Attorney General

By David Soublet, Sr.

Qualifying for all statewide and local elections is over.  While there has been ample coverage of gubernatorial election candidates, other key statewide offices have not garnered nearly as much media coverage. Here are profiles of the five candidates that have stepped forward to serve as our next state attorney general, and the main duties of the office.


While varying somewhat from state to state, state attorney general responsibilities generally include:

  • Issuing formal opinions to state agencies 
  • Acting as public advocates in areas such as child support enforcement, consumer protections, antitrust and utility regulation 
  • Proposing legislation 
  • Enforcing federal and state environmental laws 
  • Representing the state and its agencies before the state and federal courts 
  • Handling criminal appeals and serious statewide criminal prosecutions 

This office is available due to current attorney general Jeff Landry entering the race for governor.  Candidate Lindsey Cheek (D), originally from Houston, opened a two-person law firm in New Orleans in 2015 specializing in plaintiff litigation.  The Louisiana Democrats put out a Tweet shortly after Cheek qualified that suggests support, though unofficial, for her candidacy. Martin Maley (R) has an extensive career in criminal prosecution on his resume, having worked 18 years as an assistant district attorney for the Louisiana District Attorney’s Association in Baton Rouge. Maley failed in his earlier bid for attorney general in 2015. Not much information could be uncovered about Perry Walker Terrebonne, except that he is Democrat and a long-time practitioner in tiny White Castle, LA.

Who Wants To Be What in Louisiana?

Republican candidate John Stefanski hails from Crowley, LA and currently serves as state representative from District 42. His website profile emphasizes fighting back against violent crime, juxtaposed by a photo of a man holding a rifle under the innocent caption “Hunting”. He also condemns what he calls the Biden/Harris administration’s daily attacks on individual liberties and states’ rights, and prominently declares his commitment to fight for “election integrity”. 

The most comprehensive and telling profile of the five candidates, by far, is that of Liz Murrill.  A Republican raised in Lafayette and living in Baton Rouge, she is the first state solicitor general, whose office supervises and conducts government litigation in the United States Supreme Court. Her website boasts “pushing back against Joe Biden’s “unconstitutional overreach and reckless agenda”.  Specific credits claimed include resisting the Biden Administration’s dangerous open-border policy, and resisting efforts to change the meaning of the term “sex.” In the courts, she defends the police (in bold here only because it is in bold on her website), who are often called on to make split-second decisions. Liz has a concealed-carry permit and regularly practices shooting and safe handling of her firearm. She is reportedly the Republican party endorsed candidate

Who Wants To Be What in Louisiana?

The next attorney general is, sure as sure can be, a Republican.  After all, this is a statewide election in red, gun-toting Louisiana, right? The two Dems are virtually unknown and certainly underfunded.  Don’t expect to even see them on television. Nothing they could say in a debate would sway the pendulum. Look for a battle between Murrill, the well-funded Republican, and Stefanski who has garnered a few notable endorsements in his camp. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, we won’t even see a runoff in this race.

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