Sex Tips for Married Couples

One topic that captures the attention of all is sex. People either want to talk about it or read about it and married couples are no different. The reason for this is wanting to learn more. Sex is one of those endless topics in which there is always something new to uncover and hopefully try. Newness is what keeps married couple sex alive, passionate and prevents frequency from dwindling. Whether you have the most amazing sex or the bedroom time is getting dull, you will benefit from implementing the 18 sex tips for married couples below.

  1. Pop the champagne

Setting the mood with a bottle of champagne can greatly enhance the experience. Champagne is something that you share with a partner. It’s a celebratory drink that is also kind of sexy. Perhaps it’s the bubbles. What better thing to celebrate than your unbridled passion for one another?

  1. Acquaint yourselves with the quickie

Quickies are the perfect solution for couples that blame a lack of time as the reason for their compromised sex life. They allow couples to get that physical fulfillment and connection in less time. As a plus, quickies are delightfully naughty.

  1. Make-out more

Kissing is the foundation of romantic relationships. It expresses desire, passion and often leads to more intimacy. The reasons why married couples need to make out more are obvious, right? Kissing keeps two people connected across the board and that connection translates to amazing sex.

  1. Handcuffs anyone?

Everyone’s sex life can benefit from adding something a little wild to their usual repertoire. Those that want to explore should start with handcuffs. They are an easy way to introduce kink into the bedroom without running the risk of stepping into a zone that both parties aren’t comfortable with.

  1. Try a new position

A new position is often just the thing married couples need to boost the desire to have sex more often. Couples are supposed to explore sexuality as both partners and individuals. Most have at least one they’ve wanted to try.

  1. Daytime dirty talk

Anticipation often leads to great sex. During the day, exchange a few dirty emails or texts with your spouse to get each other ready for the evening ahead. This ensures that once the two of you are together again, there will be nothing but good times.

  1. Practice your acting skills

You have a lifetime to spend together so why not spend some of that time role playing? Choose a character, get an outfit to match and see where it goes. Ideas for women include a naughty nurse, dominatrix, or French maid while men may want to be a construction worker, cop or a sexy doctor. Let your creativity flow and have a blast.

  1. Turn on the lights

Visual stimulation is sexy. This often-missing component of lovemaking can turn sex that is just satisfactory to absolutely mind blowing. When your spouse goes to turn off the light, stop him/her and say you want to see them. Those who are a bit hesitant may want to dim the lights to start.

  1. Try a new location

Whether you have fantasized about making love in the hot tub, pool, car or somewhere else outdoors, go for it. Even another room in the house will do. All married couples making love benefit when they try to do it in a location other than their bedroom. It ensures that boredom doesn’t ensue.

  1. Use a blindfold

Taking away one of the five senses heightens the other four. This means that every breath or touch is more intense. Blindfolds also reduce inhibitions. Since eyes are not on them, the person that isn’t blindfolded is more likely to give their spouse their best.

  1. Get creative with foreplay

Instead of allowing yourselves to fall into your usual routine, get creative with foreplay and make it just as fun as the actual sex. Do a few things that you haven’t done before. When all is clear, walk around the house nude, playfully deny your husband/wife before giving in, or explore the many erogenous zones. There are several options to integrate into foreplay.

  1. Try a strip tease

A healthy sex life is all about establishing a certain level of comfort, having fun, staying connected and physically satisfying one another so why not put on a show for your partner?

  1. Create an intimate setting

A softly lit room, a few culinary aphrodisiacs and romantic music in the background does a lot of good for a couple’s sex life. One person will set this up so not only is the experience enhanced but someone taking the initiative is incredibly romantic.

  1. Be spontaneous

Married couples must make time for sex but it’s important not to plan it all the time. Sex is best when spontaneous because an intense desire for one another is displayed.

  1. Maintain eye contact

Married couples have to try maintaining eye contact during sex. Doing so is very intimate. Spouses get to visually take in each other’s sexuality, sensuality, and pleasure. Connecting in such a deep way improves a couple’s sex life and impacts interpersonal communication.

  1. Start the day with sex

Waking up in the morning and making love is a lovely way to start the day and draws married couples closer while greatly improving intimacy. Everything from the fresh morning air to the sunshine beaming into the room creates the perfect setting. A morning romp will also positively impact your entire day and, according to research, improve your immune system. Who knew?

  1. Try sensual massage

Giving each other a sensual massage before lovemaking will promote relaxation and that relaxation will increase the flow of sensual and sexual energy. This flow improvement will also directly impact performance and intensify orgasms.

  1. Openly discuss fantasies

No one will know if the topic isn’t brought up. Spouses must have a few discussions about fantasies they want to live out. Your partner may be completely on board. Discussing fantasies is also a form of conversation sex play that enhances attraction and understanding of one another.

Making use of these sex tips for marriage life can really improve not just your physical connection but emotional connection as well. It will help you get closer to your spouse and bring back the lost excitement in your relationship.

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