by Love Dr. Rob

You knew what was going to happen before y’all got back together. It’s not like this was the first time and sadly it won’t be the last. The truth is they haven’t changed and you haven’t either. Both y’all are still the same but expect things to be different this time.  Are you just breaking up to make up?

You can love and want someone, and it can still not be enough. It takes more than taking a person back to make a relationship work. I don’t care how much you want it to work, both of you have to work on yourselves. I’m sorry, I apologize, and I love you might end the argument but does absolutely nothing to fix the relationship. 

Before you accept them back ask yourself what are you taking back. It’s not just your husband or wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. You are taking back all the things you don’t like about them. All of the traits, lies, games, and whatever habits caused y’all to break up in the first place. Sometimes you have to look past the person and see what they do and who they are. 

After a fight this couple made up.

Don’t Just Break up to Make up!

I have been there before and I understand. The fact is too often we love people who don’t deserve our love. We hold on to them because we love them not because they love us. Believe it or not, there is a such thing as loving someone too much. And when that happens you end up depriving yourself of the love you deserve. 

Remember when they come back, acting like it’s all good, just what you’re taking back. What you get back is everything you let go of before. Everything you said you didn’t want, and you deserve better than will walk right back into your life. No, you won’t be lonely. Y’all will be back together but you know it won’t be for long. All you will be doing is setting yourself up for disappointment again. 

Before y’all commit to each other, commit to the work. Both of y’all have to be willing to fix what is wrong separately and together. Even if they won’t work on themselves, still work on you. The worst thing that can happen is you become a better person for the person who will be better to and for you. Then you can stop playing makeup to break up. 

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