Why Are Jason Williams And Jeff Landry Newfound Bedfellows?

Has anybody seen Jason? Williams that is. You know, the guy known as in the New Orleans  D.A. Yes, like you, I’ve seen the man who resembles him on TV. And by all appearances, this man appears to be our D.A. Characteristics include the following – brown skin, salt and pepper beard, glasses, a suit, usually a dark one, bald head… The man has all the resemblances. He knows the boxes to check. But when he opens his mouth, it’s clear that he is in fact not D.A. Jason Williams.

It’s a mystery unreported, unrecognized. If this were an episode of Scooby Doo, the mask would’ve been ripped off by now, and we would’ve found out that it’s been (who?) all along.  [insert your favorite local pesky villain]

Maybe one of soon-to-be-governor Landry’s crime committee members. Maybe somebody from the Metropolitan Crime Commission. But here we are. Not in an episode of Scooby Doo. And so, this mystery remains unresolved.

Strange Bedfellows in NOLA

What we do know is that something’s not right. The man known as our D.A. has gone from hugging a thug to handshaking and grinning with our soon-to-be-law-and-order-governor. From no juvenile will be prosecuted as an adult to give the criminals what they deserve.

CRIME MAP of New Orleans. The Red Denotes Hot Spots

A few months ago, when Williams was thinking about running for governor, you would’ve thought Jeff Landry had spit on his mama. Now, he’s ole buddy, ole pal, Mr. come on in and have the lay of the land. We’re in lockstep, brother. You and your hand-picked Attorney General can even set up shop and prosecute our choicest of criminals. Never mind that one of your first moves was to disrespect the mayor, the sheriff, and community leaders on the ground in this city. It’s all gravy, baby.

Yes, I know, people change. They flop and they flip. They flip and they flop. And sometimes end up doing things they never imagined. But something usually accompanies that. I think it’s called an explanation. Like what’s the plan and why are you teaming up with somebody who’s been so antagonistic towards you and other black leaders in the city?

Strange Bedfellows in NOLA

Instead of an explanation, we got Rome is burning. All hands on deck. The A.G. will prosecute cases brought forth by state police. And hardy har har, that’s the only details you’ll get out of me.  Maybe there are  other questions he can answer then. Like since you’re bringing in Jeff and his boys do you still need that extra $4 million for new hires you asked for in last month’s budget hearing? And who has the final say over whether a case goes to trial, you or A.G. Liz Murrill? Will her office be totally independent of yours? Are you going to vow to prosecute abortions now, too?

We’re left to imagine much hoodwinking, bamboozling, the outsourcing of responsibility, a horse being led to no water.

When he was running for governor, Jeff Landry talked about transforming New Orleans into another city, like Charleston or some other foolishness. He talked about how he was going to make New Orleans bend to his will. I guess in his foresight he knew the best person to start with would be D.A. Jason Williams.

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