The Mississippi River Bridge: A Pending Reality 

Imagine a new bridge over the Mississippi River. Residents between Baton Rouge and New Orleans know the landscape well. This includes the Mississippi River, the lifeline of the region. Our roads and bridges are familiar infrastructures. Yet, there’s more to this story.

Cancer Alley: A Name That Speaks Volumes The area earned the name “Cancer Alley.” It’s known as a challenging place for Black communities. The reason? A mix of money and chemicals. Money is scarce for these residents. Chemical exposure is high. It affects their air, water, and health.

The Baton Rouge Traffic Dilemma Baton Rouge has traffic issues. A new bridge is a proposed solution. But I believe it won’t fix the problem. It seems like a “money-grab.” There’s a better alternative. It’s not just about a bridge. It’s about fairness and addressing long-standing inequities.

The Alternative: A New ROAD The proposed ROAD is a four-lane route. It’s straight and avoids geographical and ecological concerns. It promises lower costs than the bridge. The ROAD starts from I-10. It connects to LA Hwy 3127 at Donaldsonville. Then, it leads to US HWY 90 at Boutte or further.

Why Choose the ROAD? The ROAD brings new opportunities. It diverts traffic from Baton Rouge. It encourages travel on the west side. And it connects communities. It could reduce Baton Rouge’s traffic woes. And it costs less than the bridge project.

The Impact of the ROAD 

The ROAD can transform South Louisiana. It offers:

  • Traffic relief for Baton Rouge.
  • New travel routes to New Orleans.
  • Increased use of existing bridges.
  • Access to historical sites and plantations.
  • Commercial development along its path.
  • Expansion of Baton Rouge and New Orleans.
  • Growth in tax bases.
  • Faster travel times.
  • Improved healthcare access.
  • A new hurricane evacuation route.
  • Potential for a major cargo airport.

Embracing the ROAD Let’s reconsider the bridge. The ROAD is a viable, cost-effective alternative. It’s time to support this cause. For those interested in contributing, please reach out to ROAD (Real Opportunity Awaiting Diversion).

August L. “AJ” Gomez is a radio talk-show host of the program, “But, On The Other Hand w/ “AJ.”  Show airs from Donaldsonville on KBRS 106.9 FM and KKAY 1590 AM, Wednesdays at noon to 1pm. Tune in.

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