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  1. Question: Who picks up all ‘Dat Trash?
    LBRC- Life’s a Toilet, a “Good” ‘Thang!!! Huh??? Grandma says…

    1. A Toilet is for flushing away everything ‘Dat doesn’t belong! Never lament when “Wrong” leaves!!! 

    2. There are ‘thangs and people who poison life! Grandma says- “Flush ’em”!!!

    3. Fools and their Folly poison life! This is why no matter who Fools elect/voting and not- Things get more expensive (Low Credit Scores/Failure to Stay in Affordable “Personal” Ranges thus guaranteeing increased expenses with just about everything- Insurance, Rental, Auto Cost yada…)! More Filth, Deceit (Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, Economically, Psychologically and in Speech)! Question: What does “The Clean inclined” do then, according to Grandma? 

    a. “1st follow your nose (Physical, Mental yada…)! Put out your garbage at least twice a week”?

    b. “Once you put out the garbage, do you care who picks it up”?

    4. The Most High told Lot- “Once you leave Filth, DO NOT LOOK BACK”/Paraphrased!!! Once The Most High exposes what does not belong, you have choices-

    a. Flush it, why he gave you a Digestive Track and the “Toilet Invention Wisdom”! Common animals use? In 2020, there are 2- legged varieties ‘Dat still do as common “Lower” animals (Visit 2020 Mardi Gras! Hello?)! Is progress for everybody? Or do they lack the opportunity of time to exploit toilets, or can’t afford expenses associated with progress aka “When you ‘gotta go, you gotta go”! 

    b. Inventory often! Examine your entire “Physical, Intellectual, Psychological,  Environment for what doesn’t belong aka De Facto Trash!!! Put it out! Once out, forget about who picks it up!

    5. Evil’s J O B/ Work/? Job (The Man)? In Common is? 

    a. The Job/Work of Evil is to make Filthy (At The End of The Day)! This happens when Politicos Lie, Steal, are justly indicted and prosecuted/Not all Caught/ for malfeasance, Deceive! They “Contaminate” Truth and reality with diversions, Satanic Trickery, Evil! Their motivation is power over ‘Simps mostly via ego, Filthy Lucre and “False Reputations and Representations”! Have you noticed most not all appear “Physically” Obese? Hmmm…? What The Most High Meant to Be Pure, they Contaminate, especially Truth! This is why Trump can say- “Grab her by the p#*^+!!! His crowds cheer then sanction with applause and say “It’s not impeachable”! Evangelicals frequent rallies ‘Dat  enable this Filth in “The Face of The Most High”! They feel impunity and exemption from “Divine Justice”? Their DOJ will never prosecute! There is “1” Who Will! What a “Filthy Ilk”!!! “Your 2020 Job/Work/? 4a and 4b! Like Nike says- “Just do it”!!! You’ve become too accustomed to the odor! Clean noses, thinkers, Blessings and even The Most High are “Hyper- Sensitive” to Filth and ‘Dat smell! You wonder why you’re in so much debt, ‘Stuntun all the time in make- up and making it up? “Faking it until it’s too late to make it”! 

    6. Evil challenged The Most High to remove Job’s “Protective Hedge” and allow access to him. The Atheist says, “I do not now or ever will need Him ‘Dat doesn’t exist”! If He doesn’t exist, then what you think about Him does not exist/St. Anselm? Even on Mars Hill, they said- “This 1 plaque we dedicate to “The Unknown God”! These were men who conquered the known world!!! “1” Atheist is one little black dot in the universe! In The Milky Way Solar System alone, find Planet Earth. then find your spot in it! You’re a Dot warrior? We just ‘sayin…

    7. Again Grandma says- “It’s time to put out all the trash and forget about who picks it up”!  Hmmm…

    btw- Grandma has another family somewhere! We hear her repeated all the time! Those who repeat her says “Their Grandma said it”! Nationally and Internationally! Grandma travels faster than news! Hmmm…

    Peace Out… 

  2. super   text    &  great  video  !!!!  Inspirational and educational!

    This is why I fight so hard to defend him. This is why my support for him can’t be weakened.This is why he’s my president. Clinton Stewart released due to the First Step Act. I thank God for President Trump, Obama refused to help us outThank you Mr President  ((( stunning ))) Get the Kleenex out !
    God Bless the USA !
    ***** be safe new orlens ***** 2020 Feb 24

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