Gov Elect Landry Ain’t Playing Around

Breaking news. Jeff Landry pulled off his first power move. The media is humdrum about it. People go about their daily business. Gasps lack amongst the state. Nobody is surprised. 

Landry is the governor elect of Louisiana. In one of his first moves since his victory, Landry created 14 transition committees. One focuses on crime in New Orleans. Guess who he consulted in New Orleans. Nobody. Not the mayor. Not the new police chief. Certainly not the D.A.  And not even the sheriff.

Pure pro move if you’re trying to let people know you view them as the problem. Mayor Cantrell tried to save political face. She didn’t express outrage, or general WTF-ness. Instead, she talked about being open to future conversations. As if this man didn’t just disrespect her.

Jeff Landry Ain’t Playing Around

Landry appointed his biggest Republican political donors to lead the state-wide committees. One of the co-chairs is former New Orleans D.A. Leon Cannizzaro’s daughter, the hyper conservative Laura Cannizzaro Rodrigue. She is an unabashed Mama Bear.

The Bayou Mama Bears are a COVID group of women who formed for more freedom to gather after Cantrell’s shutdowns. Many don’t even live in Orleans Parish.

Is there any other way to interpret this? Other than Gov-elect Landry announced that his soon to be administration will proceed with antagonism.

Landry ran as a MAGA and is making MAGA type moves now that he’s been elected. There’s no doubt that Mayor Cantrell is the one of the two most powerful Democrats in the state. She was elected twice and survived a recall to remain head of the city that makes this state relevant. And yet, Landry treats her like she’s the head of Gramercy. Gramercy is a nice place, but…..

Jeff Landry Ain’t Playing Around

Future candidates for mayor should be on notice. When the governor aggressively butts his nose in local business, it’s a sign that he’s about flexing. And that he’ll flex to support a candidate who’ll support his agenda. Whether it’s through a PAC or political muscle. Is a state takeover of New Orleans on the agenda?

Voters of Orleans Parish gave Landry no reason to fear them. Less than 30% showed up for the governor’s election. That just sends a message that the city is politically ripe for the taking.

State-wide it’s no better. Landry won the governor’s race without even having to battle through a run-off that most analysts projected. And Dustin Granger, the Democrat running for treasurer got more votes than Shawn Wilson, the Democrat who ran for governor. How does that ever happen? Other than the failure of a coordinated opposition party.

Pre-election, if you drank enough beers with like-minded people, you would’ve probably heard that we were headed for dark times in this state. Well, these are the dark times making its entrance. Surprisingly, it’s a subtle one. Made with little fanfare. But a political chess piece is being made regardless.

What will be the response to this? The mayor has kept in her gangsta so far. She said what’s politically correct. But when things start shaking will she stand up vocally for the city? Or does she let one more chess piece be moved in Landry’s direction. Where does our Council President stand in all of this? Will he be just as vocal on talk radio opposing Landry as he is opposing Cantrell? We’ll see. Get your flashlights ready. You might need them for the oncoming dark times.

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