Best Alcoholic Drinks for Dads

If your dad likes to drink and you want to surprise him with something nice and new we have just some suggestions for you.  Many dads are creatures of habit.  They buy the same old stuff – every time!  We like what we like.  But many don’t know what they are missing.  If given the chance, they might come to love something new and different.  So we break down the best different new options on bourbon, tequila and beer.  Try a bottle and we know your dad will thank you!

So if your dad likes Crown Royal or Jack Daniels try these options instead. 

Best Bourbons

Angels Envy – Drink it straight(neat) or it makes a great base for an old fashioned. This is an incredibly smooth and delicious bourbon.  It was crafted by the renowned distiller Lincoln Henderson who created great brands like Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve and Jack Daniels Single Barrel.  But this creation is his best effort.  It follows traditional bourbon making principles but, in the end, he finishes the drink in port wine barrels.  The flavor infusion is incredible.  A bottle is just a little more than Crown or Jack, but the taste and experience is supreme.  Dad will love you for it.

Woodford Reserved Double Oaked.  Not the regular old Woodford Reserve.  Regular Woodford is a good bottle to enjoy.  But the double oaked is one of the best tasting bourbons available on the market.  It costs almost twice the price of a regular bottle but the caramel smooth, cinnamon spice, apple pie deliciousness of this bottle is worth every penny.  Dad will save this one for special occasions and be proud to share it with family and friends.

Best Tequilas

If your dad is a tequila guy and all he drinks is Patron, you can maybe introduce him to a couple of options. 

A newer and less well known option is Herradura. It boasts taste and smoothness superior to the Patron option.  Comparable in price, first female master distiller of tequila created the product .  Over the years she refined her craft and delivers some of the worlds best tequila at a price that doesn’t break the bank.  Instead of the trendy options that maybe don’t taste great or different, Herradura is a perfectly balanced, light and airy tequila that you can sip or enjoy in a cool marguerita.  

Don Julio 1942

This is a top of the top shelf option that delivers a beautiful bottle and a tremendous drinking experience.  One of the smoothest and best tasting tequilas on the market, this is the big price and fancy presentation that the average dad protests.  But trust, not only will he enjoy it, he will brag about it and you for as long as he keeps the bottle.  This is one for the good stuff category.  Very Expensive bottle.


Best Beer – Instead of Heineken get dad a special German beer made to the German beer purity standards of 1512.  These beers were made to the highest quality standards when beer literally saved lives.  Yes children drank this beer cause the water killed people.  Yes, the German beer purity law, or Reinheitsgebot, is still in effect. This law requires that only water, hops, and barley be used in the brewing of beer. This law was put in place in 1516, and while it has been amended slightly over the years, it is still in effect today. And this law has helped to make German beer some of the best in the world, and it is one of the reasons that Germany is such a popular destination for beer lovers.

Becks  is a delicious refreshing beer.  It tastes German.  Becks has brewed beer since 1873.  It is one of the most popular international German beer brands.  Not too expensive and cool and refreshing.  If your dad likes green bottles then he will love Becks.

St Pauli Girl is a strong beer.  It is full bodied and refreshing.  Two of these bad girls are like three Buds.  The Girls top the buds and are made in strict compliance to the Reinheitsgebot.  So you know it’s made right.  Give dad something different and delicious this year.  He will thank you!!

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