Grandma told us, there are some issues you just do not bring to the king, Why? Off with their heads! Any questions? btw- It was one of Skakespear’s plays, maybe Henry VIII, whereby-

    Henry had just returned from battle. He was looking for his homosexual son. When he found him, he was with his lover. Henry asked, “Where were you”? Henry’s son ignored then argued with his father. Henry insisted on his son demonstrating manhood! At this point, his son’s lover voiced his backing of the son!

    Henry VIII casually walked over to his son’s lover, tossed him out of a window, high in The Castle, and continued his sentences unbroken while never breaking his stride! Guess what? Which Knight Commander came up to The King’s Residence to inquire about what just happened? 7 Words- It is good to be the king! Moral of this story?

    When you’re judged by “The Most High” (You liar, thief, Political Sell- out of the poor and “Least of Thee”, Apostate Commercial Net ‘Jetter Commercial and Marketing Scam Artist, Rapist, Whore/Hoe, Community Thief/Destroyer, Sluggard (Especially one who eats the bread of another man’s hiusehold), afraid, coward, Sociopath and yada…), how will your puny intelligence and pitiful slick deceit talk over The Head of The Most High and deceive Him? 

    2. Back to “Old Heads and Deceivers”- A neighbor who coveted everything it seems, just passed. He always asked why we don’t just enjoy life “Straight Up”, and forget about the throngs of people who are ‘Ignant and refuse to help self? Ans. There are lots of young people trapped in utterly wicked families! Yet there are “some” who hold unexpected special gifts, “Contenance” and genius, absent where they come from! An Old Adage says- “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”! In the course of our travels, we’ve met kids from utterly wicked households spared by The Most High! He gave them gifts and us resources! Gifts for all, us too!

     Another neighbor spoke to my covetous neighbos just before he passed. The covetous neighbor was afraid about what lay ahead! Now he feared the “Unknown”! Always tried to declare to him, what he never came to “know”! He left not knowing! ‘Betcha he “Knows” now!

    Peace Out…

  • June 7, 2019 at 7:09 am

    From The Hood to Duck Egg?

    LBRC- Donald “Bone Spurs” Trump has the “Unmitigated” gull to insult others? 

    We learned early in ‘Hood? If you like to pitch, ‘betta be able to catch (Balls, Hands or Insults)! 

    Let’s keep this real, “Straight- up”! -Compare and Contrast-

    1. Males in The so- called “Royal Family” do “Mandatory” military duty. Even in Camelot, Richard was a battle tested real warrior. Like what Charles, William and Harry did! Absolutely no “Cowards”!

    -How long would Donald survive with an Orange Complexion, Strange Hair Transplants on an “Elementary” Ghetto Block, even in front a Candy Shop? Examine all the so- called tough Generals, Admirals et al, “Auditioning, Kissing His Glute on TV” and before Congress, even in Contempt in an attempt to impress his “Bone Spurs” for promotion, potential contracts and jobs, present and post career! And yes, we did military, earned “Real Medals” leading “Boots” on the ground, while Generals cranked out orders in “Starched” uniforms and “Aid to Camp” Flunkies did their bidding! We respect “General Honoree”, a real Hero!

    2. Doesn’t Cream rise to the top? What is it when you arrive on top and criticize those below because you “Started” a step away from the finish line? Then what happened? He  declared “Bankrupcy” at least 6 times aka you lost ground given to you at birth! But here’s the kicker- if your Duck Dynasty crowd hadn’t voted for the 1st time, The SDNY and Mueller would already have you in a Matching Orange Jump Suit to your complexion! 

    – Imagine Donald broke and raised in average Surburbia. Here’s a surprise! Yes, he would have had dates. Why? Ans. Grandma told us, there’s a lid for every pot, even if you “Mail Order Bride” one! Even Crazy gets a hook up and monthly check these days,  we’re told. The kicker? Dollars to Donuts Donald would be on the dole for a “Crazy or Missogny Pusher Man” Check. This is how you file “Ghetto Bankruptcy”? Donald filed Bankruptcy at least 6 times? Genius? Yeah right! ‘Birtha Man, The Circus Barker, Now Military Hawker with Bone Spurs is a Talker, never a Walker (Bone Spurs?), just Barker! Feed ‘Dat to your ‘Simps Duck! Why didn’t you just claim “Duck Feet” to avoid Military Service? 

    3. President Obama’s School Records and Official School Rankings are all over the Internet! Thanks to Donald, so is Obama’s Birth Certificate. Obama is The Real Deal! 

    Trump is ‘Stunt-un! Where are your Tax Returns, College Transcripts (Did you pay a surrogate to take your SAT/ACT, attend and actually do the work? Your vocabulary says? Honestly? 3rd Grade or there abouts!). Donald is totally representative of his Duck Dynasty crowd. They even bear his “Nick Name”, Duck! The Dynasty is representative of unadultered ignorance, missogny, narcicissim, racism and Bigots! The ‘Hood says you’re ‘Represent-en, Big Time! NOLA and Austin knows “Big Duck”! #45 ain’t even an (e)gg! 

