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By Jordan Rock

I know you hear it all the time from the old folks; New Orleans ain’t what it was. The soul is there, but the body is broken. The city doesn’t take care of itself, and a sure ain’t taking care of its people. Sure, the city government maintains of all the main streets. Every thoroughfare that tourists might ride down, the French Quarter, the Garden District, all of that has been spit shined to a mirror sheen. But the second you step off the beaten path, and go to the places where People Actually Live, you can still see the same devastation from some fourteen years ago. A gilded city, with all the water damage beneath the surface appeal, just out of sight of the rest of the world. Pisses me off every time I come back.

If you take a little wiki walk, you’ll find that New Orleans, as of the moment I’m writing this, has a population of something like 391,006. That’s a dramatic drop from the estimated population when Katrina hit, which was in the neighborhood of 484,674 people. And that’s after 14 years of survivors deciding whether or not they wanted to come back at all. But it’s not about the numbers, not really. I can look at the city with my eyes and see what’s happening. The lifeblood of New Orleans lies in the hearts and minds of its natives, and when people decide to leave, it’s tempting to say that they take part of the city’s soul with them.

The older folks call it the Brain Drain of New Orleans. Folks that were blown away not coming back. Folks born in the city leaving for good. And as time goes on, more and more great minds and great hands are trickling out of the city, like rain in a storm drain. And, you know, for a long time, I thought the same way.

But I’ve had years to think about this and through frequent revisits to the city, while wandering the streets I have changed my perspective. Nowadays, I see New Orleans as a tree that got blown down in a storm. When it fell, it scattered its seeds all over the place. I’m one of those seeds. Many seeds like me have had to make this choice since we got scattered across the country by hurricane winds. Do we set down roots where we land, or do we pick ourselves up and head home to salvage what’s left? It’s a hard choice to make; many of us are still trying to decide, even after all this time.
It’s going to be hard to hear this, but I keep on coming back. And then I have to leave. Because every day I spend at home, I feel myself getting angry. There’s a fight in me, a fight for the city itself, a fire that lights up whenever I step off a plane and step into that familiar southern heat. I never have anywhere to put that fire, so it just burns me out, exhausts me. For the longest time, I didn’t understand it. It went beyond just the desire to bring the New Orleans of my childhood back, or the need to go down to City Hall and scream at the people that get rich by mismanaging the city that is here in the present. That fire in me, it’s hope; the need to push forward. New Orleans: The City seems broken, yes, but the soul of the city is simply fractured. And fractures can be repaired. Every single of one of us New Orleans Natives is a representative of New Orleans itself. An avatar; a little piece of the soul of the city. We can’t remove this part of ourselves; we’re all those seeds from that same tree. We carry the slang, the culture, the sensibilities of the city, wherever we go. None of us struggle the same, but we all struggle. We’ve all got our stories, right? Mine is just another one of those, and I’d like to tell it to you. So, if you’ve drifted far like me, or you’ve put down your roots right in the same spot that you came from, we’re far from different.

Me and you, we ARE New Orleans.

As long as we live, and continue to grow, New Orleans will do the same.
That idea, that’s where I’d like to start this whole thing, whatever it is. My name is Jordan Rock, and at the age of 12, Hurricane Katrina came and blew my life apart. I am a seed on the wind, searching for a place to put down roots. In my heart and in my mind, I carry the soul of New Orleans, no matter where I go.
And, with any luck, you’ll hear from me again.

See you soon.

5 thoughts on “The Seeds of New Orleans: Part 2”
  1. “They have become exactly what they have deceived themselves to be”!!!

    LBRC- We were asked? So…

    1. What are your experiences in Civil Rights?

    2. What gives you so- called standing with respect to comment about The 2020 Urban League, SCLC and new Negro “Contemporary” Gate Keepers for “The Ruling Elite”?

    Ref: Go to>Bloomberg’s Endorsements, Marc Morial’s Merger and Gate Keeper Culture-   


    3. Give evidence of Benchmark Achievements, with respect to “Solid Community Impacts” which achieved efficacy of benefits to communities, perceived powerless!

