Bad Candidates

Confederate Flags,Child Abuse, Blackface and Fuzzy Math in Louisiana Election

By Jeff Thomas

Though Louisiana is improving, when compared to the other states, Louisiana is still near the bottom of the good lists and at the top of the bad lists.  Changing this requires dramatic improvements in policies and regulations. We need to elect good people who are also smart and progressive.  The only way dramatic change can be achieved is through electing the best candidates this fall.  Additionally, Louisiana can no longer afford to elect bad actors.  Identifying bad candidates will help avoid costly mistakes and push our state toward improvements we all want and need.

A few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch.  Removing them saves us all. 

Jim Donelon

Louisiana might be probably the only state where a viable campaign slogan might be, “Hey I’m not in jail like the last few guys we had in office.”  Current Louisiana Insurance Commissioner, Jim Donelon, defaults to this answer when questioned about his “F” rating and the highest insurance rates in the country.  But more egregious is Donelon’s divisive legislation stoking racial discord while raising insurance rates for everybody. 

Jim Donelon created these plates in Louisiana

As a legislator, Donelon marshalled all of his political clout to get a license plate honoring the confederacy and their heirs who simply seek to glorify the racist, treasonous, terrorists that embodied the US Confederacy. 

Would it be a surprise that Donelon would allow redlining and other discriminatory policies denying all New Orlenians fair, low pricing as the Commissioner of Insurance?  His personal disdain for African Americans is probably a reason that New Orleans has the highest rates in the state.  In a state that is over 30% African American, that Donelon openly advocates and longs for the “splendor of the Confederacy” is not just a mere personality quirk but creates a financial hardship on all New Orlenians via unnecessarily high insurance rates.   So, if you are white and live in NOLA and have high insurance rates, the racist lens of the Insurance Commissioner is a reason your rates are so high. 

Rather than seek reelection Donelon should apologize to all the open minded, good people of Louisiana.  His divisive views have no place in modern Louisiana politics, as we must extricate ourselves from these stifling artifacts of yesteryear.  A museum is the appropriate place for confederate symbols, but state sponsored hate must be replaced with progressive, uplifting policies that help grow our economy and lower our insurance rates.

Politicians like Jim Donelon and his nod to the confederacy will keep our state at the bottom.

It seems that District 91 potentially has a couple of really bad apples. 

Pepper Bowen Roussel

Candidates whose background seems to not be worthy of our votes.

Ms. Bowen Roussel has been repeatedly accused of child abuse.  Her old school parenting style of sparing the rod will spoil the child seems to have gone way too far.  Judges rarely separate children from their mothers, but in cases of severe abuse or neglect they act quickly and decisively.  And not only did a lower court judge make this decision, but so did the appellate judges.  The public must decide if a woman who employs centuries old discipline techniques and who our courts say abused her children is the best person to provide the progressive, cutting edge and new ideas we need to move our state forward.

Mandy Landry

Black face rears it’s ugly head in this race too.  When will people learn learn that social media is forever, and if you are gonna run for office, and you are white and, you had a little blackface fun, then the people who vote are going to find out about it.  And blackface is never funny, you can’t say you didn’t know it was bad and you can’t apologize it away.  Just don’t do it.  And if you think it’s sooo funny when a white guy is wearing blackface that you just have to post it on your social media page then your decision making might not be the best.    

Blackface is derisive, divisive, racist, and unacceptable.  And if there is a picture of you celebrating blackface on your Instagram page, then you too are those things and people ought to know about it.  

Kira Orange Jones

Recently on WBOK 1230 am radio, Ms. Jones said, “the way the blogger counted my attendance was incorrect.”  So, when you are accused of missing 90% of the meetings, you have to be pretty nervy to say that you were really there.  Put some hot sauce on that cause, this is an education in Louisiana style counting. We all know that the Dept. of Education in this state changes how it counts to produce the desired outcomes.  When taking over the schools was desired, the schools were graded on a 100-point scale.  After the state took over the schools, they were counted on a 75-point scale.  So even though the schools did not improve, the 60 that was once a “F” was now a “B”.  Same performance but hot new grades. 

