Goodbye, Sean Payton. What’s That Governor Edwards? Hello War, President Trump.
by Kenneth Cooper
Maybe Sean Payton doesn’t pray enough. Or maybe he prays and the football gods just don’t pay him any attention. Football gods can be fickle that way. Or maybe they listen but don’t deem his prayers worth answering because of some past discretion. Who knows? Regardless, this will be Sean Payton’s last season with the Saints, thanks to the schedule.

Thanks to the schedule, the Saints will most likely be favored to lose their first seven games, and though they won’t lose all seven, they’ll get off to what has become their ceremonial slow start,  and then they’ll spend the rest of the season trying to recover from that start, something they’ve consistently  failed to do the last few years.

So this is the last season we’ll see that finesse offense we’ve all grown to hate and love. The last time we’ll sit and wonder why Brees is dropping back to pass on third and one for the umpteenth time. The last time we’ll wonder, why doesn’t this offense travel well. But you heard it here first. If I’m right, I’ll never let you forget it. If I’m wrong, well…by the time the season is over you won’t even remember.


Why is Mitch Landrieu erecting an Equity Office inside City Hall? To further escalate his undeclared and unconfirmed war against the city’s neo-confederacy of course. To be clear, some would rather be known as “historical preservationists” but that’s a distinction to be debated in another article. Still, whatever term it is you prefer, fact remains that if you are someone who believes in the supremacy of the white race or the degeneracy of the black race, inherent or not, you have to be disappointed in Landrieu, the city’s first white mayor, in what almost four decades.

Oh the expectations you must’ve had, yet here he is vowing to tear down your monuments, acting all indignant with the U.S. Justice Department and risking federal crime fighting funds behind some illegal immigrants (funds also known as money to keep the disgruntled and economically deprived negroes in order). And to top it off, there’s this new proposal to make things (government positions in this case) more equitable for those aforementioned negroes. This is the type of stuff that would’ve caused your great granddaddies to lube up a musket. These days you just torch Lamborghinis and issue threats, instead. We’d be lying if we said we felt your pain, though, so we won’t.


Look at Governor Edwards. He’s actually showing that he’s not totally indebted to the sheriff and D.A. associations that supported his election. Amid their kicking and screaming, he’s backing ten bills that would move Louisiana from the state with the most people in jail to the state with the second most people in jail. Baby steps, yes, but steps nonetheless. These associations depend on a high incarceration rates to justify their budgets. This position is about the most the governor can do to put his stamp on his governorship, since that person who came before him still has his hands tied economically.

And Finally
And then there’s our not-so-illustrious president, also known as The Donald, or president Trump if you can utter the words. A 100 days in and he has lived up to our expectations of disaster. But let’s throw him a bone here. If he were to use our military to start a war with N. Korea’s military, it would not be his typical act of lunacy.

The leader of N. Korea, like the Taliban, like ISIS, like any group opposed to global gentrification, hates America, existentially. This leader, like his predecessors, has also vowed to build a nuclear weapon that could reach our shores, if necessary, and he’s been testing missiles ever since. What is a president supposed to do with that information? For years, Trump’s, predecessors have searched for a solution that wouldn’t result in N. Korea taking it out on S. Korea, a U.S. ally. But at some point enough is going to be enough and something will have to be done about it.

After the Iraq disaster, we are understandably shell shocked about preemptive strikes, but what’s the more responsible thing to do here: hit them first or wait until they develop a weapon that can take out millions of people? That Trump is the man ultimately making the decisions means that there won’t be a rational debate prevailing on either side, Republican or Democrat.

Well, there’s your awful news for the day. Hope you have a good Monday.




2 thoughts on “Cooper’s Collage of Multiple Thoughts”
  1. What do you have against Sean Payton?. All he ever did was bring the Saints from a laughingstock piss poor team to winning the Super Bowl. Salary cap issues with dead weight have hurt the Saints. I would take Payton over any other coach they could dream of hiring

    As far as who is going to determine who the mayor is going to be it should be the concerned citizens who fear going outside. The city has been overthrown with drugs, murder and a complete lack of any respect for mankind or the law. Laws were made to keep things under control and lack of fear and respect has taken it the opposite way. After Katrina several of the bad guys went to Houston. When they found out that they don’t play and throw away the key they moved back. Time for the people that love the city to take it back. Call in Navy Seals and clean it up. The city of New Orleans is becoming the city where “NO LIVES MATTER!”

  2. […] But nobody embodied old, white, and privileged like Donald Trump. Nobody. Believe me. Donald is the epitome, the standard for all to aspire. “One day I’m out grabbing p*ssy,” he once said, “next thing you know I’m president. Who could’ve ever thunk it. There I was though, in one tweet setting off bombs in a foreign country, and in another, telling three brown skinned women to go back to where they came from. It was awesome. I felt like my great grandfather. Somebody tried to tell me, Hey Donald, you know they’re from America, right? I just looked at him. I was like, Um…not our America.” […]

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