    Peace out…

  • June 13, 2019 at 10:03 am

    GOD has sent JESUS for us to understand friendship and love!
    JESUS was “not a alien or ufo”!
    Jesus was “visible and real”, you could touch him, walk with him, & eat with him.
    Jesus was “executed”, for telling the truth, But because Jesus was Gods son and
    obeyed God, power was sent into Him from God and Jesus came back to Life.
    We, know this is true, because of evidence and over 500 witnesses that saw him
    and were with Jesus for many days before Jesus returned to home.
    JESUS, said, “if you love ME, then keep MY commandments or else you are a liar.
    Friendship, is the union of people who agree with what Jesus taught.
    Everything else is human opinions, built from “heathenism, paganism, & hedonism philosophy and formed into the conduct of many cultures.
    All of these are enmity to the authentic God Creator, and humans beguiled into lives of self worship idolatry.
    Too often many misquotes about Jesus are made, especially those about friendship and love practices, which after misquoted, is used to justify sins.

    Christian friends have a definition for love that “bridges and joins” them to properly follow what God and Jesus proclaimed, and to maintain purity to
    all the creeds and teaching expressed to all of us.

    The Inspired Message of Love for Authentic Christians to each other is:
    1 – Love is patient and kind;
    2 – Love is not jealous,
    3 – Love is not conceited or proud;
    4 – Love is not ill-mannered,
    5 – Love is not selfish,
    6 – Love is not irritable;
    7 – Love is does not keep a record of wrongs once repented,
    8 – Love is not happy with evil,
    9 – Love is happy with the whole truth.
    10 – Love never gives up on true christian friends,
    11 – Love expresses faith in Jesus,
    12 – Love offers Jesus as the only hope for humankind,
    13 – Love is patience with real Christian friends, and others,
    14 – Love never fails, with Christian friends, who follow Jesus commandments.
    15 – Love is eternal, and a commandment for Christians to apply to Christians who believe and follow His words.
    16 – By this evidence, “Love”, that I taught you, shall all people see and know that you are my true Disciple and follower.
    17 – When you were a child, your speech, conduct, feelings, and thinking were all those of a child; and expressed contrary behavior, But now, You are now and adult, and have no more excuses for sinful childish ways.
    18 – For the present moment, what we see now is like a dim image in a mirror; but, a time is coming where you and I shall see face-to-face.
    19 – Therefore what you know now is only partial; from my Teachings to those that repent and become my Disciples, But, soon, when I return, You then will be complete to much more knowledge and as complete as God’s knowledge is concerning all about me.
    20 – Meanwhile, as a authentic Christian, following My commandments, remember these three principles in your new mind: faith, hope, and love; and the greatest of these is love.
    UNAWARE to many people, is, Jesus never taught or organized any protest about the Roman government, or it’s invasion into Israel, or Roman taxes, or Roman abuses to the people, or Rome’s enslavement of people, or it’s confiscation of people’s assets and property. NONE!!!
    Jesus was not a protester of abuses to Himself, but, Yes, Jesus was a protester of how the Religious leaders had corrupted & perverted the “genuine words of God the Creator” & twisted the truth, into false teachings and ideas, misleading many.
    These false & beguiled teachings, exploited Gods people into false religious actions, & very religiously contrary to Gods commandments & doctrine.
    JESUS protested fake religions and fake Christians. not politicians.
    Jesus declared, “by this, shall all the world know you are my authentic disciples & believers, yes!, it is by the “the authentic love” you show to one another as I also have shown you, the true disciples, that follow me & obey my commandments.
    True authentic Christians “are not to embrace the worlds ways” or conduct’s
    or “cultural idols”, for true Christians, are to “come out of the worlds” cultures and practices, all that is not of God’s ways, for which God calls these, paganism,
    & heathenism, “human idolatry”.
    Since Adam and Eve, God has “herald” this to all those who claimed to believe in Him! Come Out of the Worlds Ways and Follow and obey Him.
    Instead, by deceptions & guile, multitudes on the earth have and follow after many ways and lifestyles that God warned to avoid.

    It is His way, only, humans who He created do not tell God what to do.
    2019 – 06 – 13
    ____ New Orleans____ Does it look like what God & Jesus taught?______
    Recommended reading, Matthew Mark Luke & John ! Makes 1 Wise!

  • August 27, 2019 at 8:27 am

    I love my bro. John Slade’s thoughtful & insightful cartoons! They are very informative because they cut thru the fog & exposes what’s happening behind the newspaper headlines & delves into the real issues impacting our communities in many negative ways! Bro.Keep those cartoons coming to enlightening our communities! Power!


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New research suggests that emoji users are better at making social connections.

by Justin J. Lehmiller Ph.D.