    ***DISCLAIMER: As per Scripture, we are forbidden to broadcast benefits bestowed, as we perceive! Once, we made this mistake out of ignorance and forgetfulness about  “Relevant Applicable Scripture”. We debated if excluding specifically named individuals would exempt us, generally speaking. Truth shouldn’t be controversial, but when  examining lives like Socrates, The Imhotep Pharaoh Lineage, Shaka Zulu (Murdered by his brother) and Last But Not The Least “The Christ”, well…- Honestly and in 2020, there is a “Cursed” seed of liars, Deceivers and demons intent with “Mission”! Most ‘Simps will never be persuaded! As The African Proverb goes- “A Fool convinced against their will, is a Fool no matter still”! 

    4. Our Mission? We said it on Frontline “Justice For Sale”, NPR “Shintech”, in numerous books and Hollywood winning Documentaries, AMPAS! 

    a. Expose Lies and Deceit, then you decide! Provide a “Preponderance” of evidence! 

    5. “You can’t fix Stupid”, therefore? Those who have eyes will see and ears hear! 

    a. Favorite “2 Words” of of 99.999% of Liars, Deceivers and/or Criminals? “PRIOR” to Public Exposure- “Not Me”!!!  

    b. Favorite “2 Words” Post Public Proof and exposure-“I’m sorry” (Exclude “Sociopaths”)! 

    c. What generally happens after “I’m sorry”? 99.999%  deepen covert continued operations aka of “More of the same”!!! Leopards and Spots, right? 

    d. Somebody said? “Stupid ain’t worth educating” aka “You can Fool some of the people all of the time”! How do Deceivers get elected over and over…, aka 90% of incumbents get “Re- elected”? You would think, most would simply “Look Around” and see the ubiquitous garbage ‘Dat surround them. What you see impacts your state of mind! In The Godfather Movie, what was said? “Give it to The Blacks (Should have said “Negroes”), they ‘luv trashing their own communities”/Paraphrased)! The Dialectic Approach, right?

    6. The Point? Before a Great Return (To you, LOL, right?). Scripture “Guarantees” at least “3” Things and more!

    a. Deceit and “Manners” of Demons will be exposed, for exactly who and what they are!

    b. “Filthy Lucre” aka wealth, will reign for a time! “Those with eyes will see! 

    c. “GUARANTEED”- “Pride will go before the Fall”!!! A man filled his barns, then dropped dead! A Voice said- “Thou Fool, did you not know thy soul would be required of thee this  very day”? In 2020 and unfortunately, lots are already crying out across “A Great Gulf Fixed”! As we speak- ChemTrails, CERN, The Anti- Christ like Trump-er et al, are seeing to it! The Deceiving Media, especially Weather Agents and the Idiot Brain Dead Tube is more than complicit! Just like in Noah’s time- The Revelers are many and they are giving and taking everything in marriage! Drunk with all manner of “Filth”- We just ‘sayin…

    7. Choices are “Clear”!!! “They have become exactly what they deceive themselves to be”! Did U- Haul move them into ‘Dat Castle in The Sky? Is ‘Dis ‘Thang on…? 

    Peace Out…

  2. Why Freedom of Religion? Ever wondered why?

    LBRC- Why did Constitutional Founders make “Freedom of Religion” 1 of The Bill of Rights? Initial Founders, though flawed, were studied Historians and “Scholars”! Rare in  2020! Today’s Politico Leadership is Programed Rote, Entertainment, Reality Show Ignorance, News and Stupidity!!! “Group Think” guarantees Conformity, Arrogance and Mass, pun intended, Illiteracy”! To the question?

