Yall remember when KKK Grand Wizard David Duke ran for governor against Edwin Edwards.  There was a brilliant catch phrase then- Vote for the Crook. It’s important.  In case you are too young or too old to remember, I’ll catch you up.  Edwin Edwards had just been acquitted of bribery and mail fraud and was seeking his 4th term as governor.  The runoff pitted him against the avowed and dedicated racist David Duke.  Back then the Republican Party issued the famous vote for the crook proclamation. Nowadays Garey Forster of the Advocate should just shut up.

Forster – a David Duke Enthusiast

@GareyForster obviously voted for David Duke.  Cause according to him, VOTE ABC, Anybody but Crooks.  The notion that people can’t be reformed and become better is lost on Forster when it comes to black folks.  Even though in his own life, some crookedness exists.  But more on that later.  Forster attacked Latoya Cantrell, Jason Williams, Mitch Landrieu and Oliver Thomas  in a recent opinion piece for the Advocate.  We know they have no shame in trying to make black men look bad. Historically, the local rag has efficiently and stylishly tarnished the reputations of many black people.

But Forster has no filter. He swings wildly and clumsily.  And Forster is a dinosaur with dumb outdated and proven wrong ideas.  He says the answer to crime is obvious.  Lock em up!  News flash Garey – we are letting then out in Louisiana. And even states that have even fewer of their citizens in jail are letting them out. After spending billions, we discovered that locking people up actually increases crime.  It certainly doesn’t decrease crime.

Drinking Issues Again?

Forster’s drinking issues might cloud his memory, understanding and judgement. But currently we still lock up more of our people per capita in New Orleans and Louisiana.  Yet crime persists.  So arresting people is NOT the answer.  Take another swig of your mint julep G Foney.  The grown and sober folks are working on real solutions –

  • investing in youth sports programs,
  • developing housing security solutions,
  • mentoring,
  • decision-making skills,
  • jobs readiness and other life skills
  • ending multi-billing for minor offenses

These will stop crime and develop good tax paying citizens.  Gary’s lock em up ideas are based in the racist notion that black people are incorrigibly bad and incapable of high achievement.  Just look how jealously Gary describes that Jason bought a 2.4 million mansion on St. Charles and Mayor Cantrell will earn over $600,000. As he sips his cheap gin and condemns all the black people in his article as crooks, his description of Landrieu is only a failure.  In the simplistic thinking of an angry wanna be rich white man, the successful black people are crooks and the white man who didn’t arrest more black people is a failure.    

Forster took a huge swing at Oliver Thomas

Oliver Thomas’ latest foray into public service was a leap of faith.  Afterall, he had been the golden child in New Orleans politics.  He was high on a perch.  And his fall from grace was shocking.

But Thomas took his lick.  He took it like a man.  He admitted his mistake and accepted the consequences.  Still the overzealous federal prosecutor tried to publicly shame him.  Yet Oliver Thomas stood tall in his darkest hour. 

Thomas paid his debt to society and came back even better than he was before. He works with community groups.  OT served as a mediator stopping violent acts.  He mentored young men about impulse control.  Want to stop murders and car jackings in New Orleans?  Get involved with our young men who might commit these crimes.  Poor black boys.  Poor black boys whose fathers are in jail.  OT works with them. 

When he used to run for office, OT was masterful at speaking in black churches.  He could follow the smoothest preacher with his own inspirational message.  Turns out OT really knew and knows the bible. And OT is a people person. To hear him is to like him.  Church folk could tell he was genuine.  And he leaves with more supporters than he had when he went in.  Thomas is probably doing the same on the campaign trail now. Not surprising that people who believe our men are capable of change and growth are gravitating to his message.

Jason Williams

Jason Williams was elected by the citizens of New Orleans.  He ran against two formidable opponents and won overwhelmingly in the runoff. The citizens of New Orleans are tired of over prosecution.  New Orleanians usually are the victims of crime in the city.  People aren’t stupid.  We also knew that removing fathers and sons and brothers from our communities was devastating.  We know that our people are not bad people but too often in really bad situations.  The former prosecutors who piled huge sentences for minor crimes were racist in their approach.  Black drug addicts deserve life sentences.  White drug addicts need treatment.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell

And our mayor has shown tremendous leadership.  Balancing the needs of an open economy against surging COVID deaths and hospitalizations, she implemented a balanced plan.  Immunized and unsick people can enjoy dining and partying with each other.  Others can congregate elsewhere.  This might stop the hooligans coming to town and shooting on Bourbon St. This new phenomenon is fueled by out of town probably unvaxxed people looking for trouble on our streets.  But for Garey, the mayor’s salary is the focus.  Damn should black mayors take a vow of poverty?  Garey’s screaming, “Hell yes!” as he slams down yet another Taaka. Vodka.  If he’s gotta drink cheap liquor like poor black people ……

Forster has actually worked with black New Orleans mayors in the past.  We know he started with the legendary and honorable Dutch Morial.  He ended by asking Ray Nagin to help his daughter who had broken the law.  Just saying, he can work with crooks when it benefits him.

6 thoughts on “Angry White Bigots Should Just Shut Up”
  1. I remember Forster got arrested for drunk driving in Baton Rouge when he worked for Gov Foster. I lobbied that he should be fired. They slapped his wrist. He is the worst kind of guy. Always thinks he is right.

  2. Sounds like a typical American caucasian, “let’s pick and choose who we want to lock up and who gets a pass”. Unfortunately, locking up Black Folks is always their answer. Put the bottle down and stop it! Really sad!

    1. Great article Jeff. I’m tired of these old white dinosaur hypocrites. We’re tired of waiting for them to change and consider they maybe wrong. Out with the old dog and in with a new and better New Orleans.

  3. As an outsider to the city, I see poverty increasing and crime getting worse in New Orleans. There seems to be a beggar on every street corner. The stark contrast of New Orleans to other cities in the region creates a negative image for those considering settling here or raising children. The bible says to judge a tree by it’s fruit. The fruit in New Orleans is bitter and city government has a responsibility. Letting criminals out on the streets seems kind hearted to the criminal but does nothing for those paying high auto insurance deductibles for broken windows, stolen bicycles, hijacked cars etc. Jeff Thomas means well and takes digs at Forster for a previous drinking problem. Why can’t Jeff be as forgiving of Forster as he is for convicted criminals? Only he can justify his selective racial ideology.

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