The race for Clerk of Criminal District Court was the most competitive of the high profile races this cycle.  Old school political assets, old rivals becoming allies, the biggest current political camps battling for supremacy are just some of the factors. Powerful political futures are all at stake in this runoff election. Let’s breakdown the Clerk of Court Race runoff.

Understanding political history and the behind the scenes jockeying in this election are important.

Austin Badon and Darren Lombard earned spots in the runoff. Dr. Patricia Boyd Robertson is now the king maker.  Badon is the BOLD member who is currently a citywide elected official.  Lombard is backed by the Congressman Troy Carter’s political team and serves as clerk of court on the west bank. Boyd Robertson went from polling in the single digits to nearly making the runoff. Her dramatic and sudden rise shocked most political pundits.

The attacks on Badon were fierce and effective. Early polls had him comfortably ahead. But negative campaigning works. Boyd Robertson likely picked up the fallout as signs saying Badon was Bad-on women showed up across town on election day. And City Councilman Jay Banks under performance did not help Badon secure more votes in District B. But Badon did run first with 43% of the votes cast.

Austin Badon

Austin Badon Platform

  • Build on the strengths of the office
  • Modernize record keeping
  • Return precincts to neighborhoods to encourage voter participation
  • Protect election from domestic and international hacking
  • Suggest judges create a blight court

Badon is the Clerk of 1st city court. Lombard is the Clerk of 2nd city court. Each office oversees all small claims cases and evictions.  They are colleagues. Onlyh the Mississippi separates their offices.  But as we breakdown the Clerk of Court race, the similarities end there. 

Darren Lombard

Lombard is in the Troy Carter camp.  Congressman Carter versus Karen Carter Peterson II is how you could see this campaign. Their bitterly contested election is barley in the rear view, and we have yet another battle between these titans. Congressman Carter was able to soundly defeat Carter Peterson to win the federal seat. Will this rematch end the same?

Possible Scenarios in our Breakdown of the Clerk of Court Race

In our breakdown of the Clerk of Court race the runoff will hinge completely on For Badon, endorsements from prominent women could propel hill to victory. But Congressman Troy Carter is a political force in this town. He was all over the city campaigning for Lombard. His political strength will be tested in this race if Boyd Robertson endorses Badon.

Ms. Boyd-Robertson’s impact on this election is till the most important factor. Her political team raised money and catapulted her to 27%.  She is the only woman and with other races involving women her voice will be elevated. For the primary I said this would be an exciting race. The runoff will be even more exciting. Just wait to see who Boyd-Robertson endorses and you will see the favorite emerge. 

Like I said, this is an exciting race.  Get your popcorn ready.

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  1. Very good coverage of the candidates and their races. You certainly have me thinking harder on some of this.

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