Last month was the hottest month in Louisiana history. Every day 100ᵒ + shatters heat records.  We are all having to deal with these unusually high daily temperatures. But climate change is wreaking havoc on poor black people in New Orleans and Louisiana.  Health, finances, relationships, and work are all directly tied to the extreme heat.  And the typical disparities are exacerbated in the sweltering heat.  This is a crisis that is slowly roiling across communities in our state.

Simple health problems can get worse in high heat.  High blood pressure affects African Americans at alarmingly high rates in Louisiana. And people with high blood pressure need to be particularly careful during extreme heat waves. Hot temperatures cause the heart to work harder and raise blood pressure higher than normal.  Also pronounced sweating from high temperatures creates dehydration. We all know we should drink more fluids when out in the sun. But many high blood pressure medicines, like beta blockers and diuretics, affect your ability to stay hydrated. So, people with high blood pressure are at higher risk for bad health outcomes.  Respiratory conditions can become aggravated too. Heat can actually worsen air quality and high heat and the Louisiana humidity trigger conditions like asthma and COPD.

Climate change and poor people in Louisiana

So to stay cool a person with high blood pressure or asthman might want to stay inside and keep the AC down low.  Of course, African Americans in Louisiana earn $36,139 compared to $69, 329 for whites in the state. And higher electric bills not only create economic hardships but actually lead families into poverty.  Poorer people already spend over 35% of their income on utility bills.  Higher bills during extreme heat complicate an already precarious financial situation for many people.  If your electric bill increases $200 a month, then people living paycheck to paycheck are stressed.  People may be unable to keep the lights on when temperatures are hottest.  Also, poorer people tend to have older less efficient units that not only don’t cool as well but cost more to operate.

Poorer people often work manual labor jobs.  And many work outside in the extreme heat. These jobs can be physically demanding. But the need to pay bills often means people disregard the health risks. Others are unaware of the risks and haphazardly put themselves in harm’s way.  Job related illnesses due to heat exhaustion are on the rise nationally and across the state. 

Climate change and poor people in Louisiana

Families are impacted too.  If a breadwinner is unable to work for a day or more because of heat exhaustion, then the entire family suffers. If each adult is unable to work, then calamitous results can occur.  Everyday stress is compounded. People are hot.  Some people have cars with no AC.  Many still catch the bus.  And though the bus is airconditioned waiting at the bus stop ain’t.  Its hot as fish grease.  But also the conditions of poorer neighborhoods are hotter.  Concrete jungles usually have less green space.  Poorer air quality, dark heat absorbing streets and concrete combined with lack of grass create harsh and unhealthy conditions. 

Climate change and poor black New Orleanians and Louisianans are a toxic mix.  It’s more than really hot.  It is dangerously hot.  And people are struggling.  Literally people are dying 

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