123RF/Денис Горелкин

Source: 123RF/Денис Горелкин

What does your use of emojis say about your sex and dating life? According to a new study published in the journal PLoS ONE, a lot, actually. In fact, the frequent use of emojis with potential dates is linked to not only having sex more often but also to a more active and successful dating life. 

These conclusions come from two separate studies conducted by researchers at The Kinsey Institute. In the first study, they analyzed data from a large survey of 5,327 single Americans that was designed to reflect the demographic diversity of the United States. Participants ranged in age from 18-94, and most identified as heterosexual (87 percent) and as White (62 percent). 

And the Study Says?

Participants completed a survey inquiring about whether they use emojis, and if so, why. They were also asked several questions about their current sex and dating life. 

So how often do people use emojis with potential dates? It turned out that 38 percent said they never do, 29 percent hardly ever do, 28 percent regularly use them, 3 percent use at least one in every text, and 2.5 percent use more than one in every text. 

People’s reasons for using emojis varied and included wanting to give their messages more personality, making it easier to express feelings, making communication faster than typing, and because it’s trendy (in other words, because everyone else is doing it). 

More Emojis – More Sex

The frequent use of emojis predicted going on more first dates over the past year, as well as more frequent sexual activity. 

The second study was a smaller online survey of 275 adults that attempted to replicate and extend these findings. Participants ranged in age from 18-71, and most identified as heterosexual (84 percent) and White (73 percent). 

Emoji use was more common in this sample; in fact, just 3 percent said they never use emojis with potential dates. Also, in contrast to the first study, emoji use was not linked to going on more first dates; however, it was linked to having more second dates. 

Like the first study, frequent emoji use was linked to having more frequent sex. It was also linked to having more sex partners in the last year. 

Also, with respect to the most recent date they went on, frequent emoji users were more likely to have kissed and had sex with that partner. They were also more likely to have gone on a second date and to have entered a relationship with that person. 

It’s important to note that there are several limitations of this research, including the fact that the authors didn’t assess which types of emojis people sent. It could be that different emojis (e.g., kissy face, devil face, smiley face, etc.) are linked to different outcomes. Likewise, they only looked at sending emojis, not receiving them. It would, therefore, also be worth examining how emojis are perceived by others, and whether some people find them to be more appealing than others. article continues after advertisement

With all of that said, what do all of these findings tell us? In the words of the research authors, they suggest that “people who use emojis more often may be better at forming connections with others.” They believe that emoji users are more emotive in general—in other words, it’s not necessarily the emojis themselves that are driving these effects; rather, emoji use may signify that one is more emotionally expressive, engages in more self-disclosure, and just has an easier time building intimacy. All of these factors are likely to lay the basis for a more active dating and sex life. 

This suggests that people who are resistant to sending emojis for whatever reason just might be missing out. 

The Perfect Stranger

by Love Dr. Rob

You had your share of bad situations. You think you know why most relationships fail. And one day you finally meet them. They are THE one – your soulmate. Mr. or Mrs. Perfect- the one you have waited for forever. Then one morning you wake up like “who the hell are you?”

It has happened to so many of us. The person who was everything you ever wanted, became the one you never want again. Which one is the real them? At this point, it’s too hard to tell, and now you don’t trust yourself or them. 

What happens, far too often, is people want you so much that they become who you want them to be. As they sit listening to you, they are transforming right before your eyes. Everything you like and don’t like they are making a mental note of it. And just like that there you have it Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. 

Once they got you….

The problem is once they have you, THEY HAVE YOU. You have fallen for who you think they are, and then the real them shows up. Now they expect you to love them for who they are when you don’t even know who they are. Then to complicate things even more they blame you because they weren’t honest. 

First, a relationship without trust is a relationship headed for disaster. How can you trust someone who has had a mask on from the beginning? Here you are sharing your whole self with them, while they are hiding. It is hard enough for most of us to trust somebody with our heart anyway, but to have to trust it again with someone who wasn’t genuine from the start is mission impossible. 

Secondly, if this person has to pretend to be someone else, they don’t even believe they deserve you. With that being said you would have to sacrifice what you want for someone who has proven they wouldn’t do the same for you. Who wants to give their all to someone they had to settle for? This is a recipe for destruction. 

Love Yourself Completely

Love Yourself

This is why I recommend people DO NOT ENTER a relationship until they are happy with themselves. As important as knowing what you want is, you should become everything they would want as well. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, but you do have to be self-assured. That means they will know exactly what and who they are getting from the start. 

