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  • May 5, 2019 at 11:58 am

    Thoughts on Fake Negroes. 2019 Negro Coons and Criminals? No Offence Meant?

    1. How does a Criminal Mind satisfy needs in a Consumerism Society requiring “Real” Education plus Skills?

    a. Free!

    b. Their next best ‘thang (He/She)- Stealing! This to ‘Dem is akin to “Free”! Those who “have” might as well be Walmart! 
    btw- When you believe what ‘Massa told you about how you look? 1st The Complexion of The Most High goes from “Burnt Bronze” to Caucasian, your ambition is now  “Fake your look”, whereas “Faking it until you make it will never happen”!

    2. How many times have you heard it said- “Well…, All of them are not like ‘Dat”! Reply? Hey Imhotep plus LBRC says- “It’s not ‘Dat all of them are not ‘Dat way, it’s just ‘Dat the rest of them are complicit”! Duh?…
    Peace Out…

  • May 14, 2019 at 12:16 pm

    NOLA Insanity aka WTF aka “Whose The Fool”?

    LBRC- After “Your” National Search in light of all The S&WB’s “Structurally” imposed years of “Political Appointments” by Politicos like “You” and “Old Heads”, this so- called new “Highly Qualified” person, outside of City Resources tells NOLA- 

    1. “You Need New a New System” aka You Should Raise Taxes and/or Fees even higher, due to “Negligence and Malfeasance” by others (Isn’t it nice, when your mechanic tells you- “I can fix your car, you don’t need a new one” aka New Note plus Taxes and Associated Fees! Duh? Now say Cuba! Any Questions?”)? ***Never mind You Failed to Properly Supervise S&WB for years for “Salaries” you raised for yourself equal to 10X what the “Majority- Minority population earn cleaning room, toilets and Buck Dancing for Chump Change! 

    2. Adding insult to injury, NOLA doesn’t need another “Katrina”! if it’s not a Moron shooting into a crowd of innocent civilians including kids, it’s a Neo Mother’s Day Flooding destroying lives and property in 2019, 14 Years after the one associated with a Weather Event which produced enough PTS in already wayward kids to cause “Honest” Citizens to weather what appears inbred Stupidity and out and out “Incompetence” of Ambitious, Ego Driven, Self- Serving, ‘Stuntun Politicos adept at duping ‘Simps! 

    3. WTF (What The Folly)! Heard a Council Person say- “I work hard for your money”! To which we say- “Lots work hard at doing nothing. The last ‘thang NOLA needs a a vigorous hard working “Alleged” Public Servant who appears on Ground Hog Day! Didn’t call no names yet, why you so upset? 

    4. Thought Experiment- There are 100 citizens in a community. Out of the 100, 1 is a thief. How many out of the 100 should lock their doors? NOLA “Insanity” is paying Politicos, Taxes and Fees more and more and expecting competence aka a different result!

    5. Hey Mr. “Out of Town” so- called Administrative and Technical “Expert at S&WB, Tell us something we didn’t know before “They” hired you! How come as soon as you arrived, cost have increased in sync with flooding plus neither has abated!!!

    6. Honestly, we ain’t mad at ‘yah! Until our “Competent Kids” matriculate up, innocent dupes will suffer in perpetuity, as they already have!

    7. Answer to an important question- “When is enough enough”? Ans. When all you “Old Heads” to include but not limited Apostates, Filthy Guardians and Deceiving Politicos are Retired, Voted out, removed or otherwise proper action “Or”- We get an indulgence and/or early intervention from The Most High! No wonder Christ cried out- “How Long Shall I Suffer Fools”?/Paraphrased. 

    Peace Out…


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