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By Jeff Thomas

What do Mayor LaToya Cantrell, NFL Hall of Famers Lawrence Taylor, Willie Roaf, Earl Campbell, Freedom Rider Doadie Smith, Mardi Gras Big Chief David Montana, and Will Sutton of NOLA.com have in common? All of them appeared exclusively on the all new WBOK 1230 am radio in February.  The new WBOK’s first full month of broadcasting has filled the radio airwaves of New Orleans with the absolute best talk radio in the city of New Orleans. 

Legendary media personalities like Ro Brown, Kelder Summers, Gerod Stevens, join station veteran Oliver Thomas to form an unbeatable lineup of hosts.  But wait there’s more.  Saints legend and NFL Hall of Famer Rickey Jackson has the best sports talk show in the city.  And local actor and cultural expert Graylen Banks joins the crew with a  NOLA themed show called the Neutral Ground

Wake Up with the Professor and Reagan

Each day starts with gospel music from 5-6:00am followed by the hilariously funny yet always uplifting show called Wake Up with The Professor and Reagan.  Their show is a rip-roaring early morning look at family situations and current events that The Professor offers a sometimes jarring,  always realistic and usually humorous look at the choices people make and the consequences they find themselves in as a result.  Cohost Reagan helps The Professor see a different perspective and provides a steading dish of reason and perspective.  You can catch them from 6-7am every weekday.

The Good Morning Show

Next up from 7-10am is former city councilman Oliver “OT” Thomas who provides uncompromised commentary on politics, economics, business, health, shucks just life in general.  Oliver’s extreme intelligence allows him to break down complex multi-layered issues into easy to understand nuggets that listeners can use to make decisions.  Most importantly, OT is fair and objective in all of his interviews, which is one reason why you can only get live radio interviews from Mayor LaToya Cantrell on WBOK 1230 am.

The Neutral Ground

Radio veteran Kelder Summers delivers more than her trademark melodic voice daily during her show couched in New Orleans culture.  “From the front porch” she pairs with local renaissance man Graylen Banks, and they deliver fun and light but informative and enriching information daily about the culture of America’s most unique city.  From Mardi Gras  Big Chiefs to places to go and things to eat in and around our great city, you should tune in every weekday morning from 10 to 12.

The Reality Check

He’s baaack ladies and gentlemen.  Gerod Stevens, the highest rated talk show host in the city of New Orleans, is back on the air at WBOK.  His trademark wit and colloquialisms are only offset by his journalistic expertise and ability to get to the truth of the matter.  His guests have included, NOPD Chief Sean Ferguson, Senator Jimmy Harris, presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s campaign manager, and Freedom Rider, Doretha “Doadie” Smith. His deep connections and unfettered search for the bottom line combine to deliver stories which expose and expound.  Callers form around the country tune and call in providing daily banter that both entertains and enlightens.  Weekdays from 1-4:00pm

The Rickey and Ro Show

NFL Hall of Famer Rickey Jackson and sports guru Ro Brown have delivered more Hall of Fame guests – Lawrence Taylor, Franco Harris, Eric Dickerson, Willie Roaf, Richard Dent, Earl Campbell- and other legends like Saints HOF -Tyronne Hughes and George Rogers- and all time college greats Doug Williams and  Hugh Green to name a few – than any other sports talk show in the country!  In just the month of February. Just the guests are worth listening. But hearing Rickey Jackson’s take on all sports is educational, illuminating and often laugh out loud funny.  Meanwhile Ro Brown amazes us all daily with his encyclopedic knowledge of all sports and especially all time Louisiana and New Orleans sports legends.  This is the best sports talk show in the market!  Her them from 4-6 M-F.

The Big Time Sports Show

Reggie Flood – who often joins the Rickey and Ro Show – is not just HBCU sports expert but also can be found around local high school locker rooms and sports fields.  He is now joined by Dr. Kiki Baker Barnes. Her lively personality and contagious energy are only bested by her knowledge of NAIA sports. A versatile sports veteran, Dr. Barnes is also the athletic director of Dillard University here in New Orleans. They deliver sports commentary and life advice in a fun and entertaining segment. Catch Reggie and Kiki’s show weeknights from 6-7.

Amazingly new and informative WBOK the legendary black owned radio station in New Orleans is set to deliver great information for years to come. 

7 thoughts on “WBOK – The Best Talk Radio in New Orleans”
  1. WBOK 1230AM is my favorite station it stays on 24/7 in my household. Just happy regular programming is back with OT and Gerod!!!
    Now is the time for sponsors to start supporting!!

  2. WBOK should be fighting for Peter “Champ” Clark, one of its first sportscasters, to be recognized as an outstanding broadcaster by.the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.

  3. What else is NOLA ‘Talkin ‘Bout? 5 Kittens…

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