by Oliver “OT” Thomas

Elections today are very different. Expectations, outcomes, and results are also not only very different, but hard to poll and predict. I wonder sometimes if the voters realize just how much control they actually have. Honestly, I don’t think they do.

But this is the most nervous and uncertain time that I’ve seen amongst our political class and business elites. They strut around as if they’re comfortable and confident. But privately they are more concerned about their status and dominance than ever before.

You see today’s voters don’t have a Civil War and Jim Crow. They don’t have the Great Depression, or the Civil Rights Movement. Remnants of these things remain, yes. But they have something they consider more challenging and potentially more hurtful than those epic issues and historical times.

Elections today are very different because of voters

Today’s voters are afraid and more unsure about our political leaders and business leaders than they have ever been. Constantly asking,” Who’s for us”? “Do they care about us and our families”? Our small businesses? Who can we count on in this age of uncertainty? You elected official.  Voters believe their fight is against you! Even when they vote for you!

But voters have never before faced an opponent like you. So smooth, so careless, and so heartless. I often speak before groups about politics. When talking about this new phenomenon I explain it this way. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are so far removed from the American people that they created an opening for a man like Trump. And I facetiously say that national politics are so far away from us that the average American will need a passport to get into the US Capital.

Politicians did not realize that elections are very different today

Retired Judge Landrum ran a traditional campaign and lost in a landslide.

Politicians actually thought they were in complete control. But now privately and even a few publicly acknowledge they are not. The establishment gets frustrated with voter turnout and participation. Politicians want to determine who, what, why, and when people vote. And for a while they could control a few zombies. 

But not now! Politicians are nervous as hell. Voter predictability was a good thing for the status quo. Voter unpredictability messes the system up. Because if unpredictable voters ever align with a people’s agenda and plan that understands civic engagement and legislative politics the system might collapse.  And then the People would rule. Not rule solely through who they elect, but rule through what they expect for THEMSELVES and the institutions and businesses they control through purchases.  

Voters we’re close. Not there yet, but you’ve made a few statements that really has gotten the establishment’s attention. So, don’t worry about turnout. Just continue to turn up the heat on a system that has not only burned the American dream but scorched a path to a level of economic and social uncertainty that the modern world has never seen. There will always be wars, disasters, and even pandemics. But we don’t always have to have people who run for office who are running away from US!

Oliver Thomas is the host of the Good Morning Show on WBOK 1230 am. Catch him weekday mornings from 7 -10.

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