She Faces Opposition from Parts of the Community

by Kenneth Cooper

City Hall, the seat of city government, sits on Perdido St., rotting, a confluence of mold, cramped office space, and often questionable leadership. A building born before desegregation, reports of its demolition have been greatly exaggerated.  

Besides ridding the city of poor black people by offering no gentrification solutions, while insuring tourists have a safe space to get drunk and spend money, the only thing that has stopped previous mayors from putting a big, fat Fleur-de-lis on the city’s recovery has been overseeing the construction of a new or improved City Hall.

To paraphrase the president, many people are saying that the present City Hall is not a place fit for a mayor, any branch of city government, or possibly any form of life in general. What many people aren’t saying, though, is that there’s a consensus on where to move it. Any mayor wishing to relocate or rebuild City Hall has to make peace with a number of agencies, like FEMA, the state, the City Council, and the media.  

By the time mayor Nagin had proposed moving City Hall, he had torn through so many pairs of drawers with the Council that he could’ve offered to pay for the whole thing with his 401k plan from Cox Cable and they still would’ve opposed it.    

Mayor Landrieu, in an act of ambition overriding common sense, ended up with an almost half a billion-dollar price tag to renovate the Charity Hospital building. The state promptly said, “we ain’t helping you pay for that.”

Now comes Mayor Cantrell, reeling and searching for another win – some unifying moment to offset the bad rapport she’s beginning to build with some of the citizenry. She can’t stop alleged gangs of kids from breaking windshields and stealing property. Her handling of the Hard Rock has prompted rumors of corruption and back room dealing, much like her handling of the traffic cameras. She just banned tandem floats, and many hours of days on conservative talk radio have been dedicated to whether she ruined Mardi Gras or not. 

Her proposal to move City Hall to the Municipal Auditorium has been met with equal disdain. “Mayor bullies Armstrong Park leader. Mayor’s plan makes no sense.” The headlines abound in varying forms of irrationality.

It’s like when your wife, husband, or whoever you find yourself sharing a house with stores something in the closet or attic, and in the midst of cleaning out the closet or attic you put that thing in the pile of things to be thrown away. A fit of convulsions and declarations ensue. They say how much they love this thing and how they had just been thinking about using it and wonder how you could be so insensitive to ever think about throwing away something that means so much to them. Now, they know they were never ever going to use that thing again, and they know that you know they were never going to use that thing again. It’s just the thought of officially parting with it causes them to cling to it tighter. The Municipal Auditorium creates the same emotion.

The Municipal Auditorium, once the crown jewel of Armstrong Park, flooded during Katrina and has been a mere relic of itself ever since. No Mardi Gras balls are being held there, no plays, no concerts. For 15 years it has been an afterthought, if not forgotten. Until now. Now it’s a place that holds such dear memories of high school graduations and dance recitals. It’s a cultural cornerstone of the city. How could the mayor ever think of turning it into an office building?

A counter proposal to move City Hall to the old Navy base on Poland St. is a real get out my face moment. Poland, along that stretch, is a raggedy, uninviting street, smothered in trees. Sunlight is rumored to reach its surface but is rarely seen. Buried somewhere beneath the foliage is the Navy base, an isolated fortress along the river, completely removed from the heart of the city. Moving City Hall there would be like shoving the mayor in a corner.

Besides bombing other countries, golfing, remaking the world in our image, and keeping citizens properly pacified, all presidents have had one major goal in common, a goal that has transcended time, and party affiliation, a goal if accomplished would immediately elevate that president to almost Rushmore status. That goal is to be the first to bring peace to the Middle East.

At times it seems that erecting a new City Hall would be an equal or greater feat. Nagin was done in by the Council, Landrieu by the state. Will Cantrell face the same fate via the conservative media? We will see. If she is successful,  will the homeless people who’ve made the Auditorium their home see its renovation as an act of gentrification by the city?

2 thoughts on “Can Mayor Cantrell Move City Hall”
  1. The SEER? Is somebody telling you to look “Here” or pushing an Agenda? Why?
    LBRC- How do mayors get around “Appearances of Nepotism” and “Incompetence is Highly Qualified”? So many Neophytes, Amateurs? Beware microphones and cameras aka influence! ‘Simps figure poorly! Didn’t call no names, yet? Observations? If who you respect was really honest, they would’ve told you this already! Once a Politico, always a Politico! 1st Truth, then…

    1. What happens at Conferences of Mayors and other “Elective/ Appointed Gatherings”?

    a. Contacts are established and lots of deals flow.

    b. Takers are always looking for givers! Lots of “Takers” are “Family and Friends” of those who hold “Elective/ Appointed” office! Duh…??? 

    b. Most Politicos can hardly ignore close family, friends.

