Pneumonia is a major problem with coronavirus

What is Pneumonia and How can I recognize it?

pneu·mo·nia /n(y)o͞oˈmōnyə/ noun

Lung inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infection, in which the air sacs fill with pus and may become solid. Inflammation may affect both lungs ( double pneumonia ), one lung ( single pneumonia ), or only certain lobes ( lobar pneumonia ).

From Cleveland Clinic:

Did you know that you can check your own symptoms?


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  1. My husband was treated for COVID19 at our local VA hospital; he received hydroxychloroquine it saved his life in my view. I was treated at at another hospital for double pneumonia and was given AZT and another antibiotic which begins with an “L” sorry I can’t think of the name at this time. After 2 days I was sent home as my vitals were good. I seem to be coughing more than usual at this point but I continue to feel well. Thanks for listening

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