Super genius my ass. I know former president, the thrice indicted, Donald J. Trump has claimed descent from a super genius. But this is not how super geniuses roll. Super geniuses don’t grab somebody’s grandma off the street and try to dupe them into helping overturn an election. Super geniuses don’t have people on their team calling their theories “conspiracy shit beamed down from the mothership.” And super geniuses don’t wish the vice president Happy New Year, then threaten him a few sentences later.

Have you read Donald Trump’s latest indictment? You should. It’s a capital E for enthralling and embarrassing. One by one his attempts to overturn the election are laid out and exposed as super illegal or just plain ole super stupid.

Donald Trump Is Super Stupid

30,000 illegal aliens voted in your state. “We don’t have evidence, but we have lots of theories.” So, we need you to call a special session and ultimately throw those votes out, essentially disenfranchising thousands of voters. That is what the super genius and Co-Conspirator 1 (Rudy Giuliani) went to the Speaker of the Arizona House with.

Imagine it. You get a call from the same man who mistakenly booked a press conference at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping, not the hotel, or who was inexplicably standing at a podium with hair dye dripping down his face during an important press conference. He tells you he needs you to do something that’s potentially super illegal. He has no proof to back it up yet. He’s working on it. But right now he has lots of theories. The Speaker of the Arizona House listened carefully, then politely requested that they get out of his face with that foolishness.

Donald Trump Is Super Stupid

Similar super stupid plans failed in 6 other states. Hey, Georgia Secretary of State 10,000 dead people cast ballots in your election. That’s illegal. Throw’em out. Um, Mr. President your own team investigated and found that the number was actually 12, not 1200 or 12,000, but 12. Hey, Michigan Attorney General some guy in a truck dumped 149,772 votes in Detroit. That’s illegal. Throw’em out. Um, Mr. President your own team investigated and found 0 proof of that.

With disenfranchisement failing, the super genius and Co-Conspirator Rudy decided it was time to go another route. This route involved trying to overturn the election in one of the most throwed-off ways imaginable. If the states won’t throw out votes or convince their electors in the Electoral College to disregard the results, then we’ll just create our own electors who’ll say I won. Voila.

To make this plan even stupider, they decided not to tell the fake electors that they were fake electors. Instead, they told them that this was all on the up and up. They told them that the documents they were putting their names on wouldn’t be used until the matter was settled in court.

Donald Trump Is Super Stupid

All that was missing was the Vice President. The Vice President would need to either recognize the fake electors as the real electors or hold off declaring a winner until the states sorted out their electors in court, a stall tactic.

At the time the super genius’ super legal team was 0 for 32 in court. 0 for 32. But the genius thought that somehow if he got the vice president to legitimize a cast of fake electors that the state legislators and Attorney Generals who previously told him to get out my face with this foolishness would somehow turn around and say, oh well I guess you have a point now, Donald. Ditto for the courts. It never occurred to the genius or Co-Conspirator Rudy that these same people might just shake their heads and file these shenanigans under too super stupid.

Obviously, none of this worked. And the only thing that got legitimized was the 1st degree of stupidity he’s essentially being charged with.

It’s like watching a comedy evolve into horror. It was funny when the super genius was exposing that he ain’t all there up top. But it’s scary now because this super genius is coasting towards the Republican nomination.  And once he gets it, he stands a good chance of becoming the president again. If he does win, he told us to expect a political bloodbath. The only things standing between us and that are votes, a conviction, or his own super stupidity. We’ll see which, if any, prevails.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is Super Stupid”
  1. You nailed it. He’s super stupid with super stupid followers. Not so funny when that’s a 1/3 of voters. Stupid but scary times.

  2. LBRC- The 1st Amendment and Free Speech? We’re convinced, most in Mainstream Media commenting about #45’s Free Speech Defense, have never actually read The Text of The 1st Amendment, or at the very least comprehend it. Proof?
    1. 1st Amendment to the US Constitution:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    2. Criminal intellects run nearly “Congruent”, if not identical, to
    fluctuations on “The Normal Bell Curve”. Most Criminals are “Average”, a small percentage are “Biological/Organically Retarded”, at the lower rungs. And approx. 7- 10% are exceptional and exceptionally dangerous. The
    intellectually Criminally Gifted ilk, includes the Psycho and Sociopaths aka Uh oh! What is the relationship of Free Speech to “intellectual Horsepower”? Stay with us, we’re going somewhere!
    3. #45 has convinced his Defense Team, he was simply exercising “Free Speech”, however he used it to conceal, construct, confiscate, and/or castigate “The DE Quorum of “Codified” Constitutional, State and Local Laws. Strange how we’re told “No American Citizen is above the law”. You’d really need to be Organically Retarded, Profoundly Stupid, Just Don’t give a Fly’s ‘Tootie, or an amalgamation of all the aforementioned aka “A ‘Trumper”, to believe what is clearly “Meme- ish” aka designed for Echo Chambers and ‘Simp Saloons and/or Salons (Where you go to get your head messed- up), to believe wealth and power doesn’t play American Justice and Courts ‘betta than Hafiz the Violin. Enough said?. Some” in the Middle Rungs will get this
    next Wednesday at 6AM.
    a. The Skinny: Founders of The Constitution Knew This. Btw- Scripture tells us about a certain type who speaks “All their heart”‘, and holds nothing (No wonder #45 Squandered his Pops Wealth). Founders and Scripture intersect at 1 “word”, no pun intended! Where is this intersection? Ans. “Fool”.
    b. When Criminals are read their Rights, their told “anything you say can be used against you”. No need to read #45 his rights, he has what the Hood calls Diarrhea of the mouth.
    c. The 1st Amendment is Genius, how so? In a presumed Civilized Society, flush with Criminal Minds stratified along The Normal Bell Curve? Catching and prosecuting the “Gifted” ilk, will prove exceptionally difficult. Catching “Average”
    is a career builder and a “Slick” Campaign Mailer for District Attorney. For
    one like #45, a relatively wealthy bully and “Effective” intimidator? Power and money are his assist. However, and what is inevitable is? Ans. “The Path of a Fool leads to Destruction”! #45’s resources are not endless, and neither are his host of ‘Simps, Sycophants, Mendicants and frankly “Boot Licks”! Sooner or later, as surely as wet travels with water, his Stupidity will align with every consequence of the tenure of a Fool! “There is no amount of money capable of eradicating the biological and intellectual innards of a hard-core Fool! Btw and lastly- #45 commands at least 30% of all the NEOCON Base, Dems and Republicans. This percentage is strikingly close to percentages on the lower rungs of The Bell Curve! Reading your thoughts, you’re saying “but he’s supported by lawyers (Lots have lost licenses), and other professionals, right”? Our reply- “Again, you’ve confused education with intelligence aka Duh…?
    Peace Out…

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