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To what extent can we really work on improving ourselves? Are there better versions of ourselves which we haven’t discovered? What answer is your mind providing to these questions?

You probably think you are already the best you can be. But there is always that best version of ourselves hidden somewhere right within us. Only a few people are aware of this and not so many people become that best version of themselves.

How to become your best self

If you have been trying to become your best self, then this guide is going to be very helpful for you in discovering and bringing out the best in you. Let’s consider some ways through which we can make this happen and have our lives better shaped.

1. Think bigger

Great minds think very big. Begin with the pattern of your thinking. Think the way great minds think.

The thoughts that go on in your mind will go a long way in determining what you do practically and what view of yourself you have afterward. Think positively and every time, you should know assuredly in your mind that you can achieve anything you want.

By registering positive things in your mind, your whole being will work towards becoming that great person who you picture yourself to be.

Think Bigger for becoming your best self

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2. Motivate yourself

You will realize that motivation has a great influence on you. Even when things don’t go as you expect, motivation keeps you going and it helps you maintain your stand until you reach your goals.

You can motivate yourself by repeatedly reading out aloud some motivational quotes. You can also listen to great motivational speakers. Attend seminars that will motivate you for greatness in life.

Motivate yourself for becoming your best self

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3. Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is very important. Believe you can be that great person. Look at yourself and see a successful individual. Do things that demonstrate your better self. Attempt entirely new things and believe that you will do them well.

Don’t go around with low self-esteem, thinking that you are a failure or a person of a low standard. Be sure that you have all it takes to be whoever you want to be.

4. Set goals for yourself

Tie every single thing you do to a goal. It helps you to be naturally more focused and determined. Write down the things you want to achieve within any certain period of time. Stick to your goals and work towards achieving them before the time you stated. Goals will definitely make you a better individual and make you more focused.

5. Spend your time wisely

How you spend your time is very important. Do not spend your time on trivial activities. Spend more time on activities that will mold you into being a better individual.

Learn to delegate your tasks when you have too much to handle. Seek assignment help when necessary and make the best use of technology to accomplish your tasks faster. Time management skills are essential to bringing out the best in you, and even after the best in you starts to manifest itself.

Spend your time wisely for becoming your best self

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6. Take up new challenges

Opportunities lie in challenges. Never be afraid of failure, so that you then fail to take up new challenges. Instead, you should be ready to explore other options and expand your comfort zone. Don’t run away from the herculean task because these tasks will mold you into a better person. Be daring in your attitude, by doing things that appear difficult.

7. Let go of past failures

Past failures will hold you down if you don’t let go of them. You only need to learn from your mistakes by making better decisions in the future. All the great people you know have also encountered failure at one time or another.

8. Take time to discover your strengths

In an attempt to become your best self, you have to discover your strengths and use them. Pay attention to yourself to see where your strengths lie. The starting point for the emergence of the best version of yourself is at the level of self-discovery. Whatever your strengths are, capitalize on them, as you gradually become your best self.

Some troubles you might face in the process and how to overcome them

Roads that lead to amazing places are not always smooth and you may encounter some problems while trying to be your best self. Here are some of the common troubles people face in the process and the possible solution to each of the problems:

1. Finding it difficult to believe in yourself

You have probably pictured yourself as being a nobody for so long, and now you wish to suddenly change that mental image of yourself and start believing in yourself. You may find it difficult to achieve this in a day, but you only need to give it a little bit of time. During this time, make a list of your abilities and go through it. You will discover you aren’t doing the wrong thing to believe in yourself.

2. Your courage is failing you

Your courage may fail you and you may feel like giving up the quest of becoming your best self. The change in your way of doing things is the root cause. Try to identify what new thing makes you feel like giving up and devise a way of performing well at it. If for instance, it is one of the new and daring tasks which you have adopted that is making you feel uncomfortable, consider training on how to perform the task in a way that requires less effort.

3. Fear coming to your mind

Fear is a foe and you must learn to overcome it. Fear can come into your mind and then you start to imagine unhelpful outcomes. Fear may suggest to you that you will soon give up the whole process or reduce your commitment to it. Fear is nothing but a waste of time. Try to identify the cause of the fear and address it from its origin. If you still sense the fear after many attempts to subdue the fear, seek counsel from your friends, family or from an expert.

4. Finding it difficult to discover your strengths

Your strengths appear to be completely hidden or perhaps you think you don’t have any at all. Maybe you aren’t using the right method to discover it. You may not be too sensitive to yourself and that is making you think you lack special strengths within you. In such situations, your friends and your family can be of great help. It’s possible they have identified your strengths. Seek their opinion and take note of what they have to say about your strengths.

5. Having problems noticing changes between the old you and the new you

If after some weeks of carefully following the guide, you haven’t noticed any change, your mind begins to have some queries and you begin to wonder why? I strongly believe that changes should be clearly visible after about two weeks of rigorously working towards becoming your best self. If you, therefore, haven’t noticed any change, then I suggest highlighting your recent success, or development, and carefully compare it with the development you used to have in the past. I’m sure you will notice an improvement.

Wrapping up

You will definitely have more success, achievement and fulfillment to record, the moment you become your best self. You only have a few things to follow and a few steps to take per day, in order to achieve this. Be determined to bring out the best in you today.

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