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An open discussion about how Black men and the media intersect. Hear panelists discuss the history of NABJ, their newsrooms, reporting while black, personal stories, and a look to the future. Click the links below to hear their thoughts.

The discussion is broken into two 30 minute segments

Part 1

Part 2


2 thoughts on “New Orleans Black Journalists”
  1. FYI/ A Friend in Paris asked?…

    LBRC- Just got a Call from a Friend in Paris, France, who asked?- “I just saw a clip about John in New York from New Orleans, who is protesting in front of thousands of marchers with his “Musical” instrument in hand, and he told others to bring theirs! Why is encouraging a 2nd Line, when these issues you face in America are so serious”? We answered-

    1. It’s only when you hear the beat of The Bass Drum, ‘Dat you know things have gotten  serious, “Party or otherwise”! What is more serious than a “Death Procession” aka NOLA 2nd Line Tradition, after a Funeral especially (The Death of Racism is as Serious an issue as well)!

    2. NOLA and even “1/2 NOLA” will travel, plus? You can take a NOLA New Orleanian out of New Orleans, but you just can’t take The New Orleans out of a “Real” New Orleanian! (Disclaimer: Not all so- called “Real” New Orleanians were born there)!

    3. Finally? “It’s just the way we “Roll” out for battle!!!

    Peace Out and 2nd ‘Dat Line and Emotion in NOLA and all over ‘Da World…

  2. in the Bible, GOD, declares, when people follow the ways on men to solve their problems, thus, those men deny His Wisdom and Solutions, and the end result is a world filled with chaos and Hostility, God proclaims, In the Emnity of the people thus will I turn them over to a “reprobate mind”, so that, they will believe Lies, and then Incrementlly seek to destroy my people and me, and become Beguiled where no one can get them to acknowledge the Truth. A reprobate, is a suicide mind.
    please do not miss out on this civil rights man speak to the people.
    Civil Rights Leader Shelby Steele to America:  
         eye opener !  sunday  2020  07  June
    God,,, “please woke the people” !

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