    1. As studied Historians, founders lived under a a colony of ” King George’s preferences”!  

    2. Founders also recalled Christian Crusades, Arab and Muslim Expansions like what evolved in Spain! They anticipated, like an 1845 Southern Baptist religious “Rebellion”!  Sin is “Rebellious”! Southern Baptist and Christians said- “Slavery and “Murder” was apropos for children too and Southern Slave Owners made “Great Missionaries”! When Northern Baptist said no? Southern Baptist broke away! They re- enslaved and murdered so- called “Free” Blacks and others! Why they always say- “Let’s not talk about Slavery, forget it” aka “The Truth”! The Most High Curses “Forgetfulness”, especially what He Told you to “Do” and where “Real Blessings” come from! “No” weapon formed against Him, His or His Truth shall Prosper! Threaten if you dare!  

    3. Morons pervert comprehension! #45, Barr, Nixon and an outlier Harvard Lawyer offers up all ‘Dat and a Bag of Chips! “Deep 6 The U.S. Constitution, right? 

    4. What does “Freedom of Religion” mean? For Illiterates (Never Learned), Ignorant (Don’t know)- No “Legislation or Law” which gives respect (Def: A relation or Reference to a Particular Thing) for any religion, commonly adopted practice, by any who do according in their view, is utterly “Unconstitutional and Illegal”! Evangelicals rule NEOCONS! 

    a. Governmental Legislation has the authority to compel citizens! In Afghanistan, Iran, the “Taliban” can too! In The Antebellum South, Southern Baptist, Massa et al, compelled Enslaved to be Catholic! In 2020, Negroes just ‘luv ‘Dat Catholic (Pedophiles, Idols et al) as much as they ‘luv ‘Dat Popeyes!!! We just ‘sayin…

    b. 2020 Evangelicals still say Jesus is Caucasian, White and right! Much, much better than being just Darn Near or almost! In NOLA, The Brown Paper Bag Standard, right? Isn’t an Americanized Negro ‘Sum ’em! These same and complicit ilk, cut babies from the womb of Enslaved Mothers and fed them to Alligators! These Savages mailed “Pictoral” Post Cards to friends and family (Google it! On YouTube- “Without Sanctuary” and “The Delectable Negro” for human fried liver lovers)! These say everybody should be so- called “Pro Life” (Jim Mora might respond- “Life…, Life…, Life???)?  What did Christ say about “Choice”? How might Bill Clinton define it? ‘It depends on what the meaning of Choice is, is? A real definition? Choose: transitive verb- to select freely, to make a selection/Webster/

    3. Deuteronomy 30:19- I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore ‘choose’ life, that both thou and thy seed may live:/end/ Who gave you a Right to “Choose”?

     a. Who doubts The Most High has The Power and Authority to take away “Choice”? He Will, but when “He Chooses” in “His” Own Time and Space!!! Moses said choose! Abraham told Lot to choose and Lot went to Gomorrah! The Most High told Jonah where to go, but he chose The Belly of a Whale! David knew the difference between Adultery and Fornication aka “None”- “Both” mean having sex with a person you aren’t married to”! David “Choose” Adultery anyway and yada, yada…, what saved them? Repent! Evangelicals, Racist, White Supremist, Complicit Coons just won’t! Pure Evil? Never, just like #45! Their “choice”! 

    b. Satan and his approx. 200 made a “choice”! Once expelled, they pleaded for return! Too bad…,  The Most High said “No”, The “Divine Court”! 

    c. Hypocrites, Politicos practice Deceit and Lies! Does “Pro Choice” mean one is not “Pro Life”? Is it impossible to be “Pro Life” if you’re “Pro Choice”? The Most High told us to choose, Duh? Don’t murder then say self- defense, not even “Medically”! Don’t sit on Juries and “murder” the “innocent”! We can’t take from you what The Most High gave! No one can! You can surrender it! “Hell” and “A Great Gulf Fixed” is a “choice”! More importantly- “30:19- I call heaven and earth to “record” this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore “choose” life!/ The Most High Judges “Divinely” for Eternity! NOT US OR YOU Imhotep! Constitutional Founders knew more in 1789, than you do in 2020 with every technology aka “Wiser and Weaker”! These who oppose The Most High, believe in their right of “Pro Choice” to choose for others! Just like who is superior and inferior aka “Junk Science”! They and their stupid Coon “Bobble Heads” agree, tremble, then support and are complicit with Evil! Is ‘Dis ‘Thang on! 

