Area Voters See Familiar Faces in Runoff

As early voting begins, the tension in the race for Congress has ramped up significantly.  Each side is accusing the other of distortions and lies.  Attack ads are flying. Third parties have evaluated some of the attacks and found many to be untrue.  But there is one ad that stands out above all others. The Gary Chambers endorsement for Karen Carter Peterson.  It shows Karen Carter Peterson and Gary Chambers talking to a constituent of Petersons.

Bad Ad

The ad is bad on many different levels.  The Karen Carter Peterson Campaign produced the ad. It is supposed to show the significance of the Gary Chambers endorsement of Karen Carter Peterson.  How the Baton Rouge native and resident, Gary Chambers, provides street credibility in New Orleans for Karen Carter Peterson.  But is shows the exact opposite.

Gary Chambers and KCP

Gary Chamber was a surprisingly strong third place finisher in the primary.  In Peterson’s Senate district, he captured more votes than KCP.  In fact, he almost made it to the runoff. She only beat him by two points.  So many predicted his endorsement might tip the scales in the election.  And nobody was surprised to see KCP put together a string of commercials touting his endorsement of her. 

But the ad in question actually shows the Chambers endorsement might not be so influential after all.  The results of the primary are more likely akin to familiarity breeds contempt than a new strong progressive wave flooding the streets of New Orleans.  Being a New Orleanian, I know a good flood when I see it.  Chambers results are more like some aggravating street ponding than a park your car on the neutral ground and hope it’s high enough when the street fills with water kinda thing.

The KCP record is more likely the issue for her. KCP has not only missed numerous votes in the Senate, but according to her own ad, she has not even been in her hood with her people.  So that she lost in her own district is not astonishing. People were fed up with the status quo. Her anti-incumbency stank even wafted to Troy Carter.  But Carter also got more votes in her district than she did. 

Gary Chambers offered a fresh, new progressive alternative for frustrated voters.  He is a dynamic public speaker. He was able to convince a large number of people to put an X next to his name.  But a look at the video, shows that the average New Orleanian pays little real attention to Chambers.  His Baton Rouge accent and demeanor is a square peg in the round hole that is New Orleans.  People respect, understand and simultaneously ignore him in real life.  Just look at the video. 

Chambers’ success should be measured in Baton Rouge.  But there, the same contempt exists for him.  He ran a strong third in his hometown too.  And in Baton Rouge, most of the elected officials have endorsed Troy Carter. 

All in all, the Gary Chambers 15 minutes of political fame seems exhausted in this election.  He may have a bright future in Baton Rouge elections.  But does anyone think Gary Chambers could move to New Orleans and get elected mayor?  City Council?  Or if we had – dog catcher?

Mr. Chambers seems to be a fine young man who wants to make a difference.  Hopefully, he can find a path to success that makes him happy and benefits the people.

But the 2nd Congressional District won’t be decided because Gary Chambers endorsed KCP.

4 thoughts on “Gary Chambers Endorsement Will Have Little Impact”
  1. Hate filled dribble that is clearly poorly thought out and nonsensical. I find it hard to believe that you actually think he has little impact and gets ignored; your own article states his finish was “surprisingly strong”, meaning even you took notice to it. Your only argument towards why either Chambers or KCP are poor candidates is that they are from different parts of the community, but you fail to go into any detail as to why their advocacy is not what people want. It’s sad that this small (obviously profit driven and politically motivated) company hires you to call Chambers a “new progressive alternative for frustrated voters”, while failing to paint Troy Carter in the same light because it’s simply not possible or true. Carter is a failure of a politician and will be remembered as such; this is a fact no matter how many news sources put him as their front page logo, because writers like you can’t even come up with a legitimate reason why he is better. It’s painfully obvious you were told to write an attack on Chambers, and it takes a truly pathetic writer and editor to allow something along the lines of “this idiot couldn’t even be a dog-catcher” to be published after your own last article stated “his endorsement could play a big role in the final outcome.” You people slobbering over the failed Troy Carter are scared, everyone knows it, and as a journalist I hope you feel shame that this is the garbage you decide to write for money instead of what you clearly know is true.

  2. Hard to write these attack articles without blatantly obvious bias when the face on the front page of this entire “independent thought and analysis” publication is a politician. It seems so nonsensical that you guys would even think that you could apply those words to your business.

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