We Need an Outsider for the New Chief

Conventional wisdom says Mayor LaToya Cantrell should promote interim NOPD Chief Michelle Woodfork to permanent chief.  Listen to talk radio across the political spectrum and universally people make the same argument. New Orleans is unique.  We need somebody who understands the city and the culture.  And she has not done a bad job since being elevated to interim chief.  Plus it takes a full two years to get to know the culture. So hiring somebody from outside is a waste of time because the mayor’s term expires in about two years.  But there are 5 reasons why this is flawed and wrong.

NOPD Chief Should be an Outsider

  1. Woodfork has not been transformational.  Heard of any new creative ideas? Seen a new deployment strategy?  Most say she has not done a bad job.  Well, the city needs better than just ok.  The NOPD is in crisis. Too many are leaving and not enough are joining. Chief Woodfork seems slightly undersized for the job.  NOPD needs a new big and powerful leader.  Instead, Chief Woodfork seems confined by the culture she knows and has grown up in.
  2. Richard Pennington was the last great chief.  People would literally stand and cheer when he walked into restaurants around town.  He took over and transformed the culture almost immediately. Not tied to the NOPD culture, Pennington immediately implemented new ideas.  Having no connection or allegiance to the staff, Pennington shifted personnel and changed long-standing traditions.  The biggest quick one was to stop officers from working details at bars. Officers railed, citizens were shocked, but crime and corruption went down quickly.  Only an outsider with fresh eyes and new ideas can do this.
  3. The last great local chief, Eddie Compass commanded confidence and projected strength.  Compass was smart, hardworking and had good ideas.  And though he grew up in the NOPD culture, his big warrior personality and smooth political acumen helped him lead the department.  Unfortunately for Compass, Hurricane Katrina’s chaos interrupted his tenure. Even as he was unceremoniously ushered out by the Nagin administration, Compass looked powerful and assured.  Whereas Chief Woodfork seems like she is playing not to lose.  Her very presence seems calculated for least possible error. But the city deserves to win.
  4. The selection of a new police chief is the most important issue in New Orleans today. Crime is the number one issue. Always. And the chief selection process is new.  Never has the city council had any input on the mayor’s police chief selection.  Previously the mayor simply presented her choice.  Now the city council must approve it.  Oddly, the new process does not allow the council to appoint or submit any candidates.  But the opportunity to grandstand and be seen is like no other. “I want to save all the babies and puppies,” some city council member is sure to say.  No matter who is selected, members of the council will object.
  5. But, the best way to transform the NOPD is from somebody outside the current force.  That person is free from the NOPD culture issues.  That person does not have friends who want favors or promotions. An outsider brings new ideas without baggage.  An outsider has different experience about what works. Officers expect new direction and culture shifts from an outsider.  It is easier for an outsider to change the course of any department.  For NOPD a new direction is necessary.
Our NOPD Officers Need a New Leader

NOPD Chief Should be an Outsider

Interim Chief Woodfork must be thanked for her service. She did a fabulous job as the interim chief. She held things together.  Things did not get worse.  She insured that officers performed well during Essence Fest.  The department has not gone backward.  Thank you Chief Woodfork for a job well done.

Now we need to move in a different direction with a new voice in the city.

5 thoughts on “NOPD Chief Should be an Outsider”
  1. Chief Andres is an outsider who started his career in the NOPD. As chief in Henderson, Nevada the city was named the safest in the nation. He would be a great recruiting tool having grown up in Algiers and graduated from Orleans public schools. As for his shooting a guy while off duty you must remember he was jumped by two people and was exonerated by an grand jury.

  2. Jeff, this reminds me of Landrieu, and the Serpas selection. Out of 33, these were the best 5? I hope to hear the names and qualifications of the ones that didn’t make the cut. Out of these 3, Woodfork should get it . But this search was a joke. A lot of wasted taxpayers money