    Peace Out… 

  3. Seeds of Incompetence Part 2-

    LBRC- Let’s Compare and Contrast- A City Mayor after Swearing in and A New Home Owner?

    1. Who oversees the “Competent” operation of and upkeep of a “Newly” purchased home? Who assigns or appoints contractors to maintain the efficient operation of plumbing, electrical, landscape and all associated upkeep, Minor and Major? Who “Pays” for incompetent and/or shoddy maintenance? Where does the buck stop? 

    a. A Home Owner moved in is “Totally” responsible, regardless warranties! How does a “Responsible” Home Owner pass the buck on to others not named on the Deed?

    b. The same goes for Mayor, any city, with respect to responsibility! The Mayor appoints and should to oversee “All” operations! When operations prove negligent, whose judgement was it to put or allow to remain in place, negligenparties in  positions, leaving citizens open to liabilities which include but not limited to “Monetary”? When Racist Cops aren’t screened properly, or simply ignored, when their record speaks Complaints,  especially by un- Citizens? Who appointed Chief? Who pays for Malfeasance,   “Fake Subpoenas”? Politicos diatribes and excuses, due what, “More Taxes” will always solve everything, right? 

    2. Home Owners Liability Insurance is about risk. Tax Payers  Insure Politico  “Negligence” and  Incompetence”! When Citizens, Businesses Flood due to negligence? Citizens pay twice for services “Not Rendered” and in increased fees!  A competent Citizenry wouldn’t tolerate “More of The Same” aka “Insanity”! “Newly” appointed so- called “Highly Qualified” means what? “Out of Town” we comprehend! More Flooding, associated cost and inflated bills, right? The Mayor “appoints”? How do excuses “Make Whole again”? Not all are Citizen Saps, but Saps are born every 7 seconds! Excuses disguise incompetence!  

    3. Why don’t Politicos establish “Benchmarks for Saving” Citizen Taxes and abating? How much are Citizens willing to pour into Rat Hole Budgets, especially “Miscellaneous and General”? Let’s start with salary reductions! Tie salaries to savings and decreased “Miscellaneous”!  “Competence saves, not waste! Citizens pay all Bills! They deserve “10X less in taxes”!  Cancel all “1” issue tax Election Propositions for Puppet ‘Massa and save $500K each (Soon we’ll be talking real money)!  

    4. What relevant “Qualifications” do Politicos have other than my Father or family is? Same ‘ole Dupe, “Rhetoric” Flourishes? Their real experiences, to “More of The Same”! Some can’t balance personal check books! Mary, Joseph, Marta…

    5. Few Politicos are or ever were “Real” Civil Servants, unless salaried! How many ever  served without pay? Citizens are the Volunteers, right (btw- Wendell Pierce works a “Full Time” Profession internationally, Volunteers and Contributes Above Average in Dollars and Time! He leads! The typical Politico won’t return a polite email on their ‘Glute)! Generally, when you hear politicians bragging about community service, it’s about “Play for Paid” at some 501c or “Government” work “For Pay”! Few ever get involved minus Lucre, lots Filthy! Real Public Servants “Just Do it”!  

    6. Most Politicos have already been handsomely rewarded for what they didn’t do!  

    7. Don’t get it twisted! Competence is about what you do everyday! Lots are tagged “Hero”! “Competence Eliminates The Necessity for Heroes” and “Real Heroes are the ones who remedy incompetence and/or Negligence with “Heroic Acts” of Service! Hero is an Oxymoron to Politico! Synonyms- Greedy, Scammer, Con, Coward, Gift of Gabber! 