Also, another step that is just as important as taking your time. Moving too quickly gives them an advantage. It is harder for actors to stay in character for a long period of time. Even without knowing, they start showing glimpses of who they truly are. You need to know if they are who they say they are, or is it just an act. If it’s an act you have every right to cut and wrap that scene. If you don’t, one day you will wake up and your heart will belong to a perfect stranger. 

by CC Campbell-Rock

August 29, 2020 marks the 15th Anniversary of the natural disaster turned man-made disaster called Hurricane Katrina. When the Coronavirus hit New Orleans, it invoked memories of Katrina. The 100 year storm allegedly claimed the lives of more than 1500 people in Louisiana. The true death count may never be known. And it changed New Orleans in ways that were unforeseen.  Hurricane Katrina created a new New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina pushed people out of their homes, many to destinations unknown. Katrina filled the city with up to 20 feet of water in some areas. The storm also killed the city’s economy and forced thousands to resettle and restart their lives. Many lost loved ones, careers, homes, cars, and every possession they owned.  Some native New Orleanians returned home. Others remained where they evacuated, built new lives, and carried on. Hurricane Katrina created a new New Orleans.

Katrina flooding created a new New Orleans

Eighty percent of the city was flooded when 27 levees were breached. The majority of the flooding took place east of Canal Street in the downtown area of New Orleans and eastern New Orleans. The lower ninth ward took on the most water, because a barge broke through the levee wall.

New Orleans lost nearly 51 percent of its 454,845, pre-Katrina 2005 population. In 2020, the city has 390,128 residents or 85.77 percent of its pre-Katrina population total.

People leaving!

The New New Orleans

However, a cursory look around shows that the demographics and the culture have changed.

Speaking to National Geographic Magazine in 2015, Allison Plyer says, “The storm greatly changed the physical and demographic makeup of New Orleans. Monitoring these changes is important since the needs of the city and its people are much different today. After any disaster, applicable data is wiped away—all information becomes uncertain”  Plyer works for The Data Center which is a data collection and analysis group that serves Southeast Louisiana..

“The demographic makeup of New Orleans and its metro area is much different today than it was pre-Katrina. The city has lost white and black residents, but whites now represent a larger share of the population than they did before the storm. And while African Americans are still the majority in New Orleans, their raw population drop is staggering: Nearly 100,000 fewer African Americans live in the city today than in 2000. Around 11,500 fewer white residents live there.”


Signs of gentrification are everywhere as black renters have been pushed to areas like New Orleans east where they occupy high rise apartment complexes, or to moderate income neighborhoods in the eight and ninth wards. Some black homeowners sold their homes, others lacked the funding needed to restore or repair their homes. They remain in the Katrina Diaspora, their homes boarded up. Others lost their homes to property tax sales. White professionals and some squatters have moved into New Orleans. A stroll along St. Claude Avenue, once a street with many boarded up businesses, is now bustling with small shops. Few are owned by Black people.

A little more than a year ago, in April 2019,  Nicolette Santos, an Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) Intern came to New Orleans to help the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity in its ongoing mission to build homes for Katrina Survivors.

Santos recorded her observations in an article entitled, Fourteen Years Later, New Orleans is Still Trying to Recover from Hurricane Katrina.

“Driving around the Lower Ninth Ward, a community just east of the French Quarter, I was taken aback by the empty plots that still break up the community. Houses that used to stand right next to one another are now spaced haphazardly away from each other, separated by empty land that is overgrown with weeds and brush. Trash piles on the corners of the streets. Signs warning against loitering further accentuate the impression that things haven’t improved. Businesses are staying away as well. A single grocery store, Burnell’s Lower Ninth Ward Market, holds the sole responsibility of providing a small range of packaged foods and fresh produce to the 1,200 people who live in the community,” Santos wrote.

New Normal Nothing New for NOLA

The intern’s observation is magnified and duplicated in the city’s seventh and eight wards. Overgrown lots, streets with a house here, one there, and gaping holes in-between like teeth missing for a mouth. Hurricane Katrina created the new New Orleans.

Blighted neighborhoods persist in the new New Orleans

Since Katrina, the city’s public school system has been turned into an all-charter school, semi-privatized school system. While no one wants to say it out loud, the all-charter school district is an abysmal failure, an experiment gone wrong.

However, like Hurricane Katrina, coronavirus infections are disproportionately impacting the black community. “According to the Coroner’s data, as of June 5th black residents accounted for 77 percent of the 492 COVID-19 deaths in Orleans Parish, with white residents accounting for less than 20 percent” the Data Center reported. The population of Orleans Parish is 60 percent black and 35 percent white.

The COVID-19 deaths of blacks in New Orleans mirrors the nationwide trend. “Black Americans continue to experience the highest overall actual COVID-19 mortality rates— more than twice as high as the rate for Whites and Asians, who have the lowest actual rates,” according to the APM Research Lab.

New Orleans’ black community weathered slavery, Jim Crow segregation, redlining, racism, and discrimination from every direction. And black people here will ride out this current man-made disaster.

Despite the metamorphoses Hurricane Katrina wrought in New Orleans, in a city that is older than the United States, and the challenges to the lives of black New Orleanians brought by the 100-year COVID-19 pandemic, the black community remains resilient. Black-owned institutions have weathered the storm, the Black press and media, our fabled restaurants, and the city’s culture keepers still persist. But make no mistake. 

We persist in the new New Orleans.

