Possibly, Probably…Maybe Not

by Kenneth Cooper

And so it begins, John Bel Edwards, term #2, freshly re-elected as governor to our perpetually failing state. Half the voters didn’t want him. A huge African American turnout provided the margin of victory. Finally freed from the calamity known as Jindal, what will he do with this second term? For most of term #1, Jindal’s bad policies poisoned him like the fumes from Cancer Alley, stained his aspirations like the Gulf after the BP oil spill. Now re-elected, Edwards gets to celebrate a clean slate.  

Then it rained on his parade. His inauguration was a scene of raindrops, umbrellas, and Republican tears falling to the ground. 19 guns fired in salute, while the governor poured promises into the microphone, or to be more accurate, hopes and vows — hopes and vows about improving early childhood education, increasing teacher pay, developing actual workforce development, passing a higher minimum wage, and overcoming partisanship and dysfunction. Most people were probably hoping to get an early start to the LSU championship game later that night.

On the other side of the swamp, Republicans were roiled in dysfunction. A new House Speaker was needed to replace the governor’s outgoing hater, one who could lead their almost super majority in obstruction of the highest order. They went about it abjectly. It, the dysfunction, ended up spilling out of the legislative halls and onto the front pages of newspapers and websites, culminating in the more conservative members not getting the new hater they wanted, instead being forced to usher in a hater-lite, a Speaker who might team-up with the governor and bring back functional things like bipartisanship, compromise, and the Revenue Estimating Conference.

Meanwhile, question #1 on not enough people’s minds is who will replace John White, the outgoing Education Superintendent. He resigned, possibly because he was tired of beefing with the governor, or because he was tired of living off of month to month contracts since BESE could never come together and make an honest Superintendent out of him. Under White, the D.O.E. incorporated national trends like charter schools and Common Core, while using standardized tests as a basis for paying teachers and evaluating students. That just went over swimmingly with some parents, teachers, and cronies dependent on local control and corruption. Now, post-election, Edwards might have a say in determining the new Superintendent and whether statewide education moves backwards or forwards, depending on your perspective. Whatever happens it’ll depend on how much sway he has over his non-appointees to BESE, since BESE has the final say.

And what of the black voters who saved him? Black people have a history of giving their votes away to Democrats with no pre-conditions, and this election was no different. Edwards got 99% of the black vote. You could argue there was no choice. It was either vote for Edwards or spend the next 4 years listening to Rispone blow racist dog whistles from parish to parish. Apparently under Edwards black people can look forward to decreases in mass incarceration and increases in police rights to abuse their authority. It makes for a lovely contradiction that mirrors the national Democrat Party.

Um, that was kind of a downer, but Edwards was clearly the best choice for the state.  He still has enough bipartisan appeal to elicit as much love as hate, enough sense to dabble in moderation, and come this spring he’ll see if has enough appeal to elicit any cooperation from a Republican majority with veto proof power in one body and 2-3 votes away from having it in the other. If you’re a fan of partisanship and dysfunction, then there’s one word that define their prospects. That word is promising.

One thought on “For John Bel Edwards It’s A New Day”
  1. What is a “Kakistocracy”???
    Who pays for incompetency?
    LBRC- What does The NOLA “Rock” Construction/The Local/, Trump/The National/ and Apostates in Religion/The Worldly/ all have in common? There is a “Political Term” used to describe this. It’s a “Rule” about what happens when “The Most Incompetent” take charge of formerly fairly successful paradigms of National, Local Government plus International Institutions of Religious and Political Orders?   

    1. Christ’s Prophesied Return is all about “Undoing” what so- called Preachers and Apostates have established as “Sanctioned” by Him, His Will. aka “False Prophets” are  De Facto “Anti- Christ Agents”! 2nd Chronicles admonishes all to turn from their wicked ways! They don’t and emphatically won’t! Not even when confronted with “Truth”! They are entrenched in “Tradition”, utterly Evil! To them Truth is of “No Effect”! Christ Shall and must return to restore Truth and Righteous aka “Book of Revelations”! btw- The reason most do not “Repent”/Really Change, according to Scripture? Ans. They have been given over to their “Own Reprobate Minds”! 

    2. NOLA’s Commercial Construction is supposed to fall “Under Code”, just like average Homeowners are! How is it following Hurricane Katrina, Negro Zip Codes were held to the letter, yet a “Major” Commercial Development somehow missed the so- called “Inspection Eyes of Building Code Inspectors”, the same who held Negro Post Katrina Zip Codes to “High Standards? High Commercial Developments intimate “High” Money,  right? What does the record say about Highly Influential Developers with lots of “Recreational ‘Mulla to “Spend? Incompetent, ambitious  “Spend Thrift” Politicians who especially rule “Illiterate Classes” (When Its Not Their Money), and who have demonstrated utter incompetency which respect to “Their” own “Personal Budgets” aka “Why so many succumb to Bribes, Malfeasance and common Graft? Uh oh! 

    3. Greedy Delusional Politicians are symmetric with Consumer Greedy Delusional Highly Materialistic Preacher Apostates! Common Apostates Boast, Wears and Lives Materialism, Consumerism! Their slogan aka song? Ans. “We are The World”! Got ‘Dat Right!!! This Political Term is about The 2020 Political and Religious, locally, nationally and internationally! It’s called “Kakistocracy”- “We are there”!!! 

    a. A kakistocracy ([kækɪ’stɑkrəsi]) is a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens./end/

    b. A Religious Dennomination, Order, Class and/or Designation run by Apostates, Deceiver Class, False Agent(s)- Who Slanders and Libels The Word of The Most High is “Spiritual” Kakistocracy! Not only Greedy in a physical, economic sense and are hardly Models of Fasting and Supplication, but also adore and boast of themselves aka “Embellishments” of array on Their “Filthy Flesh” (So says Scripture)! These “Trappings” of which “The World” acquiesces! These are not generally hard to spot, especially to those who “Easily Discern”!!!

    Finally? Quip- What is the “Liberal” view about how Common Thieves see themselves? Ans. They are so- opened minded, they give “Equal Opportunity” to right and wrong in The Same Space! Liberal Ignorance says, knowing is too one sided! btw- They “Will”  come to know? “A Great Gulf Fixed”!!!

    Peace Out…

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