    Peace Out… 

  4. Again, your 2020 NOLA Seed…, Disparate Negro Insurance Rates?…
    LBRC- Negroes ‘Stuntun in Polester and still Rolling ‘R’s? Feel Good Politics minus  Agendas and Newly Negro Coons Chasing “bags”, who will not challenge, criticize ‘Massa and why emerging literate young people have respectfully “Cancelled Them”!

    1. Old Negroes and most “Boomers” were “Social Climbers”! “Light Skinned” aka “NOLA Paper Bag Negroes” isolated and demeaned so- called “Un- Assimulated Barker Hues”! Light, Bright and Darn Near “White” said? “The Darkies want us, we’re not running after them”? Problematic is and with respect to women? Who held guns to the heads of “so- called” Lighter Hue “Negro Creoles” to date or marry “Darker Hues”? Could it be, so- called Negro Creole women preferred a “Darker Hue”? Would so- called Negro Creole men confess this? Don’t get it twisted! There are two sides to every coin. Yes, it’s possible and more than likely, Negroes with devasted self esteem issues in America would see “Genetic Phenotype Bleaching” as distancing themselves from demeaning stereotypes. Conversely, it’s also plausible- “Lots of Lighter Hues with respect to skin, “Preferred” Darker Phenotypes! The number of “Caucasion Women” and “Natural Blondes” with respect to marrying Darker Hues of Black Men has increased, not decreased, and so has “Interacial Marriages”! Logic 101- If you could have the “Real Object of ‘Massa’s Desire” aka his quintessential Blonde? Why except a “Plastic Head” dyed, fried and laid to the side? We just ‘askin?…, Hmmm…

    2. NOLA is “The Brown Bag” capital of the U.S.! Insurance rates are among the highest! Here is why ‘some say Stupid ain’t worth educating and “You can’t fix Stupid!

    a. The 2020 La. Insurance Commissioner says, he carried majority “Negro” NOLA with a 54% voter mandate! Huh???

    b. The Insurance Commissioner “Approves All” Preminum Increases! NOLA has the “Highest” Rates in the State of Louisiana, Negro Communities rate “Highest”! 

    c. This same Commissioner says “company” savings have reduced by at least 54%! Say what? “Citizen’s Savings” Imhotep? Adding insult to injury, he “said”- “I can’t deny Insurance Companies from making profits”? Well now- Why is an “Elected” (By People”) Insurance Commissioner concerned with profits for Insurance Companies Einstein? Isn’t “Capitalism”, not Crony, about what companies do to earn them, rather than an elected official who wants to ensure they are profitable? This ‘thang is upside down Socrates!!! btw- Loud mouth say ‘nuttun Negroes ‘luv to complain, they get “High” listenening to themselves talk, yet- Whenever afforded an opportunity to confront ‘Massa head on,  how many have the spine? As always, Crickets!!! These are the typical “Hit and Run” aka “Drive By Comment Negroes! They’ll challenge knowledgeable Blacks when facts speak for themselves aka “They self Hate to Hate on other Blacks” aka “If ‘Massa says it, not you, it has to be True” aka the “Willie Lynch ‘Simp!!! 

    3. Lots of 2020 Negroes are ‘Stuntun in Colorful Polyester, rolling ‘R, deep in debt!  Don’t get it twisted! We are “Pro” English Articulation, reasons? Ans. Food, Clothing and Shelter whereby Quality of Life probabilities dramatic increase! Problematic is? Too often  Actors get sucked into believing they are the roles they “Portend and Pretend” to play aka “Ebonics Articulation vs The king’s English”! Subsistence existence and survival? Over 400 yrs. is a relatively long length of time to acquiesce aka “I need to bleach and teach, dye and die, make plastic my scalp which is drastic and dye my eyes! Hello…? Problematic- What happens upon “A Great Return” and The Man you see has “Feet The Color of Burnt Brass” and Hair so- called nappy (Real Curly) like Wool? “HE’LL FIX STUPID!!! Uh oh Imhotep!!!  Peace Out… 

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