    2. How does a Politico skirt Footnote of Nepotism? (Disclaimer: #45’s style is in your face! ‘Simps will take a “Boot up the ‘Glute”, thru the mouth and front face, yet still not see what’s before them aka Profound Stupidity! #45, just like with impeachment said- “It was a perfect phone call”? High Genius, real, in intelligence U.S. Divisions and IQ(s) to match said- “It was a CLEAR Quid Pro Quo”!!! What did MEGA ‘Simps say? Ans. “We didn’t see a Quid Pro Quo”? #45 deceives in Plain Sight, like magic (Why Scripture says Magic is “Evil”! Read Simon The Prophet vs Simon The Magician in Scripture!!!). Back to skirting Appearances of Nepotism…

    a. Politicians collude with other Politicos to swap positions for family, others in offices away from prying eyes in their own spheres. For instance, you’re elected to a Council Seat and family or friends are relentless for employment. You have established a relationship with Council, other Politicos in another Parish or County, with the same issue. The two decide to trade a favor i.e., hire a family member, friend or associate in a neighboring, contiguous or distanced County or Parish. Direct links and appearances are eliminated except for those in the know, or are highly intellectually proficient at “Connecting Dots”! Remember when Mitch hired a “Chicago” Top Aide who was revealed to have connections to an alleged Drug Dealer, engaged? How is it, all the way from Chicago, she ends up in NOLA with HBCU’s and qualified experienced Home Grown Negroes up The ‘Wazoo, in a Top Administrative Post? Rahm Emanuel is a “National Figure”! Was there a trade here aka Quid Pro Quo? Access to…? Where is Mitch now? Who recommended him for this “National” Post? Coincidence? How often do Mayors dupe Citizen ‘Simps and/or maneuver around their “Limited” experiences! 

    b. Most Political Neophytes are bodacious, loud know ‘Nuttuns! Citizen ‘Simps and Neophytes are enablers aka the “Amen Box”, add Negro Apostate Preachers and others (“Lots of Preachers want to be Politicians and Politicians Preachers)! Now say Herod,   Roman Coon and Ahab, Jezebel’s Husband! We can site lots more! It’s no different in 2020 aka “Nuttun new under The Sun” or “The Son”! 

    3. When it comes to Politics, experiences do count! Confidents in the know see what few outside the loop do! Being frank and truthful tends to unemployment! Few who work for Politicos are as “Highly Qualified” as those they portend to hire or work alongside of, or are commensurate with qualifications they profess to have! Lots are campaign sycophants! Is ‘Dis ‘Thang on? Examine what lots do after Political Employment without access to “The Feed Loop”, literally!!! If and whenever a Politico acquires influence over microphones or cameras aka “Favorable Media Access, #45 and FOX or others and MSNBC? A Simple minded ‘Simp is drawn in and become a Surface Analyst! “A Highly Successful and Devious Politico is a Magician! They get you to look over there so you never see what’s right in front of you”! The “SEER” leads The Blind! Duh…??? 

    Peace Out…

  2. I really don’t think what this Mayor has to say or do will make them (the money people) in this City happy. (Not that I agree with everything she says or does.) I believe that there are and have been against her since she was elected. She was not their chosen one. She dared to win without their full support, guidance and blessings.

    Since the Barthelemy administration, there has been a plan to find a new City Hall. Never do I remember any personal attacks on any of the Mayors because of their ideas or plans. “Mayor bullies Armstrong Park leader. Mayor’s plan makes no sense.” (Quote from Armstrong Park Leader.) Is it because she is a woman; because she’s black; because she was born somewhere else, or much worst, ‘ she is a Black Women Not from New Orleans?’ And, who is this Armstrong Park Leader? Where did he come from? Who made him the Park Leader? What expertise does he have? This article doesn’t say anything about him. But, I do ask these questions: which of the Mayors plan did he approve for the park? How much money, time and effort has he put into it in the last 30 years? Has he been vocal against Mitch for nor investing in the Park after he received the FEMA money?

    Sometimes people think that their opinions on certain subjects are the right and only way to do something and, should you not agree, makes you some kind of buffoon. My opinion of this nameless Park Leader is one of a selfish, self consumed lackluster person with very low self esteem, and a very strong need to be seen and heard.

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