The Good the Bad and the Ugly

By Kenneth Cooper

“After Ashli was shot in the chest, we bashed a Capitol police officer in the head with a fire extinguisher, then crushed another between a doorway until he spat up blood, the president sent out a tweet. He said he loved us. We were moved by his words, vindicated actually, especially by that one “love.””

President Trump, how will we remember you?

He wasn’t the smartest guy in the room, I’ll say that. Not satisfied with just putting his foot in his mouth, he also showed a penchant for munching on his toes. Aides would spend their days scrambling, cleaning up one mess after another, trying to intervene before he devoured his ankle bones. Yet as president, he proved insatiable. Some say because the effort garnered so much adulation. Every day 88 million people hung on to the incessant tapping of his thumbs.

I’ll always remember him as a racist, pure and simple. Yeah, I said it. The dude was a flat out racist. I mean, I ain’t no dog or nothing, but I know a dog whistle when somebody blows one.

Trump was the master of the dog whistle
  • Fine people at Confederate rallies,
  • Fighting to preserve Confederate names of military bases
  • Opposed to taking down Confederate statues,
  • Throwing Hispanic children in cages,
  • Banning Muslims from coming to the country,
  • Showing indifference to black people murdered by the police,
  • Calling black NFL players who protested police sons of bitches.

 He did it all for the culture, the white racist culture that is.  

Pure unadulterated idiot. Hands down. Good riddance President Trump.

The Coronavirus wasn’t a hoax after all.

He said he’d be right there with us, but when we looked around, there was no president. There was just us, climbing walls, kicking down doors, battling it out with Capitol police. Next thing we know, he’s on TV, if you can believe it, on actual TV, disavowing us, talking about how we should be arrested. I’m not gonna lie, that was kind of disappointing, you know. Here we are out there warring for the man, and he just abandons us, just leaves us literally hanging out to dry. He’s like the friend who throws the rock that breaks the neighbor’s window, then leaves you there to take the charge. That’s the president I’ll always remember.

The power was just too much for him. It corrupted him like the precious in Lord of The Rings. That’s what the swamp does.

I want his ass impeached and thrown in jail, no passing go, no collecting $200, just straight to jail. And rip up the Get Out Of Jail Free card. No, I’m not overreacting. Did he not just incite a riot? And did he not try to disenfranchise millions of voters? Did he not try to pressure the Georgia Secretary of State into overturning the results of a free and fair election? Did he not do the same with electors in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, the Vice President? Congress needs to act, and they need to act now.  

A 30-foot border barrier — as tall as a two-story building — rises from the desert near Lukeville, Ariz.

Mexico never paid for the damn wall.

What kind of man wields the two biggest media platforms in the world (the presidency and Twitter), then loses them both in the short span of 4 years? Un-frickin-believable. The presidency is one thing, but Twitter is another. He instantly lost any chance of staying relevant during the Biden years. There’s no other outlet with the exposure of Twitter to turn to.  Trump has nowhere to go. He might as well reboot The Apprentice on Newsmax or something.

And he delivered us a Conservative Supreme Court, tax cuts, a roaring economy, and forever exposed the mainstream media as a bunch of biased liberals. Yeah, he made some mistakes along the way. Who hasn’t? But he was almost sacrificial in his ways. He sacrificed himself. Now our politics are forever changed. If the Civil War was a defining moment for this country, so was his presidency. America will always be remembered in the context of before and after Trump.

He just devoured himself, and his movement. Wait, somebody said that already, metaphorically.

Our fractured political system produced Trump. In an environment rife with extreme partisanship, the populace was left vulnerable to the rantings of populists on both sides. He proved to be the most charismatic and convincing of them all. He took to our TVs and microphones and appealed to the base interest of conservatives, preyed on their racism and distrust of government until he had them right in his palms. Wherever he went millions followed. Some say he was putting on an act, pretending to be something he wasn’t. I say the political arena gave him the platform to fully express who he was all along. And he loved it, so did the media, though they’d never admit it. But now he’s gone. And the country is smoldering and tattered. And we’re standing here wondering what the hell just happened, and how can’t we stop it from ever occurring again. That’s his legacy.

President Donald J Trump, 45th president of The United States, 2017-2021. Good riddance President Trump.

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  1. Kenneth Cooper, this article captures the essence of the tRump train wreck, that I can tell you, believe me.

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