Just Fill Out the Forms, Please

by Kenneth Cooper


Captain’s Log, Stardate 2020: We still don’t know if the president is consulting his witch doctor or not, you know the one who said demons are raping people in their sleep, penetrating their victims naked head (because why would a demon where a condom?), afterwards their leftover semen causing all types of maladies from herpes to hemorrhoids to mere abdominal pain. The president is a strange man, but the president is suppressing the 2020 Census.

Sometimes we just don’t understand the president or what he’s doing. Like one time I saw him eating fried chicken with a knife and fork. I was like, wow is he going to cut through the bone? Maybe that’s something presidents do. Or maybe the chicken was a prop and he had never had it fried in his life. I wonder how he eats turkey necks or ribs.

Strange That President Wants to Suppress Census?

Speaking of props, one time the president had a crowd of people tear gassed so he could walk across the street and take a picture in front of a church with a Bible that wasn’t even his. We know the Bible wasn’t his because when a reporter asked him, “Hey is that Bible yours?” the president said, “It’s a Bible.” A Bible. Interesting phrase. Like I said, the president is a strange man.

President Donald Trump uses odd distractions to suppress the 2020 Census

What we do know, though, is that the president is trying to pull off some type of witch doctorery to suppress the 2020 Census. The Census is what we use to count people. The Census counts how many people are here or there, and who lives where. Some people don’t trust the Census. They think it’s a form of government espionage (an old wives’ tale, or as the president’s witch doctor would say, some demon sh*t).

In real life, the Census is what the federal government uses to determine how much money it gives to the states, how many House seats are appropriated.  States use census data for more shady stuff like which districts are gerrymandered. Presently, the president appears to not be in favor of the Census. He has dispatched a bureau of his minions with not-so-explicit-instructions to make sure some people go uncounted. So the Census takers have been told to cease counting a month prematurely, per the president. Why is the president suppressing the 2020 Census?

Why is President Trump Suppressing the 2020 Census?

The president is a part of what we call a dwindling demographic, also known as a white person. Lately, white people have not been propagating as much as non-white people. I guess privilege only goes so far. Considering this and with money, House seats, and redistricting on the line, it’s in the best interest of the least growing demographic to make sure the more proliferating group is undercounted. Especially since that demographic has tended to be from a different political party.

Side note: Political parties are just gangs without the murders and drugs. Like gangs they have turf to defend (House seats and districts) and a source of money (donations from affiliated folks) they’re depended upon. As their influence goes, so does their turf and money. Side note ended.

Another complication is whether to even count undocumented people. Should states benefit from their presence? Maybe the president will tweet about a 3/5 compromise.

Most importantly,  if you haven’t done so already, fill out your Census and put in the mail. Or if a Census taker comes to your door, don’t run and hide under the bed spread. Open the door and give the person the information they seek. Your congressional representation, streetlights, and sewerage may depend on it.  Remember the President is suppressing the 2020 Census.

Captain’s Log, Stardate later on in 2020: The president has skin so thin that if you pinched him, he’d bleed. He appears to be unnerved by the slightest slight. All day he tweets seeking adoration, and goes into emotional convulsions when he’s denied. Pray for him. His demographic is going through menopause. He’s but a fraction of a whole. Maybe his witch doctor can whip up a potion for him. I hear Hydroxychloroquine is trending. 

A Collection of Political Cartoons by John Slade

See the video below

By Love Dr. Rob

Karma – When it comes back around!

As a Relationship Advisor, I am often asked what’s wrong with women these days. Men seem to be surprised by the way their counterparts are acting. That’s not the way a woman is supposed to act. Then they hit me with the line. She acts like she’s a man. 

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this. I’m not sure what part gets me the most. Is it that he is surprised by her behavior, or that he thinks it would be alright if she was a man. I am well aware of the double standard, but I also know that what goes around comes around. 

As men, we have grown so accustomed to dishing it that we can’t take it. We forget that the whole time we were mistreating women, we were teaching them how to treat us. Now the student has become the teacher, and she shouldn’t do us like that? What’s good for the goose isn’t always good to the gander. 

It should not be a surprise when the pupil becomes as good as the teacher. You can’t deny that the hurt that has been handed down by men as a right, has deeply impacted the foundation of African American relationships. Women have grown tired of being on the receiving end of hurt. And what’s worse is men have made being dysfunctional look so good. 

Want Traditional Roles in Relationships?

If you want women to be woman, we as men have to be men. I don’t mean the iron chest nothing hurts me, men. But the open, honest, human being, I have feelings man. If more men can display that side there is a greater chance of winning our women and families back. If we can’t do that, we should not be surprised when we lose our women and children. Remember they are only showing us what we have taught them. 

As men, the most responsible thing we can do is take ownership of the pain we have caused. In many cases, it was done because we were incapable of dealing with our own trauma. Nevertheless, right now we are at a point where the pain is being redistributed, and the man, the woman, and the children are being impacted. 

