Just putting more police on the street won’t work.

By Jeff Thomas

The response to the uptick in car burglaries in NOLA is the definition of insanity.  Yet understandably people are worried.  To put it mildly, losing a vehicle disrupts a person’s life.  Having a your vehicle stolen could mean anything from suddenly too costly insurance premiums to losing your job and even losing housing.  Something has got to be done about this. 

Citizens blame the police for not doing enough.  Men are arming themselves and sleeping with one eye open.  The police say despite a “manpower shortage” they are beefing up patrols.  And the NOPD says people should just lock their car doors. 

What do we do for people with little training, fewer people skills, not great work ethic and youthful ignorance?

Almost daily police release videos of young black men walking around neighborhoods and pulling door handles and quickly rolling away in somebody’s vehicle. Two minutes and your life is turned upside down.  Also, this notion of young black and criminality is reinforced.  See young black men and call the police or get your gun.  But protect your property at all costs from these hooligans.

Make no mistake.  Most of these acts appear to be committed by young black men.  So, what is the best solution to the problem?  Police stings? More patrols? Indiscriminate shooting at the mere sight of 4 black men walking in your neighborhood?? Recently, shots were fired by a car thief when yelled at by the vehicle owner. This escalation to violence is really dangerous.  It skips a simple solution. 

Holistic Ideas

Our citizens recently passed a millage to support parks and recreation.  This was an important decision by the citizens of the city.  It reflects an understanding of the importance of a holistic approach to making our city a great place to work and live. This tax rededication was passed by ¾ of the public.  People get it.  We have to pay our hard-earned money to invest in stuff that is important and expensive. Even though computing and quantifying the actual benefits of good parks and recreation is kinda like catching wind.

Similarly, investing in a well-publicized, universally recognized jobs training and placement program designed with life skills training for young disenfranchised young black men would result in fewer guys walking the streets late at night puling car handles. 

The historical record of discrimination and oppression in America is clear.  NOLA has been no exception; in fact, policies like non-unanimous juries, overzealous policing and complicit DA’s have been the rule in this town. NOLA is the epicenter of mass incineration. Yet crime is constant in our city.

An investment in our people like the one we made in parks and recreation could stop these young guys from walking down your street and pulling your car handle.  You can sleep with both eyes closed. For only $25 a year.  

9 thoughts on “How to Stop Car Breakins in NOLA”
  1. 1) Stockton just started a program to guarantee income.
    2)Past criminal records should not impede ability to get jobs
    3) community entrepreneurs need to be supported since they will hire young black males. Otherwise, illegal entrepreneurship will continue to rise.

    4) Public and private sector needs to support apprenticeship and training programs and use procurement dollars to support minority owned companies and non-minority that support these efforts.

    I have 20 more suggestions.

    1. I have heard these types of suggestions and ideas for over 50 years, Each decade
      they invest and adjust and rehab things and still the evils continue, and worsen.
      Teens do not listen to words, their minds have been poisoned to hate people and
      hate truth and hate good, by relentless incremental decades of music, movies and tv living that has washed the minds of civility and produces self hate and hate for the neighbors. Currently, self rehabilitation and self virtues of goodness,,, well sure looks hopeless, because human ideas do not work.
      Sooner or later, the evidence shows they will bite the hand that helps them.
      So, the only resort is to hope to mind trick them to be good for a while with any kind of pacification, appeasement, or capitulations and hope it will stupor them.
      >> may, 2019 09

    2. The quickest way is to for you or your mechanic to install a Kill Switch in your vehicle. It doesn’t interfere with the alarm system. It’s designed to cut off the fuel system. Period. You can see how to do it on YouTube.

  2. I think this type of investment would be great for all young people in the city, not just “young black men”, but ALL youth in the city.

  3. Hi Jeff,

    I am on the Police Community Advisory Board, and have been designated liaison to the City with public requests and thoughts. Do you mind if I bring up your comments at a meeting, and add it to City data? In addition, my position is to make recommendations for the police. In this instance I feel police could possibly make suggestions to parents of at risk youth? Any other thoughts?


  4. What happens with Court Representation? How are Constitutional Requirements satisfied? Adults and Teenagers deserve competent Representation as to Guilt or Inmocense! 1 Solution?

    LBRC- 1Way to “Effectively” Assist The Office of Public Defender (Mr. D. Buttons)- NOLA?

