Finally a Starting Line
A sigh of relief by Jordan Rock

As the curtain falls on election season, what’s in store for those on the left in the wake of Trump’s eviction notice?

The election is closing and America’s voice has made the results clear. Joe Biden is our next president. According to CBS, Joe Biden has set a historical record by winning over  79,658,000 votes in this election, which is more than any other presidential candidate that has ever received. It is a staggering victory for stable-minded folks across America that have witnessed the horror of Trump’s America.

US President Donald Trump uses his cellphone as he holds a roundtable discussion with Governors about the economic reopening of closures due to COVID-19, known as coronavirus, in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, DC, June 18, 2020. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Trump Continues

Trump in the meantime has done his usual caterwauling on Twitter about how he should be able to decide when to stop counting votes.  His tweets increasingly spurious claims about voter fraud this and mail-in ballots that . Makes a man wonder; you spent all this time railing against mail-in ballots, and you’re surprised that your supporters didn’t send any in?

Trump has made it apparent that he’s going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming from the White House as he tearfully shoves campaign support dollars into his pockets. That’s to the tune of 2.3 million dollars, according to Forbes. As usual, Trump is running on stolen money and borrowed time, but the writing is on the wall now more than ever.

It’s over for Trump. You know it and I know it, but the real question is; What’s Next? The answer, as is often the case with democratic nominees, is damage control.

Damage Control

The fact of the matter is, Trump did unspeakable damage to our country’s infrastructure. He set a precedent that people in power can do whatever they want and hurt thousands of people while doing it without any repercussions. His regime is a stain on our recent history, and undoing that damage is going to be the main focus of Joe Biden’s presidency.

But what about the justice-seeking youth of America? Those of us out here fighting for our rights and demanding change? The fight is going to continue. If Obama’s presidency was any indication, simply getting a favorable looking representative in the White House is not the same thing as progress.

It’s Hot in America

Trump lit a fire in America, igniting racial tensions and giving a voice and platform to the bigoted dregs of our society. They aren’t just going to go away. On the other side, the protests aren’t going to stop until the change that we demand is put into practice.

The left will pressure Biden to make moves in the White House that will benefit the American people. The race is on for him to address Covid-19, something that Trump refused to do even as the virus asserted itself by latching on to his very lungs. Biden will have to denounce white supremacy. He will have to stand with the American people and fix our busted medical care system. And he’s going to have to dismantle the horror show that is ICE.

I expect his cabinet to expose the ghoulish feats of cruelty that Trump enacted while in the White House as he goes about the task of damage control. Over the next four years, expect to keep getting buzz on your social media about the awful deeds coming to light in relation to Trump’s stay in office. It seems at this point that an avalanche of litigation is inevitable, but then again, we’ve seen what happens when presidents get caught red handed before.

Don’t expect miracle, is what I’m saying, America.

Don’t expect normalcy to come back either; there is no “normal” anymore.
After all the sludge that we’ve had to wade through, we’re finally hitting the starting line that lies before progress.

The fight isn’t over; it’s just beginning.

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