The only way to fix it is we have to acknowledge whatever emotional damage we endured. Figure out who, what, and when hurt you. Then you have to deal with those issues directly. Make sure you take all the necessary steps to heal properly. And most importantly do not enter into another relationship until you have healed. 

by Orissa Arend

There is much discussion these days amid aspiring white allies to the cause of racial justice – and I count myself as one – about how to be the most useful.Michael Cowan, professor emeritus at Loyola University, wrote an op-ed piece on July 30 for the Times-Picayune New Orleans Advocate entitled “Successful coalitions must dispense with purity tests.” It caught my eye because Cowan and I have worked on many projects together. But this piece laid bare a fundamental disagreement.            

             In order to change policies and laws, he claims that anti-racist activists sometimes refuse to work with “a large majority of decent people [I think he means decent White people who] don’t identify themselves as ‘anti-racist’ and never will.” This strikes me as a false dichotomy.

            Anti-racism isn’t a purity test, as Cowan claims. I see it as an accurate description of anyone who “accepts the full humanity of every child of God” (in Cowan’s words) and works to challenge and abolish institutional and structural racism. Power and privilege can be an asset in this endeavor, not something to feel coy or guilty about.

Undoing Racism

            The Undoing Racism Workshop of the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond has helped me understand this large definition of anti-racism. It doesn’t mean just opposing someone who has racial prejudice. Growing up in this society, we all have some of that. Pronounced examples could be found in your mother or father or your best friend. If anti-racism were a purity test, we all would fail.

            Accepting a common broad definition of anti-racism is crucial right now. As one of my mediation mentors said, a problem that is mutually defined can be mutually solved.

            There was a time, not too long ago in warped COVID-time, when some White people had a hard time saying, “Black lives matter.” I foresee a time, hopefully at COVID warp speed, when the important coalitions for social justice that Cowan writes about can whole heartedly declare themselves to be anti-racist.

by Kenneth Cooper

2 games down/6 to go/how do you sum up the Pelicans play so far/hmm…slow? I think that would be an understatement. Stocked with talent, Pelicans subpar play has been inexplicable.

At the rate they’re going, they might want to limit Alvin Gentry’s minutes too. He has not gotten the team ready play during the reboot.

Friday, the first game up, The Pelicans did an excellent job of turning the ball over, a skill they’ve been perfecting all season. Saturday, their prowess was on full display – jump passes into the stands, dribbles off the foot, strips on the way to the rim. At one point, in an obvious snub to floor spacing, two players inexplicably stood in the same three point corner. Inexplicably (this word will come up a lot) another Pelican passed one of them the ball. That player immediately got the ball and stepped out of bounds. As a team, they finished with 18 turnovers. They had 20 against the Jazz. That’s almost the equivalent of Drew Brees throwing 3 interceptions a game.

Who is the team’s leader?

Meanwhile philanthropist and NBA All Defensive team star,Jrue Holiday missed critical shots. Touted as the franchise player, the one “we’re building the team around” Holiday has deferred to other teammates to take big shots. He has had his moments though. Thursday against the Jazz, he was All-Star worthy (20 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals), but he followed that up with 4 points Saturday, only taking 7 shots — 4 points, 7 shots in a game where the team needed their leader to step up. That’s just…inexplicable (told you).

Tandem had been playing well, But Ball’s bubble play has been inexplicably bad

Speaking of leaders and stepping up, J.J. Redick came out of quarantine ready to ball, dropping 21 points in 26 minutes against the Jazz. You’d think he would’ve be an essential part of the game plan going forward. Nope. He barely played Saturday, in a game where the team needed… Yep, you know it, repeat after me: just an inexplicable coaching move. Gentry ended up giving the bulk of the playing time to Frank Jackson instead. Jackson went 5-15 from the field. He took more shots than Zion and Jrue Holiday combined, even though Holiday played more minutes than him. It’s just…I’m not going to even say the word.

Bad play and decisions

Who else? Lonzo Ball has been awful. In 2 games he’s shot 21% from the field (4-19) with almost just as many turnovers as assists. That’s the starting point guard, director of the team. His directionlessness has mirrored Gentry’s. What’s the game plan? Who knows. Redick barely plays Saturday. Zion is put on a 15 minute restriction with 3 minute intervals on Friday. Yet somehow that doesn’t translate into him playing the last 3 minutes of the game. During those last 3 minutes of a tight game, the Jazz attacked the rim to maintain a 2 point lead, and got a key rebound with less than 20 seconds left while Zion, the starting power forward, potential once in a generation player, watched from the bench.

Despite all this inexplicableness, the Pelicans can still make the playoffs. They have the easiest schedule by far of any of the teams contending for the final playoff spot. Unlike those other teams, the Pelicans don’t play another team with a winning record over these last 6 games, with 2 of them against the Grizzlies, the present holder of that final playoff spot. To make the playoffs though, they’ll have to cut down on the turnovers, play some semblance of defense, and space the floor much better. That all should start later this evening. 5:30, the Grizzlies are on deck.