    1. The U.S. Constitution Requires a Defense (5th Amendment, 14 Amendment et al) of those accused of Crime. Municipalities are hard pressed for funds to provide services while “Prosecutors” are hardly lacking, even while “Prosecuting Innocent Citizens”! Therefore…

    2. Rule XX, Louisiana, allows “Senior Law Students” to practice under submission of Highly Qualified and Distinguished Law Professors. Hundreds of Senior Law Students at Southern, Tulane, Loyola et al have impeccable skills! NOLA Law Professors “Well Versed” about Rule XX are Professors Oliver Houck/Tulane, William “Bill” Quigley/Loyola, Mark Davis and Linda Walker, all distinguished Attorneys as well as others, all  “Certified” Genius!!!

    3. The “Office of Public Defender” should enlist the assistance of these resources. There are hardly enough Attorneys to satisfy current “Constitutional” Demands. Highly qualified Senior Law Students can aid in satisfying Constitutional Requirements! We are confident La. Chief Justice Bernette Johnson is sensitive to Constitutional Demands and will do what she can to aid! Contact her!!! Put these “Legal Eagles” to work, they’ve already proved their mettle in “Landmark Cases”, just ask Professor Houck!

    Peace Out…

  5. Listening to NPR the other day with the former police chief of Tampa. They had the same problem. This is how they reduced juvenile car thefts by 90%.

    Curfew, and curfew that is imposed on juvenile offenders. The police in each district did home stops after curfew hours to check on offenders to see if they were actually home. Tamps is about the same size as New Orleans and has about the same amount of police officers.

    I suggest a conversation with the Tampa police which may give our department some ideas. The one thing I never see is parent responsibility. What happened to that?

  6. So- called “Elites”? “This is how you do it” aka “Stop it”! Conspiracy Theory True/False?

    LBRC- How about a good Conspiracy Theory? Amusing! If so- called “Elites” want to destroy and/or eleminate 1/2 The U.S. and World Population respectively, who they consider “Useless Eaters” (Google what Kissenger said and others on “The Council on Foreign Relations)? Research for yourself, here’s a start maybe? 

    Thinking aloud?…, Citizens are so- dumbed down, beat down and apathetic…- 

    Did so- called Satanist do this? Bohemian Grove addicts? Lilith’s (The 1st Rebellious Woman before Eve aka “Weave”? 2 Genesis Accounts?)? Worshipers? Have so- called Christians read “Noah in The Book of Enoch”? What complexion are Satan’s kids? Why is Noah different? Who took the DNA of from the remains of the head of Nimrod From Iraq Museum during the invasion, and to do what? Connected to CERN and House of Alice how?

    1. Look up what those Georgia Guidestones say about population. 

    “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

    Guide reproduction wisely (*Uh oh ‘Simps) — improving fitness and diversity (*Uh oh obese)

    Unite humanity with a living new language (*Uh oh not Multi lingual)

    Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason (*Uh oh sidewalk philosophers and Politicos) 

    Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts (Nothing Spiritual).

    Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

    Avoid petty laws and useless officials. 

    Balance personal rights with social duties (*Uh oh non voters and the Slothful)

    Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite (Infinite what)”/end/ 

    2. Did you know over 55% of communities in the U.S. depend on levees (You can find these stats at levees.org about levees in America). Approx. How many families?

    3. How about U.S. Ports? What are the probabilities for a “Serious Radioactive Waste” incident? You trust the people “You” elected to represent you or lobbyist? How come Lobyist are so powerful when you elected these cons? The okedoke- Where did Your Coons and Politicos get all ‘Dat cash and amenities, besides what you give them in salaries, perks and “Worship”? Some got caught and went to “Jail”! Expect more arrest! “Fool you once, twice, three times a Lazy”? Most voters are “Low Info”! #45, any questions? Why a war in Iran? Now say “False Flag” and don’t forget about what reputable Economist are saying about “The Black Swan” Event! Uh oh!

    4. What is a GLD, SLV on The COMEX Exchange? Did you know, there are hundreds of times more paper Gold and Silver than there are physical? Paper undermines the price of the physical! Why are dupes still into GLD Shares? When stocks fall, their shares will revert to worthless paper, not “Physical” Gold or Silver? Who’s behind this? 

    5. Polluted H2O, Lab Meat, TRI/Toxic Releases Self Reported by Chemical Companies (Louisiana is a Sacrifice Zone! No wonder being #50 Educationally), GMO’s? ChemTrails, the “Truth”??? Don’t care? 

    6. Are you waiting for Ground Hog Day 2020 for your Senators, Representatives, Council People and Politicos to actually appear in the District they represent and 1 on1 explain and respond to all of the above? Shouldn’t they have answers? Why not?

    7. What’s on the Horizon? Uh oh! 

    Peace Out…

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