Ms. Orange Jones wants us to look at her attendance record in a similar fashion.  Another interesting fact about KOJ is that as an adult she was never registered to vote until she sought elective office.  So, the education leader who wants to use new fuzzy math to explain her absence from office might not be the best choice to move our state forward.

We need a new batch of apples to help our state move forward.  But voters beware, cause, just one bad apple…..

Let’s help our state to be better by electing only the best candidates going forward.

2 thoughts on “Bad Candidates

  • September 29, 2019 at 8:14 am

    The Intellectual Scratcher?

    LBRC- The Ultimate Inferiority is to:

    a. Intellectually Scratch where you don’t itch…

    b. To intellectually laugh at what is not so funny (Negroes and Whites in Black Face at the invitation of Negroes?)? Mary, Joseph and Marta Caroli… 

    c. To render “False and Insincere Praise” then self deceive! It confirms to the object of your false praise how much you fear their perceived power and authority over “you”! You’re little “y” and they’re big “U”! You are akin to why a battered wife respects her abuser, then conflates it with ‘luv! 

    1. Recognition View A and Dileaneating Negroes? When does a Negro choose to be real aka them self, unimpeded by ‘Dat which  impresses them in the matrix? What impresses most is perceived power, regardless their generally unstudied and “Rote” propagandized echo about what really make power. More Negries than not claim Christianity, especially in America. A known sycophant called Christ “Good”! Christ replied, “None is good but The Father ! How call me Good”/Paraphrased? In 2019, Fools call Evil Good and Good Evil! This reinforces what is Evil about self deceit and more importantly how it perpetuates a “Negative Reinforcement Positively”! These Negroes not not harmless! 

    2. Recognition View B? What a tangled web a Negro weaves, when they practice to deceive! A lying Apostate, Politico, common people are not innocuous! Christ was asked- “Which is The Greatest Commandment”? He replied/ paraphrased- “The same ‘Dat said thou shalt not steal, bear false witness (lies, deceit, insincere praise), covet, murder and on is the same” who gave all 10! “He who is guilty of 1 is guilty of all! A murderer is no more greater than is a liar”! 1= 2, 2= 3, 3= 4 and on! A liar, deceiver and a murderer might as well be 1 in the same! One murders the body and one murders The Word of The Most High! “Attempted Murder and Attempted Deceit” are different but also the same- Neither has impunity! There is forever 1 who sees and comprehends all! “Impunity has no authority when 1 Witness Sits for Eternity”! A self deceived Negro, self deludes exemption from any who can see! A Divine insult and Divine Challenge is whether The Divine exist at all. When The Divine is challenged to “Prove” what It says It has Power and Authority to Do? What Fool challenges A Divine it does not comprehend? “Understanding should Always precede objection”! Duh? 

    Thought Experiment- You ask to borrow a dollar from a friend, then say- “I don’t believe you’ll loan it to me”! Your friend then says, “you’re right”! Does this mean your friend has no dollar? Did you examine pockets everywhere? What if you simply asked then shut up? Whose choice is it to loan or not or to “Be or not to be”? Every “No” has a reason! “Yes”? In the movie “Planet of The Apes”? Caucasions were asked about when their problems started? “We asked an Ape to pick up a bucket, and he said No”! Uh oh! 

    3. With 2019 Jim Crow, weak Negroes intellectually scratch where they don’t itch, laugh  when it’s not funny and abdicate intellectual sidewalks for their intellectual ‘Massa(s)! They pose front and center for all to see who can! They easily deceive the blind and intellectually cripple! One echoes and/or reinforces the other! Not only easy but “The Big Easy”, so it seems! Hurricane Katrina easy, right? The NOLA Superdome will go down as the largest “Leaky Roof” in history! 

    4. The question is not if a Negro is real, but when if ever one was! The American Negro is a solid “Construct”! Unfair? Well…, of nearly 7 Billion, only 144k? How unfair does ‘Dat seem? Then again- “Fools Rushed in”!!!

    Peace Out… 

  • October 1, 2019 at 8:32 am

    Im, elated to some one in the form of Mr. JEFF 504 THOMAS! for pulling the KKK robe off jim donelon! A hard core racist let’s defeat him at the polling stations & send that sucker home into retirement as a state official!


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