It should be a good one. Stay tuned. Listen Live on WBOK1230.com

Federal Agents Sent to Escalate

by Jordan Rock

You heard me scream in my last article, because I was terrified. Federal agents were sent to the city of Portland by the DHS and immediately set about kidnapping people off the street and illegally detaining them and using every opportunity to escalate the stand off between protesters and police at the court house building downtown.

Yes, that’s right, at the courthouse building. No, protesters were not roaming the streets of Portland and setting orphanages on fire as the propaganda would imply. Instead, thousands of people, supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement, gathered every night for the last two months at Pioneer Courthouse Square. I’ve seen them hurl curses and firecrackers and do little else besides chant and sing.

Yet the police and feds for their part, have attacked and incited the crowds.

These federal agents, except for wearing badges from their division, like “Border Patrol” arrive in unmarked vehicles and refuse to identify themselves. They were sent in the wake of a bill by the president which specifically assigned them as the force to protect important American monuments “such as the Lincoln memorial”.

But we know the real reason is Trump’s divisive campaign strategy of white nationalism. The toppling of confederate monuments across the United States infuriates his base. Trump calculates his law and order strategy translates into votes for him. Sending troops to agitate peaceful protesters does nothing to protect federal property but allows him to claim he is protecting his people.

Trump’s Campaign Strategy

Truth is the federal courthouse building here in Portland hasn’t been torn down. It could not be without a fleet of bulldozers, but it has been vandalized-with graffiti. Vandalism that can be fixed with water and soap. Instead, Trump deployed waves of unmarked goons who tear gas and pepper spray protesters, shoot them with rubber bullets and beat the piss out of them or illegally detain them in shifts.

Those released thus far (because these feds have no case and legally can’t hold people for long) have said that their release was conditional over “Agreeing not to come back to protest”. Even the Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, joined the crowd to see what was going on. He was tear gassed for his trouble.

Federal Bullies

Essentially, these federal agents are here to bully peaceful protesters in the most aggressive, high profile way possible in order to disperse the crowd that’s been showing up every night.  This is a reelection campaign strategy not an attempt to protect property.  

And it isn’t working. These attacks against American citizens, which in any war zone would be considered war crimes, have not stopped the protests. They have only made them bigger and angrier. You’ve heard of the wall of moms and the wall of vets. But did you know that the city of Portland is suing the DHS because they refused to take their agents out of the city? Or did you know that the city of Portland just won a court case against the DHS? Now agents can not arrest or attack members of the press and journalists?

This is the first in a wave of activity by the DHS. A fascistic spree of violence carried out by poorly trained, unmarked agents. Federal agents sent to escalate in major cities with high protester activity. This is a show of force, and we can all see that. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t going to work.

The protests will keep going because you can count on Americans belief in free speech. And when this amount of people come together and form the largest mass protest in the history of humanity, it doesn’t matter what you throw at us. We’ll keep coming back for more.

Considering Trump’s strategy of white nationalism, this fight is just beginning.  

The city of Portland is clear: it will not stand idly by and be invaded. The protesters don’t fight; they stand strong, and they keep coming back every single night, because they know that if a fascist regime is trying this hard to beat them down, then that must mean they’re on the right side of history.

Are you?


By C.C. Campbell-Rock

An uptick in coronavirus spread across Louisiana in late June caused Governor John Bel Edwards to cancel the move to Phase 3 of reopening the state. When Edwards made the announcement around June 22, Louisiana had about 50,000 coronavirus cases, 3,000 deaths, and the hospitalization rate was increasing.

 Mayor LaToya Cantrell moved New Orleans into the Phase Two reopening guidelines more than a month ago. Following CDC recommendations, the city’s “Safer at Home,” phase called for residents to continue to stay home except for essential needs and other permitted activities; masks were mandatory for everyone, frequent handwashing and disinfecting surfaces, and social distancing guidelines had to be followed. The city was offering testing to anyone who asked and approximately 150 tests were conducted daily.

However, most recently, Louisiana found itself in the Yellow Zone of the Federal Coronavirus Task Force, which deemed the state #1 in the country for the most COVID-19 cases per capita.

A look at the numbers show that the state, which had been flattening the curve is now seeing a spike in coronavirus cases.  . Over a one-month period, the number of cases statewide has more than doubled to  116,280, with 3, 835 deaths, 1,524 hospitalized, and 205 people on ventilators.

Local Parishes Lead in Cases and Deaths

Orleans Parish had the most deaths in the state, 560, with the majority, 417, being black residents and 10,204 cases,  Jefferson Parish had the most cases statewide at 13,872, but slightly trailed New Orleans with 510 deaths.

People not adhering to the guidelines and inadequate testing are responsible for the spike in cases. Since testing began in Orleans Parish, the city has tested about 31% of the parish’s 391,006 residents. The city has also struggled to get an adequate amount of testing supplies and PPE (personal protective equipment).