  3. NO NOPD Cops Need Apply!! They are part of the problem. We need a person from out of town to do get this right.

  4. Respectfully- “Fools are known by a multitude of words. The wise are known by a multitude of works”! The Question? 2nd in Charge and NOLA becomes “A Murder Capital”? Factual or just talk? Sometimes “Experience” means more of the same. Hello…?
    LBRC- Negro Ancestors Won’t Ever Stop Rolling in Their Graves. These Greats, Never Acquiesced To “Average”! Think The Interim Police Chief in NOLA…
    1. The Interim Police Chief in NOLA, has 30+ years of service. Exactly what above average, has she done to distinguish herself as “Above Average” in those 30+ years? Tell us! Every job has “Perfunctory Duties”. Those who are “Above Average”, can’t help but distinguish themselves despite connections, it’s just in ’em. It’s who they are!
    3. The Mediocre are just ‘Dat. It’s in ’em! Simply getting by, is what they do! They mark time with “Perfunctory” activities, just like some council-people and
    “Career Politicians”, then count on retirement to put them out of their
    employment misery.
    4. Interesting is, Scripture tells us, “A Fair Weight for a Fair Measure”.
    Meaning? How does a Public Servant like police or a politician, identifying as Christian, “Steal”? Policeman and Donut Shops, high calorie intake, not burning? High Calories and High Crime has correlations? NOPD Cruisers, sit and watch “Donuts” too aka Auto Crimes!
    5. During Hurricane Katrina, it didn’t take long for us aka Residents, to see how “Above Average”, Lt. Gen. Honore, U.S. Army was. Prior to his arrival, NOLA Black Citizens were wondering, what it meant to be a U.S. Citizen. Gunned down in streets by NOPD! ‘Simps plus Dumb and Dumber, ponder why NOPD is under a “Consent Decree” aka a mandate to police “Constitutionally”? Clearly, Gen. Honore was who he was, and simply can’t help but excel. This is exactly why he represented less than 1/10th of a per cent of Generals in the Army who was Black, a “Rare” Black
    a. We comprehend why former Chief Pennington, who we knew and had intimate connections,
    SCLC of La. Board Members, was also an “Above Average” Achiever! NOLA outsiders and non indigenous tout resources from the Feds. Get This- What are typically the most expensive price items, perennially, in the NOLA City Budget? In 2023, there are fewer residents, yet the NOPD Budget has grown exponentially!
    b. Year after year- Sanitation and NOPD top expenses. In 2023, New Orleans was officially
    tagged, “The Per Capita Murder Capital of The U.S.”, and guess who was 2nd in Command at NOPD?
    6. No surprise, ‘Dat when “High Profile” Public Figures take to stages, all the
    sycophants and the “I know her crowd” enter “Feeding Frenzy Mode”.
    Curious is, we attended school with the Chief, activities, graduations and the like. How is it, you have no real roots in NOLA, yet you somehow know her and “Her Family”, ‘betta than we do?
    7. The Skinny?
    a. Black Ancestors weren’t and never accepted “Mediocre”, even as
    “enslaved” they excelled. They couldn’t help but be. It was in ’em!
    b. In 2023, Mediocre is “The Culture” of “Historically Clueless”
    illiterate Negroes. These celebrate ignorance, as a virtue. Others are complicit with this Foolishness! These “Scape Goat” their ignorance, then accuse “High
    Achievers”- “You’re trying to be “White”? These same “Low Self-
    Esteem/Low Achievers, self-contaminate themselves with “Blonde” Wigs, Weaves, Front Laces, Toxic Nail Polish, “Infection Inducing” Colored Eye Contacts and Pegasus “Winged” eye lashes, yet- They indict High Achievers as, “trying to be White”? You can’t make this up!
    c. Therefore, this is directed to all “The 2023 Mediocre Negro Echo Chambers” and Rote Specialist. We knew Rev. Avery Alexander, Maxine Holtry- Daniels, Rev. Summie Lee Harvey, Rev Shuttlesworth and have The T- Shirts and Photos! We received advice and Guidance from no less, The Hon. Ms. Coretta Scott King as well others as youth and others too numerous to mention.
    d. With all due respect, all the substandard expectations and mediocre outcomes running concomitant with inept Negro Leadership and their sycophants, is a disgrace and affront, not only to our Ancestors, but to The Most High.
    e. The Christ was not and will never be “Mediocre”, and neither is “His
    Truly Sent”, neither was David, Sampson, Solomon, et al!
    f. NOLA is infested with Filth, Immorality at the highest level, Thieves, sycophants, “Crime” and ‘Stuntun! “Mediocrity” is a “Divine Stench”,
    and we clearly Discern it’s Disgraceful origins!
    Abba Father…

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