Our Republican Klan members are looking more divisive than ever.

Have you heard? The Klan got a new hood.

Like in Harahan?

No. The Republican Party, our state Republican Party.

Oh that kind of hood. So they’re hiding behind a suit and tie now?

More like a Freedom Caucus.

A what?

A Freedom Caucus. Right before the legislative session started, they formed a Freedom Caucus.

That sounds Trumpy.

It is. It’s like a secret subset of the state legislature, a private organization that, you know you could pledge to in private but you don’t have to publicaly declare your membership.

Like the Klan.

More like Klan-adjacent. They not out here lynching people.

Give’em time. They will be legislatively. But wait, I got a question.


Is the mayor like homeless now that the Council kicked her out the Pontalba?

What? I don’t know. Can we focus?

Yes, back to Klan-adjacency. I don’t get the concept.

It’s simple. It’s like you’re close to something, but technically not actually that something, but close enough to be associated with that something.


Ok, I’ll a give you an answer, then you tell me the question.

Okay. Go.


Ooh, ooh, 🙋🏾‍♂️I get it. Who is Steve Scalise for $5 million, Alex.

Jesus Christ. 🤦🏾‍♂️

“I’m David Duke without the baggage.”

He said that?

Reportedly. Unless you think the dear Ms. Grace is a liar.

Well that’d make him adjacent.

Kevin McCarthy is rolling his ass in public.


“Checked out.”


“Reluctant to take a position on anything.”

Just downright Klan-adjacent. Ok that was me, not him.

So what does this Freedom Caucus do?

Posse up, plot and strategize behind the scenes. But again, we don’t know how far their legs spread since it’s all secret.

You think they dap each other off or have a handshake, some type of hip check, something?

Maybe they have a password.



Welfare Queen.

People who shouldn’t vote.

What is Ways to talk about black people without saying you’re talking about black people for the whole lottery, Alex.

Look at you.

I wonder if they’re behind this whole we can’t say racism thing in Louisiana now.


Well, I mean teach about it.

What was the official statement the Republican Committee made before the session started?

Hereafter the “inglorious aspects” of American history shall be deemed too divisive to be subsequently mentioned, thought about, or studied upon in arenas of public education from pre-school to post-graduate programs.

George Washington made sweet love to Martha while his slaves grew tobacco.

Thomas Jefferson had at least 6 black babies.

Abraham Lincoln thought black people should go back to Africa.

The north was no paradise.

“I stay woke.”

Which founding father said that?

Erykah Badu.

I don’t think any of this will make future textbooks. But wait, I have a question.

Oh, Jesus.

Who has the biggest fetish for the mayor, Lee Zurich, Newell Normand, or Council President J.P. Morrell?

I’ll only answer in private.

You’re so adjacent. Will you also require a handshake?

Yep. On the black hand side.

So to be clear, our state republicans are forming a secret Klan-adjacent caucus while publicly trying to brainwash our children when it comes to American History?

That would be correct.

What can we do about it?


But they’ve gerrymandered the hell out of the process.

Yes they have.

We’re headed towards violence.


You can’t even ring a doorbell anymore.

A white lady locked her door when I walked by her car the other day. In a whole damn strip mall.

We are spiraling.

“I stay woke.”

I survive via micro-transgressions. In the meantime, we all should.

Give me one.


My man.

Hit me on the black hand side.


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