Known for being a tough and no-nonsense leader, Cantrell put her foot down when she recently announced new restrictions to curb the community spread of COVID-19.

“There has been an almost doubling of the daily average cases to approximately twice the threshold of 50 cases a day. There’s been an increase in the positivity rate from 2-3 percent to over 6 percent. There also has been a more than doubling of the COVID-19 positive hospitalization rates with overall saturation of the local healthcare system, as well as increased overflow burden from the rest of the state and Mississippi. This is a clear indication that the city has returned to widespread community transmission,” a release from the Mayor noted.

Mayor Cantrell Taking All Precautions

Cantrell’s new restrictions ban the sale of alcohol by bars and restaurants. “We understand the impact this is having on our bar community. Moving into Phase Two, we were very much focused on our economy and those industries that make up that community. Unfortunately, we have seen the negative impact that has had on the City of New Orleans,” said Mayor Cantrell. “What happens next depends on what we do right now.”

Speaking to the concerns around reopening schools, Dr. Jennifer Avegno, Director, New Orleans Health Department, said, “Our primary goal at this point in the pandemic is to suppress the virus so that we can safely send kids back to school. And looking at the trends in new cases — many of which continue to be linked to social gatherings and bars — we do not believe we will get there under the current restrictions,” she said.

Council Member Kristin Palmer: Citizens First

District C Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer, who represents the French Quarter, added, “Mayor Cantrell has taken courageous steps today to protect the citizens of New Orleans. Her bold actions will save lives, and I, too, am asking bars and businesses to adhere to the regulations to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases in our city. I support Mayor Cantrell’s decision to prohibit the takeout of alcoholic beverages, especially after seeing recent photos from Bourbon Street showing crowds of people in close proximity…We have to put the health of our citizens first.”

Other Phase 2 guidelines remain the same.  Indoor gatherings are limited to 25 individuals; outdoor gatherings are limited to 50 individuals; and all gathering participants must wear masks and practice social distancing.

Dr. Avegno also announced that the federal government is sending surge testing resources to New Orleans. These resources will allow the City to significantly increase the number of daily tests.

Testing is open to everyone, there is no ID or health insurance required and no appointment is needed. Check for Walk-up and Mobile testing sites and dates near you:  https://ready.nola.gov/home/

New Orleans Resources

The New Orleans Health Department has partnered with LCMC Health, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, CORE Response, and Ochsner Health, to offer free, walk-up COVID-19 testing in hard-hit New Orleans neighborhoods. Results are expected to be online or delivered within two to three days by calling 3-1-1. Testing is also available at many healthcare facilities, hospitals, and clinics in New Orleans. Some facilities have their own criteria for who is eligible for a test, so we suggest you call first.

Healthcare facilities offering testing in New Orleans include:

Crescent Care (M-F 9am – 2pm)

1631 Elysian Fields Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70117

Testing everyone, regardless of symptoms

Both insured and uninsured are welcome.

DePaul Community Health Centers

See 10 locations. https://www.depaulcommunityhealthcenters.org/locations

LCMC Health Urgent Care – Lakeview

826 Harrison Ave, Ste. A

New Orleans, LA 70124

If you have questions about COVID-19 and don’t have a PCP.  Call a 24 hour Nurse’s Hotline at: (504) 962-6202 for LCMC. (800) 231-5257 for Ochsner.

Pre-registration is available but is not required. Individuals who pre-register at https://doineedacovid19test.com/ will be directed to an express lane; those who do not pre-register will be directed to the regular lane where they can relay contact and health information to staff. Pre-registration systems will ask individuals to complete an “assessment” with health information.

Business Friendly

Understanding the impact of the regulations on the city’s businesses, Cantrell has launched new  programs to keep them up and running within the guidelines.

Her administration is offering individual grants up to $6,000 to local restaurants and other businesses to add to or expand outside dining. The program will begin with piloting curbside dining and parklets in five to seven commercial corridors over the coming month, and then the program will expand citywide.

The City is also launching a virtual BuildNOLA Small Business Training Program in partnership with Delgado Community College and other local and regional partners. Registration is open and  will continue through Aug. 24, 2020. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can register at https://buildnola2020.com/

State and local officials have not yet announced a date for Phase 3, which rolls back most restrictions.  However, until then both the state and the city have mandated that masks must be worn in public.

“We have created a Task Force to ensure compliance. It’s necessary for our safety. Many are not following guidelines. We don’t want to go backwards. The Task Force will be going the extra mile aid in enforcement.” Mayor Cantrell said at a press conference. Masks will be handed out to those without them

Cantrell is also asking for the community’s help. “Anyone who sees a large unmasked gathering is asked to call 311. The City has and will shut down businesses who continue to be out of compliance. There will be accountability. There must be for the safety of the community.”

To get the latest information on local Coronavirus stats, visit:


To get the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) information for states and counties, visit: