by Love Dr. Rob

Recently on one of my Man Conversation Monday’s, which I do via Instagram live on Monday night’s, (@lovedoctorrob) this topic came up. As you can imagine, it quickly heated up. Women felt like men were misleading them by doing relationship stuff, while saying they didn’t want to be in a relationship. Because of that I felt it was only right to address this RELATIONSHIP STUFF

As one woman put it, he was spending time, calling her, staying over, even helping when she needed it. These were all the things she felt a man in was supposed to do in a relationship. He had even started saying he loved her. The only problem was he kept saying he didn’t want to be in a relationship. For her it was confusing. 

Is it a relationship?

Here is the thing, it’s not relationship stuff unless you’re in a relationship. What he was doing was only so he could have relations. The things that she assigned value to was his way of getting the sex he wanted. But it didn’t make him want anything more. The fact is all she let it be know that there were things she required in order to have sex. But being in a relationship wasn’t one of those things. 

At the same time more important than what she was seeing are the things she wasn’t seeing. All of what he was doing was being done when it was convenient to him. Also it was beneficial to him because he was getting something out of it too. But most of all, he made it his business to keep reminding her he didn’t want a relationship. 

What I recommend is you should be careful. Don’t allow yourself to assign a value to something that someone else doesn’t value at all. I understand those things are what you would want from the person you are involved with. However, the most important thing is them wanting to be in a relationship with you


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