Representative Jimmy Harris Works to Aid Storm Victims


Louisiana Representative Jimmy Harris’ District 99 has scores of homes and some businesses that were heavily damaged by the recent tornadoes.  Seeing the many needs, Rep Harris worked to secure as many state and local resources as possible to aid homeowners and residents in their recovery.  His latest efforts insured that Cox Cable would issue credits to the customers whose properties were impacted by the storm.

Rep Harris fired off a letter to Cox President Pat Esser asking –

 ”On behalf of the constituents /customers of Louisiana House District 99 who were adversely impacted by this disastrous storms and who has lost use of internet, cable, phone and security alarm systems, I request that you credit them for the full month of February or from the disaster date until the date of restoration of services, whichever is greater.

The damages caused by this unprecedented storm has placed an undue burden and financial hardships on constituents /customers in this area. Due to no internet -wi-fi access it makes it difficult for citizens to communicate and receive pertinent information as they are recovering; forcing them to use only cell phone data potentially resulting in a higher cell phone bill.”

The corporate leaders at Cox eagerly responded and agreed to put together a STORM RECOVERY PACKAGE for Cox customers who were impacted by the tornadoes.  Included in the package are the following benefits-

  • Customers automatically receive a credit for services that will appear on either the March or April bill
  • Customers keep their phone number for 90 days for no charge
  • Customers keep their email address for 90 days for no charge
  • Customers can remotely access their webmail for 90 days at no charge
  • After 90 days, customers will only have a nominal charge to keep these services

Thanks to Representative Harris and Cox Cable for helping our citizens receive the help they need and deserve during these trying times.

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